CQR Amsterdam air handles twenty team car for the World Solar Challange Australia 2013

The World Solar Challenge is a biennial event where teams from leading international universities and technical institutes, partner with private entrepreneurs to test and promote innovative solar vehicles in a land race from Darwin to Adelaide.

Twente University in the Netherlands chose Varekamp Air, CQR Amsterdam, to handle the packing and complete transportation of its vehicle ‘The Red Engine’ from Schipol airport to Sydney. “Our team actually sponsored the crate and offered a substantial amount of support to the students with this project,” explained Air Freight Manager, Wouter Brand.

Although the race itself didn’t start until 6th October, The Red Engine had to get their well in advance because a detailed inspection by quarantine and customs must take place before any kind of race preparation.

The Varekamp team planned and executed a seamless air shipment to Sydney and Across the Ocean Shipping, CQR Melbourne, organised the 6 day transportation over land to Darwin once the quarantine inspections were complete.

As well as being a successful result for the Varekamp team and its partner CQR Melbourne, the Twente Team actually came an impressive 3rd out of 28 in the race.

Conqueror would like to congratulate both CQR Amsterdam and CQR Melbourne on a successful partnership and of course the Twente Team on their success. 

We invite all members with shipments in Amsterdam to get in touch with Varekamp Air.