CQR Bandar Abbas & Tehran moves 50 ton power plant unit

CQR Bandar Abbas & Tehran had to use travel jacking and pulling to transport the load from Bandar Abbas to Rafsanjan


CQR Bandar Abbas/Tehran – FARASOOBAR INTERNATIONAL, recently moved a transformer unit, which formed part of a power plant production line, across southern Iran from Bandar Abbas to Rafsanjan.

The unit, which weighed 50 tons, with dimensions 7 x 3.15 x 3.50 metres, was moved by road from the port at Bandar Abbas northward to Rafsanjan, with the use of travel jacking and pulling, to successfully discharge the unit onto its special foundation on arrival.

Interview with CQR Hangzhou

“We love what we do and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on”.

This week, we speak to CQR Hangzhou CEO, Bruce Lee, who tells us more about how the company started and his experience in the freight forwarding business.

DOMAX LOGISTICS, CQR Hangzhou, is a young and energetic company made up of professional and passionate logistics veterans devoted to meeting the needs of their customers and making the impossible possible. Their comprehensive network provides customers convenient services and tailor-made solutions.

Q. What distinguishes DOMAX LOGISTICS from other freight forwarders? 

A.Choosing a freight forwarder is tough, but DOMAX offers a complete service from the planning to the implementing, tracking and delivery of your cargo. We strive to offer the best solution for our clients and impartial advice at an honest price and we are constantly investigating and developing new routes of service. We love what we do and it shows with every project we work on, as we understand our clients and appreciate that every situation is different. Many things distinguish us, but, the success of our relationships comes down to one word: trust.

Q. Which is your specialization in the freight forwarders industry?

A. DOMAX’s main specialization is airfreight. In past decades, product structure in China has varied in different regions and shipment seasons have also varied significantly. However, we customize our service to the most convenient, cost-effective/affordable standard, including charter, consolidation, sensitive cargo and FBA. We specialize in import trade, and fully oversee cargo freight from Europe and the US to China.

Q.Which is the most difficult freight DOMAX LOGISTICS has had to deal with?

A. 2009 was a tough year due to the economic crisis and some of our regular customers eventually reduced the percentage of goods sent by air in favor of ocean to save on freight costs. After that, we considered seafreight as a key development area, although DOMAX’s revenue from air freight is still greater by far. By diversifying this way and developing new geographical markets, we have become less vulnerable to sudden charges in the market.

Q. How is DOMAX LOGISTICS dealing with the main challenges facing freight forwarders in your country at present?

A. As mentioned before, I strongly believe that our main strength is the trust our clients place in us, which is key to tackling the main challenges in our sector.

Trust our experience. Trust our experience. Simply put, we understand the business of our customers. This claim is based on decades of field work in support of logistics practices. Close collaboration with our customers has given us valuable expertise that translate into another key area of trust

Trust our solutions. By leveraging our knowledge of our clients, we are able to create world-class solutions that incorporate more than just the basics. We place tremendous value on planning innovative solutions that match your needs, the way you operate, and incorporating the stock-levels you prefer.

Trust our results. Over time, with the right mix of products and people, we’ve built a strong reputation for delivering the goods.

Browse our portfolio. Those relationships are founded on a genuine interest in creating mutually beneficial relationships that make everyone’s business grow.

Q. How you see DOMAX LOGISTICS in the future?

A. To face the difficult challenges of our sector, I believe we need to expand our overseas network. We believe we will overcome any obstacles, as we have done in the past, through our passion and dedication along with close communication and collaboration with our CQR partners.


CQR Leeds-Bradford launches new sea freight division

Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Leeds-Bradford has just launched its own sea-freight division. Understanding the time-critical nature of each shipment has ensured the company already had  a strong reputation in air freight and now they are bringing the same level of focus and attention to their new Sea Freight Division, headed up by experienced manager, Mark Broscombe.

Mark has over 15 years’ experience in sea freight, working with DSV where he has managed major accounts for the last three years, and with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. Mark’s strong relationships with all major shipping lines will provide all GFM customers with a competitive offering to meet their needs.

Of GFM, Mark had this to say, “When shipping goods abroad you need an export partner that you can trust.  Someone who will keep you updated at all stages of your cargo’s journey. Someone who can take your shipments from any UK pick up point to any worldwide location safely and with a clear understanding of the obstacles that such a journey can encounter. I truly believe that this is what we at GFM have to offer.”

We would like to welcome Mark to Conqueror and congratulate Global Freight Management on this new venture!

Conqueror establishes itself as the 2nd largest freight forwarding network

The addition of Sao Paulo, Manchester and Moscow this week increases Conqueror’s coverage to 139 countries and 249 cities

Conqueror Freight Network continues its expansion worldwide, at the same time as its quality standards increase daily. “Whilst we receive countless applications every day, we are not operating an open door policy. Each member must pass a rigorous selection process and an audit by the third party auditor DUN & BRADSTREET before they are allowed to join” said CQR Managing Director, Antonio Torres.


In the first week of September alone, 3 new members have joined the now second-largest freight forwarding network, covering three new cities: Sao Paulo, Manchester and Moscow. “Having excellent network coverage is the key to competing with the multinationals, who have offices in every corner of the globe”, he added.


However, Conqueror’s team are not complacent about these achievements, Antonio continued, “We firmly believe that we need to improve our network, not just by increasing coverage, but also by taking care of our members. That is why we are working on new benefits for them, so that they have all the tools to compete successfully in the industry in every corner of the world”.

CQR Felixstone celebrates its 10th anniversary

Ian Connell, the Director of CQR Felixstowe, would like to thank his wife, colleagues, customers and partners for being part of the achievements they have accomplished together

We are pleased to report that the CQR Felixstowe Member, Energy Freight Forwarding LTD, has celebrated their 10th Anniversary this August 2017.

Energy Freight Director Ian Connell stated: “And they said it wouldn’t last… August marks the 10th anniversary of Energy Freight. 10 years ago I sat in a very small office wondering if I’d made the right decision. A decade on, I couldn’t be happier with that decision”.

In addition, he wanted to thank his wife, Sarah-Jane, who “has been a constant with love, support & great advice over all these years”, to Simon who “has been there from the word go on this amazing adventure” and to “every single person that has worked, either past or present – you have ALL played your part and continue to do so”.

The whole team are proud of what they have accomplished over these ten years and are ready to continue to support their customers and partners with their usual top quality services. In order to implement a better communication with them, they have updated their website news section, as well as launched Facebook and Twitter pages.

Congratulations to the whole team!