Conqueror Ulaanbaatar supporting the green energy

Conqueror Ulaanbaatar acts as the official logistics service provider of the first commercial wind farm project in Mongolia

Tuushin International Freight Forwarders has been associated with the Salkhit Wind Farm,a flagship project for Mongolia’s renewable energy sector and the energy sector as a whole, which has introduced new and advanced technology and knowhow to the industry.

As stated by Mr Bayarsaikhan Lunden, Director of the Sales Department of Tuushin International Freight Forwarders, “Our team was responsible for arranging the entire transportation from EXW Factories to final site at Salkhit. The items we handled mainly consisted of towers, blades, nacelle and hub shipments.”

Located 70 km southeast of the capital city Ulaanbaatar, the Salkhit Wind Farm is a landmark project that is a result of close cooperation between the private sector, international development institutions, and the Government of Mongolia. The wind farm will be powered by GE 1.6MW turbines. It will offset 180 thousand tons of CO2 emissions, save 1.6 million tons of fresh water, and reduce coal usage by 122 thousand tons annually.

“The clean power generated by this 50MW wind farm will service customers connected to the Mongolian central grid.”Mr Bayarsaikhan Lunden further added.

Congratulations to CQR Ulaanbaatar for being a part of this important project!

Conqueror member in Pune and Bangalore transports an oversized column of a boiler

The cargo which was shipped from Baroda was moved all the way to Antwerp

Atlas Shipping Services Pvt Limited, our member in Pune and Bangalore, India, has recently handled a cargo consisting of a huge boiler column which was 30 meters in length. The top-notch team work of Atlas Shipping made possible the successful delivery of this complex shipment. The cargo which weighed around 52 MT was loaded at the Mundra Port with the help of a long boom crane. On reaching the destination, the cargo was delivered with the use of a 4 axel semi propelled trailer.

“Moving this enormous cargo during the rainy season was indeed a challenge especially because of the length of the shipment and the terrible condition of the roads. We were required to navigate through small villages which could only be done at night. Our team put forth a great effort and do a hard work,” said Sushil Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of Atlas Shipping.

Congratulations to Atlas Shipping on successfully completing this project!

Conqueror Jeddah successfully moves a complex project cargo consisting of transformers and case accessories

The cargo, which weighed over 106 tons, was loaded and unloaded by the use of jacking method

Global Union Alliance Company, CQR member in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, recently handled a complex shipment consisting of 1 unit of transformers weighing 85 tons and 5 case accessories from Bahrain to Dammam Port. A 12 axle low-bed vehicle was used to deliver this project cargo while the shipment was loaded and unloaded by the use of jacking method.

“The successful movement of this complex project cargo has once again helped us prove our worth as one of the most competent forwarders in our city. I’d like to thank all my team members whose meticulous efforts permitted us to transport the shipment without any hitches,” said Mr. Hareb Shaikh, Commercial Manager of Global Union Alliance Company.

Congratulations to Global Union Alliance Company for successfully completing this project!

Celebration time for CQR Delhi!

Three Aces Global Logistics celebrates their 30th Foundation Day

Our CQR member in Delhi, one of the leading custom brokers and freight forwarding companies in India, has recently completed their 30th year of operations. “The tireless working of each and every member of our team has helped us become what we are today. We sincerely thank all our employees (many of whom are with us right from the beginning), our clients and our partners within the network all of whom have immensely helped us grow,” stated Mr Pankaj Agarwal, Director of Three Aces Global.

Established back in 1989, Three Aces Global has quickly evolved into a multifaceted corporate house which has carved out a niche in the Indian as well as the global freight forwarding market. Mr Agarwal further added, “Our dedicated team will keep striving to keep the clients satisfaction to the highest level. We also have plans to expand our branches to other cities in India,”

Hearty congratulations to Three Aces Global!

Conqueror Tunis revamps their website

The new website of CQR Tunis which is much more user friendly than the previous version is also mobile compatible

In a bid to enhance the experience of their customers and visitors, Scoop Cargo has completely upgraded their old website and came up with a new and improved website for their company. The new website comes with all the latest information about their agency along with detailed description of their activities and services allowing their customers and partners a totally hassle free browsing experience.

In the words of Mr. Cherif Haj Slimane, Managing Director of Scoop Cargo: “The new Scoop Cargo website includes all the details about our services and professional experiences. Moreover, it would allow our visitors to communicate with us more easily since it shows all our contact details. I am confident that this new website would enhance the productivity of our team in more than one way.”

We invite all members to check out Scoop Cargo’s website!

CQR Monterrey starts handling Amazon FBA business

CQR member in Monterrey, Mexico, is collaborating with Amazon to increase their business and improve the quality of their services

Gyro Logistics has implemented a new business strategy by beginning a collaboration with Amazon in Mexico. Gyro Logistics will start handling Amazon FBA business, an ecommerce service offered by Amazon in which they will take responsibility of shipping Gyro’s products.

In the words of David Koo, from Gyro Logistics, “With this new ecommerce initiative, we aim to boost our visibility, provide a better service to our customers and partners, and of course augment our business”.

In order to facilitate the use of this new service to their clients, they have created an introductory guide to explain the basic flow process to their clients on how to use Amazon FBA. Mr. Koo further explains that: “The first thing our clients will need to do is to check their Amazon account. In case they have an Amazon USA or Canada account then it should be upgraded to North America Unified Account for Mexico. Then, they would need to follow the steps provided below”:

1. Send us the details of the cargo, including the HST code, CIF value, commodity detail, weight, and dimension. They would need to check if a special permit is required by Mexican Authorities.
2. We will summarise the estimated cost, including import duty, VAT, customs and other local fees.
3. Create a FBA shipment account on Amazon MX and apply the FBA label.
4. Ship it to us along with the Amazon FBA order slip (MBL consigned to Gyro and HBL consigned to Amazon FBA).
5. When the cargo reaches the port of Mexico, we will inspect it for the HST code verification
6. Send us the total expense to cover all the costs.
7. We will import it under our own import permit.
8. Create an Amazon shipping slip and forward it to us.
9. Finally, we will ship your cargo to the FBA center in Mexico.

Congratulations to Gyro Logistics on their new venture!

Lufthansa Cargo is closely cooperating with Brussels Airlines Cargo to complement their individual businesses

The mutual cooperation between the 2 companies would allow the Brussels Airlines Cargo customers to easily access the international route network of Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo has taken over the task of marketing of the cargo facilities of Brussels Airlines and customers are already able to book a shipment with a departure from 1st September onward. The collaboration is expected to reap a host of benefits foremost among which is the easy access of clients to more than 300 cities in over 100 countries which form a part of Lufthansa Cargo’s international route network.

As stated by Dorothea von Boxberg, “Thanks to the close cooperation between Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo, our customers benefit from numerous new connections and destinations. We are very pleased that our worldwide network is thus becoming even more comprehensive and stronger,”

Customers of Lufthansa will now enjoy route networks in 15 new territories in various parts of Africa.

According to Reinout Puissant, Global Platform Manager of Brussels Airlines Cargo, “Our close cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo results in a real win-win situation for both companies and our customers. As Africa specialist, we add new destinations to the portfolio of Lufthansa Cargo and from a Brussels Airlines perspective, we can now make even better use of our freight capacity”.

CQR Melbourne has been awarded the Australian Trusted Trader Dome and Certificate

They were presented with this prestigious certificate by the Senior Director of the Australian Border Force

Our member in Melbourne became a part of Australian Trusted Traders on the 26th of December, 2017 and within just 5 months they also received the much-coveted Certificate and Dome.

This is a very significant achievement which is going to boost their business to a great extent and allow them certain special benefits with the Australian Customs which cannot be obtained by other freight forwarders of the country.

In the words of Stephen Mott, Managing Director of Braywin (Vic) Pty Ltd, “Receiving the Trusted Traders Certificate and Dome had been a substantial achievement for our company especially because of the fact that not many logistics service providers in Australia are Trusted Traders”.

“We have signed all our clients up to be Australian Traders so that they can get all the benefits as well”. Stephen continued.

Conqueror congratulates Braywin (Vic) Pty Ltd for garnering this prestigious certificate!





Conqueror partners with Baltic Ports Conference 2018

This year’s edition of the Baltic Ports Conference will tackle multiple issues currently relevant to the maritime sector in Europe and the Baltic region

On 6-7 September, 2018, policymakers, industry experts and various other stakeholders will meet in Szczecin, Poland, to take part in the Annual Baltic Ports Conference. The event is a key item on Baltic Ports Organization’s agenda and has long served as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experience between the members of the European and Baltic maritime community.

The event will kick off with a session dedicated to economy and trade in Central Europe and the Baltic region. An overview of the current state of the market, along with an analysis of its impact on the European maritime transport sector, will be delivered by Peter Heyman Andersen of Ramboll. His speech will be followed by a closer look at Brexit and its aftermath and all that it entails for the European port sector.

The economy will remain one of the topics after the coffee break, especially as seen from the point of view of port investments and how they correlate with the state of economy in the region. Considering this year’s location chosen for the conference, the impact of a country’s economic and industrial development on the port sector will be further examined with Poland as an example. The session will be rounded up by an experts’ panel, including representatives from BCT Gdynia, DCT Gdansk, as well as the Ports of Szczecin-Swinoujscie, Tallinn and the Port Authority of Centre-North Tyrrhenian Sea.

The day’s last session will cover one of the key topics for the transport sector in Europe – the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) II proposal for the period of 2021 – 2027. After an exciting networking dinner, filled with live music and other attractions, the delegates will once again assemble in the conference hall at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Szczecin, for the second day of speeches and discussions. Energy will remain at the center of attention during the day’s second session, in particular, its supply as an incentive for new investments in the ports. The conference will conclude with a study tour to the LNG terminal in Swinoujscie, offering a unique view into its inner workings.

For any event related queries kindly contact:

BPO Office 

Phone: + 48 58 627 21 93

Heavy oversized machineries shipment transported from Croatia to Thailand by CQR Bangkok

CQR Bangkok was recommended for this huge moving project by CQR Riga & Klaipeda

In March 2018, TAC carried out the smooth transportation of a huge and heavy machine which consisted of a long conveyor and large roller conveyor belts named ‘three roll calendar line’. The shipment was moved from the shippers factory in Croatia to the final destination in Thailand by making use of 7 containers consisting of 1×20’OP(IG), 3×40’OP(IG), and 3X40’FR (OOG). In order to prevent damage to the shipment while moving, it was thoroughly packed which ensured that the machine reached its destination without a single scratch.

In the words of Chanchai Tuwatnawanit, Seafreight Managing Director of Trans Air Cargo, “It was Ms. Maria Zhilyaeva from Conqueror Latvia who recommended our team to the client. We are extremely happy after the successful completion of this big moving project within a limited time among heavy snowfall and traffic congestion.” Mr. Tuwatnawanit has further added that “This project boosted the confidence of the entire TAC team who performed their task with dedication to ensure the successful delivery of this challenging shipment.