Interview with CQR Kuala Lumpur

Subalipack covers 5 cities across Malaysia on behalf of Conqueror and Director-MTO Sapee Ismail and his team are highly thought of by both Conqueror head office and fellow members. With attendance at every meeting to date, Subalipack consistently proves that cooperation is the key to success. We recently spoke with Sapee about the company, its operations and its future plans.  

Q. Could you tell us a little about the history of Subalipack and when you joined? 

A. Subalipack Malaysia was founded in May 1981 as a humble transport distribution and relocation company. In mid-2009, it was awarded the Multimodal Transport Operators (MTO) license by the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia allowing it to participate in the government procurement and project logistics business.

Thus in August of the same year, the company began its operations in setting up the MTO Division and promoting business development, especially in the freight forwarding tendering and service presentation. In order to be competitive and result orientated, we needed a good and reliable freight network of partners worldwide for the EXWork and FOB terms for origin support services. And we are proud to have been a member of CONQUEROR FREIGHT NETWORK since 2011.

Q. Does Subalipack specialise in any particular kind of shipment/service?  

A. Throughout the challenging years, Subalipack Malaysia has become the largest and the preferred local company, actively engaged in the business of transportation of household goods and commercial logistics. Other services include office and industrial relocation, freight forwarding and customs brokerage, storage and distribution, records management and the latest Multimodal Transport Operation (MTO).

Q. What is the most challenging relocation project your team has handled?  

A. Well, in our case, it’s more the type of shipments, rather than any individual one, which are challenging. One of these would be the industrial relocation of plants and machineries for the Malaysian German Institute of Engineering which includes the dismantling and installation in just 14 days. Others are the FOB importation of 6 set trains (6 units per set) from Masan Port to Port Klang and then the final delivery to site. And finally, the multiple shipments of steel pipes, beams and plates on FOB from Antwerp and Japan Mill ports to Port Klang and barging onward to the sites private jetty at Lumut Port for Newfield Peninsula Malaysia (Oil and Gas Project).

Q. How does the team deal with these challenges and ensure a successful result? 

A. With dedication and commitment, hands-on project coordination through every stage of the operation with detailed technical planning to the modus operandi.

Q. What sets Subalipack apart from other Freight Forwarders in Malaysia? 

A. Excellent cooperation with customers, partners and staff, ongoing improvement in performance, system and strategy and customers satisfaction. Put simply; we care, we dare, we deliver.

Q. What are your plans for Subalipack over the next few years?  

A. The future is definitely bright! As a result of our consistently high quality performance in the industry, Subalipack Malaysia has had its appointment as the exclusive relocation company for PETRONAS CARIGALI personnel transfer worldwide extended for another 3 years, until 2017. In addition, as a license holder, we have also been invited to participate in the project logistics of PETRONAS wholly owned company and subsidiary and joint ventures partners in production sharing activities. So, all in all, we have a busy few years ahead.

We welcome all members with shipments across Malaysia to get in touch with the Subalipack team.

Sapee Ismail. Director-MTO

Interview with CQR Riga

Rinosta Shipping Agency joined Conqueror in February this year as the network’s exclusive member in Riga, Latvia. Andrey Sherstobitov, Rinosta’s Liner Manager, recently spoke with us about the company and the changes and advances it has undertaken over the 20 years since it began.

Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry? 

A. My life in the shipping industry started 2 decades ago when I was a young graduate straight out of Riga Aviation University. My first job was in a company where I was appointed the Riga agent for the container line – Sea Land.

Q. When and why did you join Rinosta? 

A. At the end of ’90’s, when Sea Land was acquired by Maersk there was a merger of staff from both agencies in Riga. I took this as an opportunity to get out of a big organization. This was when I then joined Rinosta.

Q. On the 8th August 2013, SIA “RINOSTA SHIPPING AGENCY” joined forces with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) on a project which became called “The External marketing activity of SIA “Rinosta Shipping Agency” in 2013″. Could you tell us a little more about this? 

A. The objective of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) is to promote business development by facilitating more foreign investment, in parallel increasing the competitiveness of Latvian entrepreneurs in both domestic and foreign markets. In Rinosta’s case, we received EU funds through the LIAA in order to further our advertising and also our participation in international transport fairs like TransRussia which was held in Moscow last year. As a result, we have been able to take Rinosta to the next level in terms of trading internationally and attracting overseas partners.

Q. What would be the most significant shipment your company has handled? What challenges did it pose and how did your team overcome them and successfully complete the shipment? 

A. In reply to such a question, people in shipping often recall an exceptional OOG, heavy or ultra-fast cargo delivery; mentioning meters, tons, hours, minutes etc. The truth is that this doesn’t impress everyone.

At Rinosta Shipping, we work with these aforementioned cargo types on a regular basis, and when tasks are defined in advance, normally, processes run smoothly and on time. Difficulties may arise with unexpected shipments even if it’s in standard containers; such as when a client requests a last minute delivery of a substantial volume of cargo to a far off land, for example.

Two months ago, we received an urgent request from one of our clients to ship fertilizers from Latvia to Beira (Mozambique) in some 166×20′ in one shipment. We had just 1 week to find and choose a carrier, reserve space and equipment and fix the booking and trucks for pre-carriage from loading place to the port. Despite the loading place being in Latvia, Klaipeda port (Lithuania) was considered as POL due to inland route optimization..

Excellent cooperation between the staff at our two offices in Riga and Klaipeda, their good communication with the carrier line and the trucking companies meant for a successful shipping process.

Q. Next year Rinosta will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary? How different is Rinosta now to 1995?

A. In short, Rinosta has changed A LOT. It is almost unrecognizable. The company has gone from focusing on dedicated single break bulk cargo flow in Riga port to a multipurpose entity which handles FCL, LCL, FTL, LTL, AF and warehousing activities within the Baltic States.

We welcome all agents with shipments in Latvia to get in touch with the Rinosta team. 

Andrey Sherstobitov
Liner Manager



Interview with CQR Tema/Accra

SevenLog is one of Conqueror’s newest members in Africa covering Tema-Accra. We recently sat down with their Business Development Executive, Ama Agyewaa Agyei, to find out the history behind the company and the challenges facing freight forwarders in Ghana.

Q. SevenLog is a fairly new player in the industry being just 2 years old and yet is a big name in Ghana, what has been the secret to its overnight success?

A. I wouldn’t call it overnight success really. It is a success story still being written even after two years. All the members of the Seven Log family had prior experience in different fields of the industry before being carefully handpicked to make a difference in Ghana’s maritime and logistics industry. From inception, we all bought into the dream and worked tirelessly to deliver only the best in quality service for the customer (sometimes even at our expense).

Q.Can you tell us the significance of the name SevenLog? 

A. Well first, we specialize in seven areas in shipping and logistics. Also, a look at the African map shows it is shaped like the figure seven. On our rendition (logo) which includes the number 7, the seven is drawn from Ghana, our location, across the map and downward. It is our dream to cover the African continent with time. We also coined the 7rs of logistics to cater to the needs of the customers- Delivering the Right product to the Right Customer at the Right time at the Right place in the Right condition in the Right quantity and at the Right cost.

Q. Does SevenLog specialise in any particular services?

A. Yes we do, we specialize in Shipping agency, Customs clearance, Warehousing, Trucking, Shore Handling, Stevedoring and Material Logistics. Thankfully we continue to prove that Jack can be a master of his many trades.

Q. What would be SevenLog’s most memorable/significant shipment? 

A. That would be chartering an airplane to move some containers of army material that were wrongly discharged in Tema, to Yaounde. We had barely 24 hours to pull that off due to the sensitivity of the cargo, but we did. It wasn’t easy, but we did.

Q. What are the biggest challenges facing freight forwarding in Ghana at the moment?

A. At the moment, port congestion is the primary concern. The port requires serious expansion to cope with the increasing demand with regards to sea freight. The port authority is well advised and we believe measures are being put in place in that regard. Undeniably, there are also bottlenecks here and there with regards to customs clearance procedures and delays in cargo inspection due to the increased traffic through the scanner.

Q. How does your team manage and meet these challenges?

A. We are a gold member with Customs and the Destination Inspection Companies. This translates to reduced turnaround time for vessels we cater to, and facilitation of shipments through the otherwise lengthy process. As shipping agents, we have built good relationships with the port authorities, regulatory bodies, as well as with our competitors. In Ghana and other African countries, importance is placed on socio-cultural practices and traditional values which come in very handy when you have a job to do.

Q. What are SevenLog’s medium to long-term goals? 

A. It is SevenLog’s aim to be the most reliable logistics partner locally and internationally. We hope to start our global expansion with West Africa and provide quality industry specific solutions to all our clients worldwide. At the moment, we have offices and facilities spread across all Ghana’s major trade ports. That’s a good start I guess.

We invite all members with shipments in Tema / Accra to get in touch with the team. 

Ama Agyewaa Agyei / Business Development Executive

Interview with CQR Prague

PELMI, Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Prague, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and we sat down with founder and owner Jan Mádl to get the inside story on the company and why they believe education in this industry is so important.


Q. How did you get into the freight forwarding industry? 

A. It was actually a continuation of my university studies. One of the departments at the University of Economics in Prague is ‘Logistics’ and they were and still are able to provide a joint course of theory and practical experience.

Q. Having yourself studied and trained in logistics, what is your feeling on education in the freight forwarding industry? 

A. In all honestly, there are very few people who can be considered to be really knowledgeable in our industry. For example, everyone can recite the Incoterms, they are on a poster on the wall of every company’s office, but those with a detailed knowledge of what these terms mean are rare; and Incoterms is just one example.

At PELMI, we believe that our staff should be well-versed in the matters of our industry and so we constantly ensure that they and ourselves are being educated and trained in the wider aspects of the logistics industry. As a company, we actually contribute to specialist periodicals and actively participate in working groups seeking to promote new logistics disciplines.

Q. Does PELMI specialize in any particular service? 

A. Yes, we specialize in “High level” logistics so the transportation of things like live animals, hazardous goods (including classes 1 and 7), tank containers and flexi-tanks.

Q. What would be your most memorable shipment? 

A. One that sticks in my mind was the shipping of an historical tank from Peru (EXW pedestal by local barracks to door) a couple of years ago. Due to its age and significance, it required a lot of prior planning and delicate handling.

Q. What attracted PELMI to Conqueror? 

A. Conqueror has good coverage across the world so that was one attraction. In addition, we were impressed by the strict selection process and whilst of course PELMI had to pass, so has each member so we know that we are working with professional agents with are all financially healthy.

Q. Will you be attending the 3rd Annual Conqueror Meeting 9th-11th May in Kuala Lumpur? 

A. Definitely! These meetings are very important for us; we know that we need to meet our partners face to face in order to build cooperation.

We would like to congratulate the team on their 10th anniversary and wish them well for the next decade. We are sure that with such a knowledgeable and experienced team, the world is their oyster..

We invite all members with shipments in Prague to get in touch with the team. 

Interview with CQR Adelaide

Lynair is our newest member in Australia, representing Conqueror in Adelaide. The brand, Lynair, has been around since 1988 and Lynair International (SA) Pty was established in South Australia by the main Shareholders, Augustin Paul and Cameron Galloway in 2002. We recently spoke with Augustin Paul about the company and their membership in Conqueror.
Q. How did you get into the freight forwarding?
A. I have been in this industry since 1983 and, prior to Lynair, worked for Global Airfreight/Singapore, Fritz Companies/UPS SCS Adelaide. My business partner, Cameron, has been in the industry since 1989 and has worked for TNT Australia, LEP International, Fritz Companies/UPS SCS Adelaide.
Q. Does Lynair specialise in any particular service?
A. In addition to international freight forwarding, we offer complete warehouse management services which includes 3PL, kitting services for intra-state and interstate distribution. Our 3500m2 warehouse facility is a multi-client purpose design and we can accommodate in access of 2000 pallets. Lynair has invested in a sophisticated WMS ERP that offers paperless and customized automation warehouse processes catered to our clients’ needs.
Q. What would be your most memorable shipment?
A. We have had quite a few memorable shipments and project cargo such as transporting a Solar Car, moving a satellite office to Male but probably the most memorable was moving an 80 ton airfreight shipment of Skin Care products to Beijing, which was successfully moved despite the challenge of an extremely short time frame.
Q. What makes Lynair different to other freight forwarders in Adelaide? 
A. We believe in  establishing good client relationships through confidence and trust in Lynair and offering a level of value added services that not many freight forwarders in Adelaide are set up to do. It is these strengths and many more, which make our team unique in the Adelaide market thus helping to grow our client base.
Q. You have been in the network for 6 months now, what drew you to Conqueror and how is your company benefitting from the membership? 
A. Although we can represent wider Australian cities, we are however based in Adelaide and therefore we see it fit for Lynair to represent a network such as CQR that concentrates on locality and well-resourced memberships. Although, as a new member, we have not seen many correspondences from members yet, we have however established contact with members in locations that are of interest to us and have found most to be competitive in pricing and offer prompt responses.
Q. Both yourself and Sales Director Cameron Galloway are attending this year’s CQR annual meeting, what are you hoping to get out of the meeting?
A. We hope to meet as many members as possible at the meeting in order to expand and utilise services of other members in key areas we would like to focus on. Likewise, we hope to fly the Lynair flag for the rest of the network members who are keen in establishing a healthy reciprocal business and sales development.
Lynair is a perfect example of the companies we want in Conqueror, a company which understands the need for high-quality, locally based partners.
Lynair has its own corporate video and we invite members to check it out here.

Interview with CQR Kolkata

Capt. S.B. Mazumder is Executive Director of Seahorse Ship Agencies, Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Kolkata. Recently he spoke with us about how this company has grown from its humble origins to a logistics powerhouse in all the major cities across India.

Q. Could you tell us a little about the history of the Seahorse Ship Agencies?

A. The company was founded in 1979 by two brothers Capt. Avinash C. Batra and Capt. Somesh C. Batra – both Master Mariners with a sea faring background. Initially, the business was started as a Cargo Surveyors and gradually it expanded into a shipping agency, empty container depot operator and also freight forwarding and logistics activities. Over the years, having expanded into various shipping activities, several companies were registered to “avoid conflict of interests among the various principals” and we call ourselves “THE SEAHORSE GROUP OF COMPANIES”. A few years prior to the global recession in 2008, we were also operating as NVOCC operators with leased containers. Fortunately, all containers were off hired just prior to the recession.

Over the years we have grown to a fairly large group of companies operating as the Indian Agent for several renowned Shipping Lines, namely Yang Ming Line, Korea Marine Transport Company Ltd., Ceylon Shipping Co. Ltd., Sanko Steamship Co. Ltd., BHP Billiton, and a few Chinese Tramp Ship Owners and Operators. Today, our group is considered to be one of the most professionally run shipping companies in India.

Q. When and how did you get into the industry and when did you join Seahorse?

A. I joined the company as Regional Manager on 1st June 1982 when the companies’ first branch office was opened in Kolkata Port. Gradually our offices expanded to the other metro cities of Chennai, New Delhi, Cochin, Tuticorin, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore, Ludhiana, Ahmedabad, Kandla etc.  In view of my long association with this group, I was elevated to the all India position of Executive Director based in Kolkata.

Q. The company has been in operation for 34 years now, what have been its most significant achievements during those years?

A. Firstly, I would have to say the commencement and expansion from a single office in Mumbai to 16 across India with a work force of about 370.  I can honestly say that our staff are our biggest asset. Our reputation as a professional company resulted in acquiring the all India agency of 8 internationally renowned container shipping lines, bulk & break bulk shipping lines & agencies of two of the world’s leading container leasing companies, namely Textainer and Triton. Most of our Container Shipping Principals after several years of operating with us, have opened their own offices in India which has become the fashion. However, two of our valued Principals namely Yang Ming Line and Sanko Steamship Co. Ltd have both opened joint venture companies with our group in India at all port locations.

We also operate another fairly large business i.e. One of our Group Companies is the largest empty container storage depot operator in India having our own depots at every Port and ICD in India. We are continuously named the ‘Best Depot’ by the world’s largest container leasing company Textainer.

Q. Does Seahorse specialise in any particular type of shipment?

A. Moving import projects in India has become one of our key areas. Even though we are not a particularly large operator, we enjoy the challenge and financial rewards they bring. One of our most memorable such shipments was the movement of a water treatment plant machinery which arrived in 60 x 40’ OT/FR cargo from the Port of Haldia to the plant about 650 Km away.

Q. What was it about CONQUEROR that initially attracted you?

A. As a freight forwarder, we had used ‘unknown companies’ in the past from all over the world as partners. As a result, we have faced a considerable loss of business due to poor service from several overseas agents and a lot of unnecessary charges were collected at some destinations. Hence, we were keen to become a member of a good worldwide freight network and thus we came across CQR and decided to join up.

Q. How does being in CONQUEROR help Seahorse Ship Agencies? 

A. We have found the member companies to be generally pro-active, prompt in response and professionally sound.   Business growth generally is slower at the moment due to the global recession but we are confident that as part of this network, we will see better days ahead.

We invite all members with shipments in Kolkata to get in touch with the team. 

Capt. S.B. Mazumder

Executive Director

Seahorse Ship Agencies Pvt. Ltd.

Interview with CQR Dalian

Balance Wang, General Manager and owner of Dalian Uniline Shipping Limited, recently chatted with the CQR team about the company and how it has changed in the ten years since its foundation. He also let us in on his most memorable shipments and what the next 10 years hold for the company.

Q. Tell us a little about your company. 

A. Dalian Uniline Shipping was founded 10 years ago and is approved and registered by China’s economic and trade commission NVOCC (MOC-NV05344). Our head office is in Dalian and this is the office we hold in Conqueror, but we also have branches in the main ports in China such as Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao, Haerbin. I am extremely fortunate to have a professional team who are capable of providing door to door services for DDP and DDU shipments including loading and customs.

Q. Does your company specialise in any particular kind of shipment? 

A. China ranks in the top 5 countries globally for food exports and so consequently a one-stop-shop export service for perishables is big business for us. In addition, we are also experienced in exporting large machines and minerals.

Q. What would be Dalian’s most memorable shipment to date? 

A. Well there have been many over the past decade but if I have to choose, it would be a 5000ton end-end shipment of soybeans to Korea in just 7 days. We successfully completed the seeming impossible job and it certainly proved our team’s ability to liaise and cooperate well.

Q. Next year, the company will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, what has been your proudest moment as manager? 

A. I think my proudest moment is now, as I look back over the past decade and see the branches we have established, our quick but yet stable business expansion and the professional staff which have joined us to make Dalian even stronger. We have also gradually developed lasting business partnerships with overseas agents.

Q. Where do you see Dalian Uniline Shipping in another 10 years? 

A. We should see a significant increase in the volume of business the company is handling and thanks to the strengthening of international cooperation, we should have even more partnerships worldwide. I also hope that over the next decade our company will be ranked in the top 10 international logistics companies in the industry.

Q. Both you and Coco attended this year’s annual meeting. How useful was it to meet members face to face in terms of building business relationships? 

A. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the conference. We met and got to know many agents which we now consider partners. It was a great opportunity to learn about the different services they can provide us with and how we can help each other in our mutual goal of expanding our businesses.

Q. Do you plan on attending the 3rd Annual Conqueror Meeting in Kuala Lumpur next year? 

A. Yes, we will be there so that we can get to know more agents and increase our cooperation with other members.

We are thrilled to hear Balance and Coco will be attending next year’s annual meeting. They certainly understand the benefits it can bring their business.

Members with shipments in Dalian are invited to get in touch with the team. 

Balance Wang
General Manager 

Interview with CQR Kuwait

Founded in 2006, Greenways Logistics, Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Kuwait, may seem to some a mere infant in this industry. However, in just a few short years this company has cemented itself firmly as the ‘go-to’ forwarder in Kuwait for the oil industry and the military.

Founder Abdul Kadar recently dropped by and told us a little about his career, country and his thoughts on Conqueror.  

Q. How and when did you get into the freight forwarding industry?

A. My career began over 10 years before Greenways was conceived in 1996 when I got a job as a clearing and forwarding agent representing various lines such as SCI, WAN HAI, CSCL, RCL, BAY Line and ARC.

Q. On your company website it says Greenways is a ’people driven company.’ Can you tell us what you mean by this and how your staff implements this on a daily basis? 

A. ’People driven company’ means that our professional staff are in a class of their own in terms of expertise in this industry as well as in their knowledge of both the local and international markets. It also means that we ensure our clients get up-to-date information and solutions for all their enquiries in a timely manner.

Q. The world has been in an economic crisis since 2008, what has been the effect on freight forwarding in Kuwait?

A. Kuwait is a 99% import oriented country, we need to import everything from pins to aeroplanes; consequently, the economic crisis has not been felt much. Greenways in particular has mostly vendors in the oil sector and so we have, thank God, not felt the crisis really at all. Although Greenways has not been affected directly, we have chosen to closely follow-up with our clients and to reassure them at this difficult time and this seems to have been very much appreciated.

Q. Does Greenways specialise in any particular type of shipment? 

A. Greenways is definitely an ‘all-rounder,’ that being said we do handle vast volumes of army shipments for Kuwait and Iraq as well as Afghanistan. As I said previously, a lot of our business is in the oil industry and there is not very much that they use which is not OOG so our team has become pretty adept at moving such cargo.

Q. How important is it for Greenways to be part of a global network?

A. For a while, we had been looking for long term business relationships with good agents globally and in reality only a network can give us this.

Q. What attracted you to Conqueror?

A. What initially drew us to Conqueror was its commitment to protecting its members. Now we are in the network, other positives include the close follow up of the head office team with their members. We are also continually updated with what’s happening with our fellow members through day to day emails, updates and news, like this one! We are sure that with the support of CQR and the members, we will one day be one of the leading freight forwarders in Kuwait.


We invite all members with shipments in Kuwait to get in touch with the team.  


Abdul Kadar / Business Development Manager

Interview with CQR Sao Paolo

Rogerio Fadigas is co-founder and owner of Cargofast Logistics do Brasil Ltda., Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Sao Paolo. With Brazil hosting the two biggest sporting events in the world, the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup over the next 4 years, we wanted to find out first-hand what the impact of organizing and holding these events is having on freight forwarders in the country. 


Q. How and when did you become involved in the freight forwarding industry?

A. Back in 2004, after working for 24 years in various ocean shipping lines, it became apparent to me that this segment of transportation was limited to basically a “port to port” range offering, whilst, worldwide, customers were looking for support from a broader scope of services (door deliveries and pick up, customs brokerage, airfreight, LCL consolidation, etc.) which ocean carriers were either not able to offer or not able to carry out well. In addition to that, customers were and still are, lacking a more knowledgeable, professional, dedicated and “humane” approach from ocean carriers. So to me, the freight forwarding industry looked like a great opportunity and a perfect match for my personality as it was much more about having a helpful, supportive and problem solving attitude to customers unlike a great ocean carrier full of bureaucracy, inflexibility and 9-5 office hours. It was in August 2008 with my three partners that we founded Cargofast Logistics do Brasil Ltda.

Q. What makes Cargofast different to other freight forwarders in Sao Paulo? 

A. I think it’s our 40 years of expertise and knowledge of logistics in Brazil and international transportation coupled with timely communications and the aim of serving our clients and agents with professionalism, competitive costs, and the highest quality of service.

Q. Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games. What effects are the planning and organising of these events having on the freight forwarding industry in Brazil?

A. There has been a considerable increase in shipments to Brazil related to these events, particularly in Breakbulk and Project Cargo which we are also specialized in and have been able to secure ourselves or been granted to us by agents worldwide. We expect that as the dates of these events get closer, we will see an increase in our air freight quotations and shipments.

Q. What part is Cargofast playing in the setting up of these events?

A.Besides the Breakbuk and Project Cargo shipments, there has been an increase in our Customs House Broker activity as importers have looked for help on cargo classification codes for their goods in order to avoid paying fines or having their goods put on hold by Brazilian Customs in case of wrong declaration.

Q.What legacy will these events leave Brazil and the freight industry there? 

A.Despite the positive impact with upgrades of several airports (some of them have been privatized recently in order to speed up improvements and capacity), construction of new roads and refurbishment of old stadiums have been supported by a multi-million dollar budget, sadly we see that hospitals and schools for the poorer in society lacking investment and any support from these events.

Q. What do you think Cargofast will look like after these two events? 

A. Well in 4 years, we will certainly have hired more people in our Ocean, Air, Customs Brokerage, Project Cargo and Trucking departments. These new collaborators will have received training and expertise which will put Cargofast in a stronger position in the market, serving our partners and customers with a greater quality of service.

It is clear that Cargofast is experiencing a boom in its business which is sure to continue over the next 4 years. The result is sure to be that the company will have an even greater position in the international market.


We welcome all members with shipments in Sao Paulo to get in touch with the team.
Rogerio Fadigas / Director Freight & International Operations

Interview with CQR Sialkot

Arif Nadeem is CEO of Teknik Movers, Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Sialkot, Pakistan. Recently, we spoke with Arif about the company, its approaching anniversary and future plans.
Q. How did you get into the freight forwarding business?
A. It was after receiving my Masters in Business in 1993 that my career in freight forwarding began with a position as a trainee manager. Whilst in that position, I was given many opportunities to work with the top freight companies and gained invaluable knowledge and experience of all areas of freight forwarding and management.
Q. What prompted you to start Teknik Movers?
A. It was whilst working in these top freight companies that I realised that customers prefer a personal service by accredited freight partners. On the 4th February 2004, I launched Teknik Movers with the sole purpose of serving my quality conscious clients. I brought a team of dedicated managers on board and within two years we received IATA approval and opened branches across Pakistan. Within just a few years, Teknik Movers went from a single entity to a vast network.
Q. What is unique about Teknik Movers?
A. It’s simple; Teknik Movers always meets the customer’s needs. Our team is dedicated to building trust with customers so that they can rely on us for any project being assigned for the importation/exportation to and from Pakistan. We also offer value for money, a choice of carrier, a one window solution and a solid base to secure customer confidence.
Q. What has been your proudest moment as CEO of Teknik Movers?
A. For the year 2010-11, I was elected Chairman of the Community for Air Cargo Agents of Pakistan. Myself and Teknik Movers were acknowledged for our commitment to serving the local community. Currently, I am a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan.
Q. What current challenges are freight forwarders in Pakistan facing at the moment?
A. Well, thanks to the economic crisis, there is currently a price war between agents as agents are heavily investing in the overseas as well as the local market. Also, the negative attitude of carriers towards agents is equally unhelpful and inhibiting to all freight forwarders.
Q. How does Teknik Movers deal with these challenges on a daily basis?
A. As a team we have a positive attitude and we aim to serve our customers to the best of our ability in whatever the industry or economic status is in on that given day.
Q. Next year, Teknik Movers will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, what plans do you have for the company over the next decade?
A. While Teknik movers is a big name in Pakistan, we are aiming further afield with an international marketing campaign showing our successes over the 10 years and our plans for the future. Of course our success is down to our team and they will certainly be rewarded come the anniversary!
Teknik Movers has quickly made a name for itself in Pakistan and it sounds like it will be doing the same in the near future.
We welcome all members with shipments in Sialkot, Pakistan to get in touch with the Teknik Movers team.