Conqueror in Exim India Newsletter, May 2011

Modern Cargo Services joins Conqueror global forwarding group.

(22-05-2011).- Modern Cargo Services Ltd, which is into freight forwarding, has been selected as the exclusive representative in Mumbai of the Conqueror Freight Network. Conqueror operates as a “virtual multinational” in which independent firms around the world work together in a regimen of “disciplined cooperation”.

Conqueror, which began accepting applications last September and launched operations in January, is choosing one strong forwarder to act as a “virtual branch” in each of 564 cities in 127 countries. Members agree to use each other’s services for a substantial proportion of their shipments, which ensures a significant increase in business volume for all, among other advantages.

“The idea is to use cooperation to help our members compete on a more equal footing against the giant mega-forwarders,” says Mr Antonio Torres, founder of the Madrid-based Conqueror group. “Strong players like Modern Cargo Services Ltd will ensure our success as a global group”, Mr. Torres said.

The network is now seeking qualified members in Cochin, Kolkata, Vadodara, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Kanpur.

New virtual multinational forwarder group now extends to 100 cities

Less than four months after its launch, the pioneering Conqueror Freight Network has “virtual branches” in 100 cities in 58 countries

This week’s acceptance of Aries Global Logistics, Inc. adds New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Miami to the fast-growing network, which is designed to operate like a multinational freight forwarding group, with a single member per city.

Aries (AGL) was founded in 1985, and has 90 employees. Like all members of the Conqueror group, it was checked out by an independent auditor as part of the selection process, and it meets the highest standards of solvency, size, and reputation. To date, the network has accepted only about 16% of applicants.

Aries president Frank G. D’Ambra said he hoped membership in Conqueror “will increase our reach in markets where we are not represented,” and noted that the network “has already filled in some of the more difficult regions”.

Conqueror is recruiting strong and solvent independent forwarders to act as “virtual branches” in each of the world’s 564 largest cities. Members now have a total of more than 8,000 employees.

“We are delighted to welcome the prestigious Aries company to our group, which considerably strengthens our coverage of the United States,” said Conqueror’s network development manager Russell Whittington. “While other networks may have as many as 80 members in a single city, we have only one in each, just like the multinationals. And like them, we require that our members cooperate actively with each other, working under common rules and our worldwide brand.”

“The idea is to equip our members with all the advantages previously enjoyed only by the mega forwarders, including a global network of reliable agents, exclusive software to delimit territories, a payment-protected environment, and even a dispute resolution service,” said Whittington.

“These advantages, combined with the personalized customer service traditionally associated with independent agents, are helping our members recover lost market share,” he added.

Members pay nothing during the six-month probationary period, but those who fail to cooperate actively with other members are replaced. Quality is monitored by self-policing. Members are obliged to report all problems that arise with other members, who all have a vested interest in upholding the brand image and the network’s collective reputation.

The formula appears to be working. “Some of our member agents say they have already received more new business from Conqueror than they did in years of belonging to other networks,” said Conqueror founder Antonio Torres, himself an experienced freight forwarder.

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Conqueror Freight Forwarder Network

The new Conqueror Freight Network is a cooperative group of independent freight forwarders that, while retaining independence, operate as a virtual multinational freight forwarder. In other words, they provide the services formerly provided by only the largest multinational forwarders. Based in Madrid, Spain, they operate in 564 cities in 175 countries. Until now, independents have had a very difficult time competing against the largest firms because of the multinational presence of the big players, Conqueror is designed to give the independent forwarder a shot at more of that business.

Independent freight forwarders can now apply to join the Conqueror Freight Network.

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