To be or not to be

Towards the end of 2015, CQR Tel Aviv (Jacky Line Group) successfully completed the handling of a most complex project; shipping 20MT of stage equipment from China to Israel for The National Theatre of China’s production of Shakespeare’s Richard III at the Cameri Theatre in Tel-Aviv.

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The project called for air freight door to door service, mounting, dismantling, delivering, and the positioning of the equipment at its final destination in the Cameri, within the limit time allowed.

Such was this project that it featured in the Israeli daily newspaper HAARETZ. To view the article, click here. 

CONQUEROR would like to congratulate the Jacky Line team on another successful project and invite members with shipments in Tel Aviv to get in touch. 



CQR Tel Aviv partners with UNICEF and UNWFP

Jacky Line Group, CQR Tel Aviv, is proud to inform members that following the successful handling of some UNICEF (UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN FUND) traffic this year, they have now been awarded a “LONG TERM ARRANGEMENT FOR SERVICES” by UNICEF which is a clear statement of trust in Jacky Line’s capabilities.

In addition to UNICEF, the team has also been chosen to handle traffic for UNWFP (UNITED NATIONS WORLD FOOD PROGRAM). This went into effect on Aug 13th 2015 and will be covering UNWFP entire food supply chain including reefer cargo which Jacky Line and its team is a fully qualified to handle.

We invite all members with shipments in Tel Aviv to get in touch with the team.

CQR Tel Aviv awarded UNICEF project

Conqueror is pleased to announce that CQR Tel Aviv, Jacky Line, is providing Custom Clearing, Freight Forwarding and Transportation Services for Vaccine in Cold Chain and Program Supplies to Final Destination in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza for the next two years

The transportation of pharmaceutical shipments is a relatively new venture for the company, having started to handle such goods just a couple of years ago. But in just a short space of time, Jacky Line Group has sealed its place as the pre-eminent forwarder in Israel for these time-sensitive shipments.

Conqueror would like to congratulate the team and invite members with shipments in Israel to get in touch.


CQR Tel Aviv CEO named IATA Air Cargo Professional

CQR Tel Aviv are proud to announce that IATA has designated Mr. Jacky Bitton, CEO of Jacky Line, an Air Cargo Professional (ACP) 

In 1988, Jacky Bitton founded Jacky Line and from its humble beginnings, he has taken the company forward to one of the leading freight forwarding corporations in Israel whilst still keeping it independent and self-financed.

Conqueror would like to congratulate Jacky, and say that being recognised as an ACP showcases his high level of air cargo proficiency to the wider world.

We invite all agents with shipments in Israel to get in touch with the team 

CQR Tel Aviv

CQR Tel Aviv discharges tanker Brovig Vindur

We are pleased to inform members that Jacky Line was nominated as ship agents to discharge the tanker Brovig Vindur at the port of Ashdod in Israel. The team successfully discharged 2,400Tons of CMS in December.



Loading 16-12-2013
P.O.L Damietta-Egypt
2400 Metric tons cms (condensed molasses solubles )
Discharging 17-12-2013
M/T (Motor tanker)
Brovig Vindur
Nomination: Brovig Vindur

We would like to congratulate the Jacky Line team and invite all members with shipments in Israel to get in touch with the team.

CQR Tel Avis ships USD 175,000,000 of aircraft engines

CQR Tel Aviv, Jacky Line, is proud to announce that it has successfully carried out the shipping of 35 X P&W Aircraft Engines from Israel to Kansas City, Missouri on behalf of Pratt and Whitney in the USA. Each engine was valued at USD 5,000,000 giving the total shipment value of USD175, 000,000.

The Jacky Line team was hired to collect the engines from the shipper, load by crane and stuff them onto 5×20’ Flat Racks and 15×40’ Flat Racks. They were also responsible for the lashing material, lashing and security, covering the cargo with tarpaulin covers as well as getting the shipment ready for the surveyor check and approval. And of course, let’s not forget the booking with the shipping line and securing large quantities of flats from Israel to the USA.

The successful shipping of project cargo like this proves that an independent freight forwarder can provide as good a service if not better than that of a multinational. Jacky Line certainly lives up to its reputation as an ‘independent force in shipping.’

We welcome all agents with shipments in Israel to get in touch with the team. 

CQR Tel Aviv

CQR Israel launches new website

Formed in 1988, Jacky Line started as a small business venture by some highly-experienced freight-forwarding professionals. In no time the company grew to become one of the leading logistics enterprises in Israel; with a man-power of more than 90 people and head offices in many important cities like Jerusalem and Ashdod. What is also remarkable is the fact that its original founders continue to spearhead Jacky Line’s operations. Such kind of unwavering executive loyalty is the main secret behind the staggering success of this leading organization. This highly popular cargo specialist in Israel has recently launched a new project gallery website which is sure to establish Jacky Line as a leader in project Cargo. 

Their specialized services include:

• Flight simulator cargo handling
• Heavy lift
• Shipping of hi-tech equipment from factory to domicile
• Handling bulk liquid
• Handling hazardous cargoes
• Temperature controlled shipping
• Reefer shipping
• Shipping in ISO tanks
• RO-RO cargo
• Conventional cargo

The elaborate photographs on their new website speak volumes about Jacky Line’s expertise in effective execution of such highly complex projects. To learn more, visit

The launch of this new website is sure to fetch Jacky Line new laurels of popularity and success in the freight forwarding world of highly specialized project cargo. We wish them good luck!