CQR Ahmedabad once more proves their worth by handling a break-bulk project cargo of 60 mt

Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd moves a huge ball mill to Kandla port in Gujarat

Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd has successfully achieved the transportation of a break-bulk project cargo at Kandla port. The shipment which consisted of a 60 mt stone grinding machine was delivered by the use of 2 low bed axel vehicles with 150 mt load capacity.

The cargo was downloaded and uploaded with the help of an 80 mt vessel operated crane before being successfully transported to the Kandla port of Gujarat. In the words of Manoj Lakhwani, Sales Development Manager of Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd, “This has been a significant achievement by our team which would definitely encourage our partners to contact us for shipments requirements to or from Ahmedabad.”

All the best to Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd for their outstanding achievement!

For shipments to/from Ahmedabad you know whom to contact!

Manoj Lakhwani

Van Moer Logistics take over the 50% of ATO terminal shares in port of Antwerp

CQR Antwerp successfully completes acquisition of the ATO terminal in partnership deal with NMBS LOGISTICS

VAN MOER LOGISTICS, Our CQR member in Antwerp, has taken the next step in its intermodal transport strategy with the purchasing of ATO terminal in the Port of Antwerp, in collaboration with NMBS LOGISTICS. The agreement between the two firms, announced last Friday, means that VAN MOER will takeover 50% of the terminal port.

The ATO terminal covers almost 175,000 square-metres and processes over 500,000 TEU’s per year along its ½ kilometre-long quay. With the arrival of VAN MOER LOGISTICS, this is sure to increase, while Belgian malt producer BOORMALT will be investing in additional production capacity at the 6th dock of the terminal.

VAN MOER’s barge service, iBarge, which operates daily calls at the Vilvoorde terminal, Umicore and Blue Gate, is now complete with the incorporation of the ATO terminal. Apart from servicing water-bound logistics, ATO will also function as a primary hub for the hinterland corridor.

Jo Van Moer, owner of VAN MOER, and Patrick Lecluyse, CEO, said “We are delighted with this partnership, which has allowed the synergies to reach their full potential and create the missing link in our intermodal strategy. We have found the perfect partner with Boormalt and are looking forward to their cooperation”.

We’d like to wish VAN MOER all the best with this impressive new venture!

For shipments to/from Antwerp get in touch with their team of experts:

  Raf Frans

Interview with CQR Tehran

“Freight Forwarders can create markets and demand, facilitating the trade cycle all over the world.’’

This week we have interviewed Mr. Farzad Saffarzadeh, CEO of Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Transportation Co, CQR Tehran, who talks about the journey of his company and about the advantages of operating from Iran.

1. What prompted you to venture into the freight forwarding industry?

A. Actually, I started freight forwarding with my elder brother who acquainted me with the alphabets of this business. From 2005 I organized my own setup under the Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder and Shipping Agency flag and have now been in this field for over 28 years. I have been able to explore and show my counter parts how freight forwarders have a very important role in the industry in each country and that it’s not a simple job of just selling freight. Freight Forwarders can create markets and demand, facilitating the trade cycle all over the world.

Q. Can you shed some light on the geographical importance of Iran?

A. We have an inherent advantage due to the Persian Gulf’s connection to CIS, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as to the South Quafqas area and Russia. We have about 670 Km of the coastal border with the Caspian Sea in the North connecting the Bandar Anzali and Amirabad ports to Aktau, Turkmenbashi, and Astrakhan. On the south of Iran we have 1,770 km coastal border connecting the Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf. The unique location of the country makes all modes of transportation (air, sea, road or rail) possible.

Q. Tell us something about the rail network in your country.

A. Several rail projects are in the pipeline to upgrade and complete the current railway network infrastructure. Currently we can send shipments by rail from Bandar Abbas to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. There are also rail links up to Astara Iran and the Russia rail network is connected up to Astara Azerbaijan and hopefully in the near future the rail connection will be finished between Astara Iran and Azerbaijan. The South Quafqkas rail connection is now possible up to Yerevan and liner containers can be sent from European ports up to Yerevan and then by truck to Iran. We also have rail links to Europe through Turkey’s rail network via our western borders, this also can be connected to the CIS by changing wagons.

Q. Can you give us a concrete example of Iran’s route advantage?

A. Well.. When we ship containers from Bandar Abbas to Baku the trucker should drive about 2270 km, out of which 1944 km are in Iran. The same advantage exists for other destinations. The other advantage is that we move containers by the same trailers all the way to their final destination and return empty containers back to Bandar Abbas. This safeguards the goods against multiple loading/unloading in transhipment.

Q. Can you give me some examples of project cargo you have handled in the recent past?

A. Please see the following photos of some projects we have handled via Iran to CIS. The latest one consisted of two girders from Bandar Abbas to Baku.

Q. Is customs clearance in Iran normally done in the port for inland bound cargo or can it be done at the final destination, say Tehran?

A. Final customs clearing can be done either at the port of arrival or at any domestic inland destination as a bonded shipment, subject to the destination’s customs having the authority to accept the relevant goods.

We welcome all agents with shipments to/from Tehran and Bandar Abbas to get in touch with Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder and Transport.

     Farzad Saffarzadeh

Takhlees Shipping Agencies ships mobile firearms range of 20 tons/174 cbm

CQR Manama/Bahrain has used its extensive experience in freights to ship a mobile firearms training range from Bahrein to Poland

CQR member in Manama/Bahrain, TAKHLEES SHIPPING AGENCIES, accomplished the task of transporting a mobile firearms training range from Bahrain to Gdansk, via Damam, in January this year.


An extremely professional and competent team was required for transporting the heavy range which weighed around 20,865.000 KGM/ 174 CBM. Takhlees Shipping successfully shipped the range from Bahrain to Damman by road from where a Bahri Shipping Line Vessel moved it to Poland.

Congratulations to the team!

For any shipping to/from Manama, please get in touch with their experienced personnel.

Ali Hameed

Emons achieves a remarkable feat by moving oversized shred press

CQR Stuttgart ships three heavy lift pieces of more than 230 tons from Germany to Scotland

Emons Air & Sea, CQR member in Stuttgart, moved a dismantled shred press from Germany to Scotland at the end of August. The shred press consisted of three oversized heavy lift pieces of 92, 82.5 and 58 tons that had to be transported. Since the 3.90 m wide truck was carrying a total weight of 143.8 tons, a special road survey was required for the entire journey whose final destination was near Edinburgh.

Ever since the company was set up in 1928, Emons Air & Sea has stood for dependable and flexible services in the transport and logistics sector. Their professional team and their technological know-how has allowed them to accomplish this challenging shipment with ease

We congratulate Emons for completing the transport with utmost customer satisfaction and wish them the best to accomplish many more similar achievements in the future.

For shipments to/from Stuttgart make sure to contact the team of Emons.

Dirk Trübiger

Another feather in the cap for Agora Shipping

 CQR Douala triumphs a laborious charter to UN Office, Bria

Agora Shipping Logistics, CQR Douala Shipping, recently successfully managed a laborious transport of a charter vessel from Douala to the UN office in Bria, Central African Republic (CAR). This was a tremendous feat since Bria is known for rebel controlled areas near the Kotto river.

Agora Shipping basically took to themselves to first remove the charter from the ship and then load the truck at Douala port. There, they had to go through customs clearance and road procedures BGFT / Barc to endure a long road transport from Douala to Bria. When at CAR, they again had to go customs clearance at Bangui and finally offload at the UN office at Bria. This was a laborious and difficult transport as seen in the pictures but Agora accomplished the task at hand easily.

Agora Shipping & Logistics is a company of Agora group specializing in transport to difficult areas due to their extensive experience. They cater to the supply of integrated solutions in the field of logistics, shipping, customs, relocations, national and international transport, etc. both by sea and by air.

Conqueror takes immense pride in having Agora Shipping & Logistics in our network, as one of our members and congratulates them on their big achievement.
For shipments from/to Douala, Cameroon, do not hesitate to contact their team: 

Karine Yolande Ngombi

IFS transports a 126 tons-machine from Peru to Chile

CQR Callao/Lima has successfully delivered a heavy machine via RORO to Valparaíso, San Antonio 

International Freight Shipping S.A.C. has successfully transported a very heavy machine from Peru to Chile. The shipment, which weighted 126,480 kg, departed from Callao’s port (Peru) and was shipped to Valparaíso, San Antonio (Chile) by using a RORO vessel.

Thanks to its highly committed and professional team and its specialization in maritime transport and national- international cargos, IFS has been able to accomplish this complex task efficaciously and meeting their quality standards.

“Our service philosophy is based on Quality, Efficiency, Innovation and Passion for what we do, enabling us together, to be the first choice for our customers and strategic partners. Our customers’ success is our success”, states Reynir Gislason, Executive President

Well done to IFS team!

For shipments from/to Callao/Lima, Peru, do not hesitate to contact their team:

Monica Chang

The September Edition of the Conqueror Newsletter is now ready!

The September Edition of the Conqueror Newsletter has just been released

In it, it is possible to find all the information regarding Conqueror’s 7th Annual Meeting, as well as very interesting news and interviews from fellow members or cities needing coverage. Additionally, the article about Conqueror’s establishment as the largest freight forwarding network worldwide can be read.

Check it out here!

Interview with CQR Constanta

An Eastern European Success Story is by far the best way to describe Europrim Shipping, Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Constanta, Romania. Recently, we sat down with Augustin Muller, Europrim’s Manager, to find out more about their journey to success and how it plans to sustain it.
Q. Europrim was started in 2005, can you tell me a little about the logistics situation in Romania at that time?
A. When the company was started in 2005 as the shipping arm of the Europrim Group, the logistics market situation was so promising and optimistic; development plans were pouring in from all over the business world, direct foreign investments were literally marching into the country! It saw the start of a 7+ year period when business was booming in every sector of the economy.
Q. So, at a guess I would say things changed in 2008 when the global financial crisis hit. How did this effect freight forwarders in Romania?
A. The global crisis brought the economy to a stand still and people were in a state of shock; the good days were over. Factories were cutting costs, companies were lacking the hugely needed cash for development and people were being laid off. It was a gloomy outlook much like the rest of Europe at that time. Now, after almost 5 years, many small and medium sized logistics companies have closed down and many are still struggling to find their position in a more crowded than ever competitive market.
Q. But Europrim is still here, how has it kept going in such a gloomy financial climate?
A. It is said that “If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies”. At Europrim Shipping, we all know this saying to be true. But what kept Europrim Shipping alive and kicking hard, we, a small sized company, when even some of the big players were brought down to their knees? The answer is simple: the power to embrace change, to reinvent ourselves and to think outside-the-box.
Q. Can you give me some examples of these changes?
A. We have changed the way we do business by putting the emphasis on the new challenges of the market and trying to understand the ways in which the customers are looking for improvements in their logistics chain. We are constantly looking to optimize stock management and for ways to make the supply chain more flexible and more efficient. Because a new, flexible and innovative organisation was the answer to our customers needs, we fully rebranded the company.
·         Received the ISO 9001:2008 certificate
·         Joined several global organisations as IATA and FIATA
·         Hired industry specialists who are keen to start something new in an independent company

·         Followed the market trend of LCL as opposed to FCL

Q. Tell us about your LCL services and why the change from FCL was necessary?
A. Change from FCL to LCL was starting to be the standard in the business comMunity. In order to adapt to these times, we started an awarness and free consultancy campaign targeting customers who were still reluctant to change their FCL to LCL. We are now operating our 2500 sqm bonded warehouse right near the container yard in Constanta Agigea South Terminal and recently we became licensed for customs operations.  All our cargo is cleared in the shortest time possible, for further oncarriage to final destination. For more and more importers who are looking to manage a healthy company cash flow and consequently searching for more cost-effective ways of transporting their cargo, the LCL services from Shanghai and Hong Kong hub to Constanta port developed in 2010 by us have proven to be a good option. The results of the LCL service were beyond our expectations: from a mere 56 cbm co-loaded in 2009, our LCL cargo traffic grew on our consols to 567 cbm in 2010 and 2388 cbm in 2011, reaching the 5497 cbm record in 2012 helped by the opening of the new Ningbo and Shenzhen direct services. Probably for bigger ports and players these figures are not representing much, but for us, they are placing Europrim in the top 3 Romanian LCL operators in Constanta port.
Q. Can you tell us a little about what Europrim has up its sleeve for this year?
A. We have recently opened a new operational office in the port of Varna, in the friendly neighbouring country of Bulgaria and another one in Chisinau, Moldova’s capital. With these two new points pinned on the map, our sales force has become regional and we can now say that “thinking big” is far from being a simple cliche. But we don’t plan on stopping there. For us, this is just the beginning, we believe welcoming change is welcoming the future.
It is clear that Europrim Shipping is operated by a highly motivated and innovative team who, far from being complacent in these dreary economic times, are actually moving forward and growing their business successfully and at a rate previously unimaginable in Eastern Europe.
We welcome all members with shipments in Constanta to get in touch with the Europrim Shipping team.
Augustin Muller / Manager

Independent freight forwarders find network links with other logistics groups pays off: Handy Shipping Guide

THAILAND – SRI LANKA – WORLDWIDE – Considering our recent piece regarding the way shipping and logistics conferences are returning to fashion with many in the freight community thoughts turn to the growth of industry networks which many freight forwarders in particular use to commence and develop trusted partnerships with counterparts overseas.

Most independent agents cannot possibly consider having offices anywhere but in the countries which form their principal markets and, as those are dependent upon the needs of each individual customer and can, quite literally, extend right across the globe, the need for an agent with at least a degree of recommendation is essential.

The network system, if properly supervised, can grant credibility to an agent who must adhere to sound principals or find themselves forsaken by their peers and effectively blacklisted. The same management can also act as arbiters in the case of a dispute and effectively act as a crucial hub for all its members. This month saw the second annual meeting for an embryonic network which claims to be the only one of its type as it is ‘city exclusive’.

One hundred and fifteen members of the Conqueror Network gathered in Bangkok between May 8-10 to hold hundreds of one to one meetings and see a new marketing strategy launched. With representatives hailing from over fifty countries the target for the group is to work co-operatively to serve customers globally and overcome client perceptions that independent forwarders are not equipped to provide a truly worldwide service. The latest campaign aims to assist members to self-promote using tools such as a brochure personalised for each member company.

As one delegate explained, ‘With the multinationals gaining ground daily, I can’t afford for my company to become stagnant. This brochure will aid our team in our promotion to potential clients.’ Conqueror’s Managing Director, Antonio Torres commented:

“Co-operation is one important element in our strategy for boosting the business volume of our members; another is our city-exclusivity, like the multinationals, and the third and most important is our annual meeting. Our second meeting has seen an increase of 33% in attendance, 25% in countries represented and 40% in one-to-one meetings available. The numbers speak for themselves.”

To read more; click here.