Conqueror Athens moves a breakbulk shipment of 2000 tons from Turkey to Greece

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They are also actively involved in the fight against the pandemic and has shipped a cargo of PPE equipment and testing kits from China to Lagos

CV Maragos International Forwarding PC, Conqueror member in Athens, Greece, handles a shipment of 2000 tons DW vessel carrying marble blocks from Salayar, Turkey, to Lavrio, Greece. In the words of Mr. Vlasis Maragos, the General Manager of CV Maragos, “Since most of the EU borders were closed due to the pandemic we had to suffer several delays although we managed to overcome this problem and constant communication with our truckers allows us to handover the shipment on time.”

They have also successfully completed a shipment of masks, gloves and testing kits from China to Lagos, Nigeria. Apart from that, CQR Athens has managed to book a significant number of ocean cargoes from UK, and Spain to Greece and from Greece to USA, Bahamas and Nigeria. “Due to COVID-19 we all experienced unprecedented circumstances and we all had to show great adaptability and I can proudly assert that our team has managed to emerge stronger from this situation and thanks to our executive clients we are still as active as always in our territory.” adds Mr. Maragos.

Congratulations to CV Maragos and wishing them the best for their future endeavours!