Conqueror Athens is specializing in the transhipment and staffing of difficult and valuable cargoes at their warehouse

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Last month they shipped luxury Porsche cars, two reactors for biological cleaning plant, heavy marble blocks, pipes and machineries

CV Maragos International Forwarding PC, Conqueror member in Athens, Greece, is specializing in the normal staffing/un staffing and transhipments of difficult and valuable shipments from their warehouse. As said by Mr. Vlassis Maragos, the General Manager of CQR Athens, “Our team has become extremely adept at handling challenging and high-value items while maintaining cost-efficiency for the benefit of our clients.”

In the last month, they moved Porsche 911 racing cars each of which were valued at approximately €100k. They were also responsible for the movement to a Greek island of two oversize UASB reactors meant for biological cleaning valued at over €100k each. Apart from these high-value cargoes, they also transshipped heavy marble blocks of up to 28MT and made a purchase of 30 x 40 high cube SOC containers (with pipes and machinery) for transporting an entire construction project to West Africa.

Mr. Maragos, further states, “Challenged by the COVID-19 circumstances, CVM PC has found ways to enhance its competence and business. We are also purchasing and supplying SOC containers, issuing seaworthy and lashing certificates, while providing survey services and reports for all types incl. break bulk cargos. Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my partners and of course my valued clients for their trust and support!”