Interview with Dustin Brown, the Agent Coordinator of Conqueror Freight Network

“I have had the feeling that Conqueror is like a family, there is a very positive work environment both within the office and the network.”


Today we talk to Dustin Brown, who is the Agent Coordinator of Conqueror Freight Network. He is the person with whom members connect on a daily basis for all their queries and problems within the network. His work consists of helping our agents with any questions and issues relating to the network and ensuring that the work processes of our Agent Coordination Team are at the highest level.

Before joining Conqueror, Dustin worked for 4 years teaching English as a second language. He also spent many years working at the international administration department of a top US university. Through all this, he has developed a talent for public relations and communications.

Q. How has been your experience with the Conqueror team so far?

A. Working with my teammates at Conqueror has indeed been a good experience. I enjoy my work and I am learning many new things about our industry thanks to them. My task consists of helping all our members with any problem they might be facing, and I do my best to complete these tasks with the utmost care and precision. In all this time, I have had the feeling that Conqueror is like a family, there is a very positive work environment both within the office and the network.

Q. Which do you think are the best benefits of belonging Conqueror?

A. Firstly, Conqueror is the largest exclusive network in the world, covering more than 260 cities and 140 countries. Additionally, Conqueror accepts only one agent per city, so this agent is the only one responsible for the traffic from/to that territory. Secondly, Conqueror operates an extremely rigorous selection process, paying for each member’s financial analysis by the external auditor DUN & BRADSTREET, in order to guarantee that all our members are financially solvent. Thirdly, Conqueror’s Agent Finder Tool ensures that members operate within clearly defined areas with no overlap and no competition. Finally, our highly professional team is on hand to assist members in the best way possible both quickly and efficiently, whatever the issue.

Q. How can Conqueror’s referral programme help members save?

A. Conqueror members who refer another agent who in due course becomes a member of our network can benefit a lot from the CQR Referral Programme. Our members are always encouraged to refer their reliable peers in the industry to get a discount on their membership fees. In the first place, the member as the referring agent will be given a 25% discount on their upcoming membership fee. Additionally, when members refer more than one agent then they stand to receive up to 4 discounts (each of 25%) on their next annual membership fees which implies that they have the prospect of paying zero membership fees for the next year!

Q. Which are the most common points of disagreement between members and how do you resolve that?

A. The most common point of dispute between agents is more often than not linked to ‘who is supposed to pay the bank fees’. This has even resulted in heated discussions among members which could have been avoided. This is because the Conqueror’s Rules and Procedures which all the members are required to comply with clearly states that “All invoice payments will be made by bank transfer. All bank fees will be paid by the member ordering the transfer.” Keeping this in mind will help the members eschew such unpleasant arguments.

Q. Do you get complaints from agents regarding scam emails? How are you dealing with this problem?

A. Scam emails have become a pestering issue these days since we rely more and more on technology-enabled communications. I often get calls from members who tell me how they have received payment related emails from another so-called member where they were requested to make the payment to the new bank details provided. However, these emails are sent by scammers and not by Conqueror members. This is why members always need to double-check the bank details of their network partner who owe them payment by carrying on a direct phone conversation with them.

Q. Why do you think it is important for members to be active on social media?

A. In 2020 entrepreneurs cannot do without becoming a part of social media. It is social media that ensures that your services gain traction among the customers and therefore being active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram is an absolute must. Moreover liking, commenting and sharing the posts of the network or your partners will increase your visibility and encourage others to do the same with your posts. Apart from that, being active on social media also helps you stay up to date with all the latest news from your peers within the industry.

Q. How is Conqueror’s new tool FreightViewer helping the members?

A. With FreightViewer, our agents will be able to deliver a professional and accurate quotation for their clients within less than a minute. This is one thing which is greatly going to enhance the customer service of our members. Since this software is compatible with all sorts of devices, our agents will now be able to send an instant online quotation to their clients no matter where they are working from. Customers from every corner of the world will be able to accept the quotation, book a shipment, or leave feedback.

CQR agent in Hangzhou encourages all members to use FreightViewer in order to develop good and quality business between agents

After the launch of Conqueror’s exclusive Transport Management Software, FreightViewer Department has been receiving plenty of applications from our members to test the software and suggest its improvements. Bruce Li, General Manager of Domax Logistics, our CQR member in Hangzhou, has recently visited our office in order to get an in-depth knowledge of FreightViewer and contribute to its improvement.

Bruce states: “FreightViewer is different from other online rates tools, as it is a member-exclusive privilege […] members are able to share their costs with each other, we are able to have rates and local information, working as a global forwarder” In addition, Bruce Li, offered different suggestions to be implemented within the tool such as specific policy regulation for FreightViewer

Following our member’s statements, we are sure FreightViewer will enable all members of Conqueror to work in a different and more efficient way. The more users, the more useful  the Software will become.

FreightViewer Department will be happy to assist you if you may need any assistance with the use of FreightViewer or would like to know more about the system, contact, we will be happy to assist you.

Conqueror takes a major step towards the digitization of the freight forwarding sector by creating FreightViewer

Madrid, Spain October 2019: After two years of hard work and substantial private investments, Conqueror with agents in 265 cities and 142 countries is all set to start working with its member-exclusive Transport Management Software, FreightViewer. This software will provide the members of Conqueror the technological capability to compare competitive online freight rates, share shipping documents,and quote instantly in real-time all in one neatly organized platform.

Freight forwarding sector is aware about the need of digitization in the industry. The best example to show this fact, is the great investment of technological companies such as Flexport, Freightos or other pioneer freight forwarding multinationals, e.g. Twill and KN Freightnet, have done during the last few years. But even, after all these investments and efforts, a considerable percentage of freight forwarders continue to miss out on the digitalization race in the freight industry.

Even though it is not an easy task to become digitalize within this industry, highly demanding and inpatient customers, multinationals and globalization, are some of the factors which are forcing an important transformation in logistics sector. Inside this environment, Conqueror has developed FreightViewer, revolutionizing the old ways of working. As a member-exclusive and free Transport Management Software, FreightViewer allows members of the network to automatize the uploading of their contract rates (Air, FCL, LCL and Cargo Insurance) through the online platform and share them with agents or customers instantly. Moreover, FreightViewer on the dashboard allows customers and agents to manage bookings for any carrier online, collaborate and share the shipping documents, and offer real-time status updates for shipments.

As stated by Antonio Torres, the CEO and President of Conqueror, “The new tool is going to help freight forwarders within our network cope with the problem of ever-changing freight rates due to complex tariffs, various time zones and unresponsive overseas agents, which eventually leads to a delay in quoting a door-to-door service.”

FreightViewer will ensure that all members will become truly digital freight forwarders. Mr. Torres further added that “Digitization of the freight forwarding sector is starting but very slowly. For example, only three of the top twenty global freight forwarders can provide an instant quotes online. We feel very proud to be part of the digitization process in our industry. Conqueror is the first international freight forwarding network to launch instant quoting ability for its members. We have come up with FreightViewer after the launch of the operating system by the industry leader Flexport, who has received one billion $ investment, has eleven offices in four countries and is currently receiving all the attention world-wide from media related to the industry as it is growing incredibly. We haven’t a received a billion-dollar investment, but we have developed a state-of-art software and we have a huge worldwide infrastructure formed by our members. This makes us one of the biggest players running in the digital race of the logistics sector. Our main aim is to contribute towards actualizing the process of digitization in this sector and thereby create value for the shippers.”

FreightViewer will definitely alter the way independent freight forwarders conduct their businesses. It will not just reduce the quotation processing time from a number of days to a couple of seconds, but also help to enhance the productivity, client engagement, and profitability of the member companies.

Interview with Fleur Gase, Network Manager of CQR Amsterdam

“As the next generation of air cargo professionals, we are capable of using or inventing new tools to uplift the airfreight industry into an innovative future.”

In a section titled “The Future of Air Cargo” Schiphol Airport has interviewed Fleur Gase, the Network Manager of Reibel Air and Ocean Freight, Conqueror member in Amsterdam, among other young and female air cargo professionals. The new generation believes that collaboration, sustainability, and the use of intelligent technology is the way forward.

In this interview, Fleur Gase – who is 31 years old and joined the family freight forwarding business after briefly working in the media industry –gives a fresh perspective on the changes in the airfreight industry, which was traditionally male-dominated. She also emphasizes how digital technology, innovation, and more accessible career paths will make a great impact on the future of the air-cargo industry: “We are capable of using or inventing new tools to uplift the airfreight industry into a new dimension and an innovative future.”

Gase is also passionate about embracing digital technology and predicts that the future of air cargo lies in innovation. “As the next generation of air cargo professionals, we have grown up with constantly advancing technology.”

Additionally, she believes that the air cargo industry can move forward by replacing the “old boys’ network” with more accessible career paths that are open to diversity, and therefore, innovation. “One reason that air cargo does not attract many young professionals is that our industry is not sexy, but if we offer young professionals the skills and opportunities that they need to advance and work towards a bright future, then I believe that we will be able to retain more talent.” she said.

We encourage our members to check out the full interview by clicking on this link.

Interview with Conqueror Colombo

“Freight forwarders bridge the gap between carriers and customers world over who come from different cultures and operate at different times.”

Here is a transcript of an interview with Mr. Yohan Perera, the Network Coordinator of Pership Synergy Pvt. Ltd, Conqueror member in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In this interview, Mr. Perera talks about the finer points of his company, their achievements, and the challenges they faced in the recent past. 

Q. Can you tell us a little about Pership’s history?

A. Pership group is a fourth generation group of company which is predominantly engaged in the transport and logistics sector. We have been in this industry for more than a century and this year our company reached a key milestone of 130 years of existence in the global logistics market. My fellow members can always look up the updated profile of our company on the Conqueror website.

Q. What distinguishes Pership from other freight forwarders in your city?

A. Our long-standing reputation and robust market presence are two of the key distinguishing factors of our company. We offer a personal touch to our services which comes in the form of our value-added customized services. The trust, integrity, and reliability which we have established over the decades have resulted in enduring relationships with our clients. Customers, who start using the services of Pership Synergy, treat us as their preferred logistics partner. 

 Q. Which is the most difficult shipment your team has had to deliver?

A. During the recent Easter Sunday terror attacks in Colombo, we had to handle a project which consisted of clearing, delivering, unloading and sorting a 30-container parcel. After the attack, the country declared a curfew in several parts and there were explosion threats all over. In spite of all these life-threatening hurdles, our team successfully completed the operation. 

Q. Which is the most important challenge your company has to face?

A. One of the trickiest tasks for our company is to deal with the stiff market competition in a country as small as Sri Lanka.

Q. Which do you think are the keys to increase the efficiency of the freight forwarding services?

A. All customers want to track and trace their shipments. However, when it comes to freight forwarding, the sea and air freight generally tend to mix up making it very difficult to trace a particular shipment. So creating a dual system or database which will be able to track and trace both air and ocean freight will greatly ease the problems for the freight forwarders. Maybe someday Conqueror will implement a software or an android app which can eliminate this problem for good!

Q. Why do you think Conqueror’s Annual Meetings are important?

A. Conqueror’s Annual Meeting is like a huge market where all the network members gather to exchange ideas, sell their services, build relationships and strengthen their mutual bonding. It is really cost effective when compared to travelling to different countries for achieving the same outcome.

Q. What are the main technological challenges facing freight forwarders at the moment? How important is FreightViewer for the industry?

A. Technology is of vital importance to any industry in the present times and freight forwarding is no exception. However, it has to be remembered that not all stakeholders are tech savvy. Clients are keen on knowing the location of their shipments at any given time which is why live navigation and sophisticated tracking systems of multimodal shipments are now a standard requirement and not a luxury. Freight forwarders need to implement the various technological innovations such as FreightViewer – to make their services more attractive for the customers.

Q. From your experience, what are the keys to success in the freight forwarding industry?

A. In Asia, people still expect a personal touch from the service providers. I have to admit that freight forwarders bridge the gap between carriers and customers world over who come from different cultures and operate at different times. We need to create the right balance between olden day practices and futuristic processes.

Interview with CQR Valletta, Malta

 “We consider ourselves a one stop shop. We can cover all logistical needs our clients might have.”

This week we had a chat with Dwayne Caruana, Senior Logistics Manager of Carmelo Caruana- our Conqueror member in Valletta, Malta, who tells us about his experiences in the logistics sector, the achievements of his company and more.

Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry?

A. My career started 22 years ago as a junior runner with a customs brokerage agency. After a couple of years, I engaged with Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd as third-party agents to CMA-CGM and other major shipping lines. I had a short spell with a marine intelligence anti-piracy firm before joining a major Spanish ferry company representing a ship chartering subsidiary in Malta. Today I find myself back at Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd, Malta, managing their freight forwarding division.

Q. Give us a few examples of cargoes that you have handled either with your base being in Malta or via Malta to other destinations.

A. We have handled a pipe laying logistical project between Libya and Italy, and we have handled perishables such as fruit and vegetables, valuable cargo and hazardous cargo such as chemicals. Moreover, our teams have been entrusted with the transportation of turbines, large storage tanks, yachts, industrial steel wire reels, industrial reactors for the Valletta breakwater bridge, the new LNG power station at Marsaxlokk port and for international yachting events organized locally, among others.

Q. What distinguishes Carmelo Caruana from other freight forwarders in your city?

A. We consider ourselves a one-stop shop. We can cover all logistical needs our clients might have, being it sea freight ( FCL/LCL/FTL/LTL/OOG cargo ) with weekly dedicated services, airfreight and customs clearance, storage and warehousing fulfilment services, ship agency, port operations, ship to ship rendering operations, commodity transfer, passenger services and more. We can engage in air charter and project cargo at clients’ request since we have personnel with extensive experience in these areas.

Q. How did you hear about Conqueror? What most attracted you to us?

A. Conqueror was first found online by CCCL. Apart from the wide network and agent coverage, the professionalism experienced through dialogue is what attracted us most.

Q. Where do you see Carmelo Caruana Co LTD in 10 years?

A. CCCL strives for reputation and growth. Since we already consider ourselves key players in logistics both locally and abroad we believe our professionalism and integrity could possibly take us into the maritime sector locally and/or overseas.

Interview with CQR Tehran

“Freight Forwarders can create markets and demand, facilitating the trade cycle all over the world.’’

This week we have interviewed Mr. Farzad Saffarzadeh, CEO of Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Transportation Co, CQR Tehran, who talks about the journey of his company and about the advantages of operating from Iran.

1. What prompted you to venture into the freight forwarding industry?

A. Actually, I started freight forwarding with my elder brother who acquainted me with the alphabets of this business. From 2005 I organized my own setup under the Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder and Shipping Agency flag and have now been in this field for over 28 years. I have been able to explore and show my counter parts how freight forwarders have a very important role in the industry in each country and that it’s not a simple job of just selling freight. Freight Forwarders can create markets and demand, facilitating the trade cycle all over the world.

Q. Can you shed some light on the geographical importance of Iran?

A. We have an inherent advantage due to the Persian Gulf’s connection to CIS, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as to the South Quafqas area and Russia. We have about 670 Km of the coastal border with the Caspian Sea in the North connecting the Bandar Anzali and Amirabad ports to Aktau, Turkmenbashi, and Astrakhan. On the south of Iran we have 1,770 km coastal border connecting the Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf. The unique location of the country makes all modes of transportation (air, sea, road or rail) possible.

Q. Tell us something about the rail network in your country.

A. Several rail projects are in the pipeline to upgrade and complete the current railway network infrastructure. Currently we can send shipments by rail from Bandar Abbas to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. There are also rail links up to Astara Iran and the Russia rail network is connected up to Astara Azerbaijan and hopefully in the near future the rail connection will be finished between Astara Iran and Azerbaijan. The South Quafqkas rail connection is now possible up to Yerevan and liner containers can be sent from European ports up to Yerevan and then by truck to Iran. We also have rail links to Europe through Turkey’s rail network via our western borders, this also can be connected to the CIS by changing wagons.

Q. Can you give us a concrete example of Iran’s route advantage?

A. Well.. When we ship containers from Bandar Abbas to Baku the trucker should drive about 2270 km, out of which 1944 km are in Iran. The same advantage exists for other destinations. The other advantage is that we move containers by the same trailers all the way to their final destination and return empty containers back to Bandar Abbas. This safeguards the goods against multiple loading/unloading in transhipment.

Q. Can you give me some examples of project cargo you have handled in the recent past?

A. Please see the following photos of some projects we have handled via Iran to CIS. The latest one consisted of two girders from Bandar Abbas to Baku.

Q. Is customs clearance in Iran normally done in the port for inland bound cargo or can it be done at the final destination, say Tehran?

A. Final customs clearing can be done either at the port of arrival or at any domestic inland destination as a bonded shipment, subject to the destination’s customs having the authority to accept the relevant goods.

Interview with CQR Hangzhou

“We love what we do and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on”.

This week, we speak to CQR Hangzhou CEO, Bruce Lee, who tells us more about how the company started and his experience in the freight forwarding business.

DOMAX LOGISTICS, CQR Hangzhou, is a young and energetic company made up of professional and passionate logistics veterans devoted to meeting the needs of their customers and making the impossible possible. Their comprehensive network provides customers convenient services and tailor-made solutions.

Q. What distinguishes DOMAX LOGISTICS from other freight forwarders? 

A.Choosing a freight forwarder is tough, but DOMAX offers a complete service from the planning to the implementing, tracking and delivery of your cargo. We strive to offer the best solution for our clients and impartial advice at an honest price and we are constantly investigating and developing new routes of service. We love what we do and it shows with every project we work on, as we understand our clients and appreciate that every situation is different. Many things distinguish us, but, the success of our relationships comes down to one word: trust.

Q. Which is your specialization in the freight forwarders industry?

A. DOMAX’s main specialization is airfreight. In past decades, product structure in China has varied in different regions and shipment seasons have also varied significantly. However, we customize our service to the most convenient, cost-effective/affordable standard, including charter, consolidation, sensitive cargo and FBA. We specialize in import trade, and fully oversee cargo freight from Europe and the US to China.

Q.Which is the most difficult freight DOMAX LOGISTICS has had to deal with?

A. 2009 was a tough year due to the economic crisis and some of our regular customers eventually reduced the percentage of goods sent by air in favor of ocean to save on freight costs. After that, we considered seafreight as a key development area, although DOMAX’s revenue from air freight is still greater by far. By diversifying this way and developing new geographical markets, we have become less vulnerable to sudden charges in the market.

Q. How is DOMAX LOGISTICS dealing with the main challenges facing freight forwarders in your country at present?

A. As mentioned before, I strongly believe that our main strength is the trust our clients place in us, which is key to tackling the main challenges in our sector.

Trust our experience. Trust our experience. Simply put, we understand the business of our customers. This claim is based on decades of field work in support of logistics practices. Close collaboration with our customers has given us valuable expertise that translate into another key area of trust

Trust our solutions. By leveraging our knowledge of our clients, we are able to create world-class solutions that incorporate more than just the basics. We place tremendous value on planning innovative solutions that match your needs, the way you operate, and incorporating the stock-levels you prefer.

Trust our results. Over time, with the right mix of products and people, we’ve built a strong reputation for delivering the goods.

Browse our portfolio. Those relationships are founded on a genuine interest in creating mutually beneficial relationships that make everyone’s business grow.

Q. How you see DOMAX LOGISTICS in the future?

A. To face the difficult challenges of our sector, I believe we need to expand our overseas network. We believe we will overcome any obstacles, as we have done in the past, through our passion and dedication along with close communication and collaboration with our CQR partners.


Interview with CQR Livorno

This week, we speak with the CQR Livorno member Tieffe Group Srl CEO, Tiberio Faoro, who tells us more about how the company started and his experience in the freight forwarding business.

Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry?

A. I began my freight forwarding career in 2007 as a 19-year-old apprentice at a small local freight forwarding agency in Leghorn. I worked in their traffic department for 2 years before moving to another company in 2009 as Sales Manager. One year later I changed companies and became an independent external vendor working in Milano, Bologna and Torino. During that time I developed and strengthened my sales and accounting skills.

Q. Can you tell us a little of the history of Tieffe Group SRL?

A. Tieffe Group Srl was founded on 23rd January 2012, when I was 24 years old. The idea of this new company was based on my personal experience into the freight forwarding industry, and it started thanks to the support of clients I had met during my sales experience as an independent vendor. It makes me feel very proud to say that those old clients continue to be part of TFG portfolio and they actively contribute to our growth.

Q.What distinguishes Tieffe Group SRL from other freight forwarders in your city?

A. I think that our main strength is our flexibility. All our staff are multiskilled and therefore they can all handle any kind of shipment. I think this is an extremely important thing in a small company in order to be able to face any emergency or change based on market trends. It is also worth mentioning that Tieffe Group Srl team is very young (we have 6 employees under 30 years old, 2 employees under 40 years old and only one over 40 years old) and highly motivated.

Q. What are the main challenges facing freight forwarders in Italy at the moment?

A. From the point of view of a small/medium freight forwarding company, reduced space in vessels and increasing prices are the main difficulties we encounter. This is due to the incorporation of many small shipping companies (like Yang Ming, Hamburg Sud, UASC and so many others). Given this situation, small or medium freight forwarding agency have less options to handle their cargo and they risk facing higher prices or less space on vessel compared to a multinational company with offices all over the world and able to buy space on vessel as empty x full at lower prices.

Q. How is the freight forwarding industry tackling these challenges?

A. In my opinion they can’t do enough. From 2007 till now we had a long and deep international crisis and all the shipping companies worked in remittance with lower prices, as always. At the moment, many small/medium shipping companies are facing difficulties and they need to be bought by big carriers like MSC, Maersk, HAPAG and CMA-CGM. The bigh fish are conquering the shipping market, and after they complete their acquisitions they will raise their prices to recover the losses. Moreover the spaces will decrease due to less carriers available and service available. I think that it closes a cycle.

Q. How is your team handling these challenges?

A. During last year Carga Global took the initiative to fully investigate the strengths and weaknesses of our company. This was undertaken in order to tackle our obstacles and generate new strategies for the future. We have communicated this new stratagem to the whole organisation, as a sign of our commitment to the future of the company.

Q. How is Tieffe Group SRL dealing with these challenges on a daily basis?

A. To face up to that situation it’s extremely important to increase our business relationships with all our partner agents over the world. I think that co-operation is the solution. If we work all together we can obtain more business and we have more negotiation power with shipping companies. CQR Network can help all its member to contend with the multinational companies. TFG is also trying to increase our number of shipments through high quality services and new tools like on-line tracking for each shipments booked with us.

Q. What is the most significant shipment your team has handled?

A. I have so many beautiful memories of interesting shipments. We shipped a project cargo on a vessel rented for a big project in Brazil back in 2012. We shipped so many flat rack containers with high value machinery for plastic industries. We shipped big cranes in Africa and India… etc. But the most beautiful for me was the shipment of a big military truck imported from Baltimore, US. I remember very well that day: when the truck arrived at Leghorn Port I went directly to the terminal, drove the truck out of terminal myself and put it on exceptional convoy. Amazing experience!

Q. Where do you see Tieffe Group SRL in 10 years?

A. We have so many projects to develop that I still don’t know where TFG will be in 10 years. But I would like it to remain always like a big family. We started like a family company and we made happy all the people involved. I believe if we are happy doing our job and we cooperate together we can achieve the best results. I would love to close this interview with a beautiful phrase from Mr. Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” Thanks to everyone for your time.

Although only 5 years old, Tieffe Group SRL has certainly grown to become a strong company and we can’t wait to see where they will be in another 5 years.

Interview with CQR Guatemala and San Salvador

This week, we have an interview with the CQR Guatemala City and San Salvador member, General Manager, Leticia Salazar, discusses the growth of the company, what makes them stand out from their competitors and their vision for the future.

Q. When and how did you get into the freight forwarding industry?

A. Carga Global, S.A. was founded in 1996 with the vision of making a real difference in a very changeable and demanding global market. We consider ourselves more than a freight forwarding company, agent or representing agent, “We are a company that offers integral solutions to our customers”.

Q. Can you tell me a little about the history of CARGA GLOBAL?

A. In 1996, Compañia Holandesa de Comercio was the agent for P&O Nedlloyd, a company which was making some drastic changes in their service network at that time. Carga Global was created in response to the need to go a step further than a liner service. By 1998, Carga Global had expanded services and opened an office in El Salvador. This growth was due to the positive client response to the full logistics offering that the company continues to offer.

Q. What would be your company’s most significant shipment to date? 

A. Over the years, there have been several significant shipments successfully handled by Carga Global team:

2015: Aiming to once again innovate in the services provided to our customers and in search of market expansion, Carga Global began operations with a Heavy Lift and Projects Department, where we partnered up with a Hydro electrical project, opening up a new line of service where we have been able to transport all types of heavy machinery from around to world. Carga Global remains very active in all service lanes and in both countries.

Q. What differentiates CARGA GLOBAL from other freight forwarders in your city?

A. Carga Global is recognized in Guatemala and in El Salvador for our passion for customer service, standing to our word creating a bond with our customers. Here in Carga Global, we pride of selves for the level of customer intimacy created and maintained, we work together as a team not only within our walls but with our customers.

Q. What are the main challenges facing freight forwarders in your country/city at the moment?

 A. There are many factors and challenges around the freight forwarding business including:

a.    Shifting & unstable rates from carriers

b.    Increased number of forwarders that allow shippers/consignees to fluctuate their business between them.

Q. How is your team handling these challenges?

A. During last year Carga Global took the initiative to fully investigate the strengths and weaknesses of our company. This was undertaken in order to tackle our obstacles and generate new strategies for the future. We have communicated this new stratagem to the whole organisation, as a sign of our commitment to the future of the company.

Q. Where do you see CARGA GLOBAL in 10 years’ time?

A. Though the previously described actions, Carga Global launched the 5-year strategy along with targets for every year. It is our vision to keep growing along with the ever-changing market being able to deliver to our customers with the service that they have now been receiving since our beginning.

Q. Will you be attending the annual meeting in May this year in Bangkok?

A. Possibly yes

Q. How important do you think it is to meet agents face to face?

A. We feel that personal relations with our partners is a must, it gives the collaboration a more personal feeling obtaining compromise from both parties