Conqueror Jeddah moves a cargo of 182,000 Kg from Dammam Seaport to Ras Al Quraya

The shipment moved by Global Union Alliance consisted of 2 units of 400 KV 125 MVAR Shunt Reactors

Global Union Alliance Company Ltd. Conqueror member in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, recently moved an important shipment consisting of two units of Shunt Reactors. The cargo which had a dimension of L-7.450 M X W – 3.420 M X H – 4.300 M X 2 had a total weight of 182,000 kg. “This has been a very special cargo primarily because of the sheer size of the shipment. Thanks to the dedication and coordination among our team members, this important project was completed seamlessly.” says Mr. Hareb Ahmed, the Commercial Manager of Global Union Alliance.

CQR Jeddah made use of 10 axle special lowbed trailers for moving the cargo from Dammam Seaport to Ras Al Quraya. Mr. Ahmed further adds, “I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Mustafa, the Branch Manager of Global Union Alliance, without whose hard work this project would never have been executed with perfection!”

Warm congratulations to Global Union Alliance Company for the successful completion of this project!

Conqueror member in Valletta, Malta, obtains Airlines Security Management Certificate

This certificate will give them loads of privileges while handling shipments by known consignors

Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd, Conqueror member in Valletta, Malta, has recently garnered an Airlines Security Management Certificate which will provide them with a competitive edge while moving cargoes by known consignors. 

Only reputable companies with high standards are entrusted with known consignor certification and so this puts us in a better position when doing business.” says Mr. Dwayne Caruana, the Senior Logistics Manager of Carmelo Caruana.

Apart from providing an additional level of comfort to their potential customers, this certificate will also boost their credibility with their known consignors and enable them to handle their movements of cargoes with much more efficiency.

Mr. Caruana further adds, “Clients from different sectors request a known consignor accreditation but one main sector that emphasizes on this would be the pharmaceutical sector. This accreditation will surely add to our assets and enhance the trustworthiness of our company which has been in the market for the last 95 years!”

Congratulations to Carmelo Caruana!

The June edition of Conqueror’s quarterly newsletters is now online!

It comes loaded with information about Conqueror’s 9th Annual Meeting, news from the network, news highlights from the sector and much more

We are pleased to let you know that the second edition of Conqueror’s quarterly newsletter has been published and can be viewed on our website. Like every other edition, this newsletter brings you all the news from our network members, the latest news from the sector, news about the launch of the FreightViewer section of our website and more.

Inside you’ll find an interesting article about a list of books which can be of interest to people working in the freight forwarding sector. We have announced the date and venue of Conqueror’s 9th Annual Meeting more details about which can be obtained from the Annual Meeting section of our website. Like last time, we have published a few pages enlisting all the public holidays worldwide in the coming 3 months. Members can take a look so as to avoid unwanted hassles for them or their partners.

Conqueror members, who want to get the news about their company published on our December newsletter, are requested to send us a mail telling us about the latest accomplishments of their company. We will be happy to feature your company’s news on our website and on our upcoming newsletter.

Hope you enjoy reading!

Conqueror Mumbai obtains the AEO Certificate

The Authorized Economic Operator Certificate which was issued by the Indian Customs is going to help them secure their position as one of the best freight forwarders & customs brokers in India

Modern Cargo Services, the Conqueror member in Mumbai, India, has garnered the prestigious AEO Certification issued by the Indian Customs. This much-coveted certification implies an internationally recognized security standard which will allow their company to be considered as absolutely reliable in their customs related operations and customs brokerage services for the export and import businesses. 

“It is indeed a great achievement to become an AEO certified logistics operator in India which surely sets us apart from our competitors. Thanks to the commitment and the efforts of our entire team, we are all set to carry on as one of the leading freight forwarders of Mumbai.” says Mr. P.N. Swaroop, the Director of International Sales & Marketing of Modern Cargo.

On the global scene the World Customs Organization (WCO) classifies an AEO certified company which complies with WCO or equivalent supply chain security standards . It is also governed by the European community law thus giving Modern Cargo Services  the credence and international quality acceptance to make them a truly global logistics operator of repute. That is why it is definitely going to help them build more trust and confidence with their multinational clients and their network partners from all over the world.

Mr. Swaroop further added, “The certificate is also going to facilitate legitimate trade, reinforce security and safety, and harmonize and standardize the application of customs controls. There is no better way to share this quality approval than with the CQR  Members, our  valuable customers and  well-wishers.”

Congratulations to Modern Cargo Services for acquiring this prestigious accreditation!

CQR Riga starts exporting local produce in a bid to promote their export activities

Rinosta Shipping Agency is presently exporting a range of items such as fishmeal, organic fertilizer, plywood, and wooden furniture

Rinosta Shipping Agency, Conqueror member in Riga, Latvia, has recently ventured into export cargo deliveries from several countries in Northern Europe to all over the world. 

Rinosta Shipping Agency which has been in the market for more than 25 years, has established good relations with the local producers which is one of the primary reasons behind their export cargo delivery venture.

Throughout the 25 years we have been in the logistics business and we have handled quite a lot of export cargo deliveries originating from several North European countries. Presently we are exporting peat moss, fishmeal, plywood, and wooden furniture and we’d like to use this opportunity to offer these products to interested partners and their local markets,” says Mr. Kirill Gordeev of Rinosta Shipping.

Mr. Gordeev further adds, “We’d be happy to provide our partners with the most competitive prices from the best local producers. As you could see during the conferences, we are happy to cooperate and we welcome all prospects of mutual business expansion!”

Congratulations to Rinosta Shipping Agency on their new export delivery venture!

Conqueror Port Klang ships more than 40 TEU of cargo for a partnership project with Conqueror Guatemala City

The cargo which consisted of boilers, sterilizers and related parts was shipped in 35 x 40 Open Top High Cube containers

FS Shipping, Conqueror member in Port Klang, Malaysia, joins forces with Cargo Global, Conqueror member in Guatemala City, to move a shipment of boilers and sterilisers from Port Klang, Malaysia, to Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala, on ex-works terms.

In the words of Mr. Seng Ka Keah, the Director of FS Shipping, “We were selected by Cargo Global due to our special equipment, which was required for this project. We feel very glad to have been trusted by them and look forward to working with them on many such concerted projects in the future!”.

FS Shipping used Open Top High Cube containers and lashing which were required for the certification of the out-of-gauge units. Mr. Keah added, “We are delighted to handle both phases of the cargo and my team is sure to execute this project to perfection.”

Congratulations to FS shipping for a job well done!

Conqueror Montreal handles a shipment of a turnkey door-to-door operation for the movement of a flight simulator amidst a heavy snowstorm

The cargo which was shipped from Canada to China was moved by an Antonov 124-100, a long-range aircraft meant for heavy transport

AT&L Canada, the CQR member in Montreal, Canada, has recently moved a cargo consisting of a turnkey door-to-door operation for the movement of a flight simulator from Canada to China. In order to achieve this monumental task, the Aerospace Division of AT&L chartered an Antonov 124-100 which is one of the world’s largest freighters for moving heavyweight and oversized cargo.

As this project was carried out during the dead of winter, it required special arrangements for the storage of the units. “We arranged for 4 double drop trailers (out of gauge) at YMX airport which were waiting for the arrival of the charter. Handling this project was challenging indeed since we had to operate at a temperature below the freezing point in the middle of heavy rain and snowfall,” says Ms. Marie-Christine Gaudreault the Business Development Director of AT&L Canada.

Their Charter Manager’s decision to secure the freight airside proved invaluable as on the day of the landing and loading, Montreal was hit by a snowstorm and the department of transport would have grounded the equipments since OOG orders are not permitted on roads during white-out conditions. Ms. Gaudreault further added, “Thanks to the ingenuity of our Charter Manager and the hard work put forward by our team members, the project was successfully concluded within a week’s time and the shipment reached the customer exactly on time,”

Congratulations to AT&L Canada for a job well done!

CQR Chengdu becomes one of the leading players in Chengdu for the rail service between China and Europe

Air Sea Transport Inc. is presently working with several railway companies in China and has established themselves as one of the leading rail LCL consolidators in the market

Air Sea Transport Inc, Conqueror member in Chengdu, China, has become one of the top players for the China-Europe railway service. They are already offering a direct rail service from Chengdu to more than 10 European countries which are further extended by trucking services. This allows them to cover Eastern, Central, and Southwestern Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic States and other regions. “We are handling eastbound rail console service from Warsaw to Chengdu. We provide door to door pick up all over Europe to Warsaw, after which the cargo is shipped by rail directly to Chengdu and delivered within 3 days,” says Jessica Xu, the Overseas Director of Air Sea Transport.

Conqueror Chengdu is presently working with many railway companies in China, and apart from rail FCL service, they are also offering weekly rail LCL consolidation service to Poland, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Belarus and Russia and biweekly service to Finland.

Ms. Xu further adds, “Rail service is much cheaper than airfreight service, and also much faster than ocean service. It’s a good choice for a client who needs fast service with a reasonable cost. It is also the most environmental friendly transportation solution.”

Congratulations to Air Sea Transport for establishing themselves as a leading player in the Chinese railway market!

Conqueror member in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany, opens up a Fair and Exhibition Department at their Stuttgart office

Their new department will enable them to offer all sorts of logistical services that can be requested for a fair

Emons Air & Sea GmbH, Conqueror member in Munich and Stuttgart, has recently expanded their business by adding a new Fair & Exhibition Department at their office in Stuttgart. This is going to be extremely beneficial for all their customers and partners since they now have the ability to cover all the logistical requirements for a fair.

“Our service doesn’t end at the main entrance of the fair since we also take care of all customs formalities as well as the delivery and pick up of the items right from the fair stands. Our new department will allow us to provide a more comprehensive range of services for our clients and partners.” says Thomas Beinhölzl, the Sales Director of Emons Air & Sea GmbH.

The International Fair and Exhibition Department of Emons will provide additional services to their clients allowing them to exhibit at trade fairs, or participate at events and conferences in Germany. They are also offering services such as customs clearance for temporary imports, transports to and from the venues, off-loading and re-loading with fork-lifts or cranes, storage of empty packaging, and transportation back to the origin or to any other destination.

Congratulations to Emons Air and Sea for the creation of their new department!

Conqueror Belo Horizonte ships a Terex equipment from Antwerp, Belgium, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This important shipment was carried out in collaboration with Emons Air & Sea, the CQR member in Munich and Stuttgart

Internacional Comissaria de Despachos Aduneiros Ltda, Conqueror member in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, recently moved a Terex equipment from Antwerp to Rio de Janeiro in partnership with the network member in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany. The equipment is meant to be used for industrial recycling of a multinational company located in Brazil.

In the words of Carolina Rodrigues, Head of the International Shipping Department of Internacional Comissaria, “Our team was in charge of the full logistics from the supplier’s factory till the delivery at the consignee’s plant. All the services involved on this route were included on our offer and our client also benefited from the services of our consulting department to import this shipment to Brazil with an additional benefit from the government.”

The movement of the cargo required a truck with a special low bed trailer. Moreover, they had to obtain special permission due to the restrictions on the height of the cargo in Europe. “We are delighted to have carried out this project successfully and I can proudly state that our company has the support of some of the most reliable partners across the globe!” adds Ms. Rodrigues. 

Congratulations to Internacional Comissaria for a fantastic job!