Conqueror Chicago moves a project cargo of 3 specially equipped trucks containing concrete placement telescoping conveyor systems

The cargo which weighed 35 m-tons per unit was moved from the Midwest, USA, to Punta Quilla, Argentina

International Freight Services Inc., Conqueror member in Chicago, USA, has completed the movement of three specially equipped trucks consisting of concrete placement telescoping conveyor systems. The cargo which was shipped from the Midwest, USA, was driven to Baltimore from where it was shipped to Zarate Port, Argentina. From the port, the shipment was moved by road to Punta Quilla, Argentina.

Each unit of the cargo weighed 35 metric tons and measured over 13 meters in length and 4 meters in height. The road transport in Argentina which covered 2400 Km from the Zarate Port to the final destination in Punta Quilla was the most challenging part of this project. 

“Moving this bulky shipment from Zarate Port to Punta Quilla over a stretch of 2400 Km by road was indeed a demanding job which was accomplished without any incidents. The movement of the cargo was customized according to the requirement of our customer and they are really satisfied with the outcome of the project, thanks to the tailor-made services of IFS,” says Peter Kajornjit, the Vice President of International Freight Services.

Congratulations to IFS for a job well done!

Conqueror Lisbon gets nominated for handling the movement of a production line from Switzerland to Portugal

Incotrans Transitarios LDA has also expanded their team considerably to better cope with the increased volume of projects

Incotrans Transitarios LDA, Conqueror member in Lisbon, Portugal, was nominated to handle the transportation of a production line from Switzerland to Portugal. This project which had been a two-month operation was handled by their project cargo department.

“Our team placed the SOC containers to be loaded by our customer at the point of origin and then we took care of all the operations in Portugal, such as customs clearance and the placement of the containers in the final destination. For the remaining equipments, we placed a dedicated truck, moving a total of 58 ton,” says Mr. Bruno Fonseca, the CEO of Incotrans Transitarios.

Last month they also expanded their team in order to handle their continuous sea shipments to the Portuguese islands of Madeira and Azores. “The recent addition in our workforce has also allowed us to expand our air department with one more element to respond to the increasing demand,” Mr. Fonseca has further added.

Hearty congratulations to Incotrans for their expansion and for the successful termination of a significant project!

CQR Hangzhou successfully hauls 9 complex project shipments from China to Manila against all odds

They had to send the shipment in 2 batches due to its enormous size and the very strict security inspection at Shanghai Airport 

Domax Logistics, Conqueror member in Hangzhou, China, has recently hauled 9 complex project shipments from China to Manila, Philippines. The 9 shipments consisted of 42 pieces of which 34 were oversized and therefore involved complexities related to loading and x-ray. “This shipment was not easy to handle since it coincided with the time of CIIE (China International Import Expo) and the airport security inspection at Shanghai airport was very strict,” says Sue Xu of the Domax team.

Ms. Xu further added, “There were very few freighter routes from China to Manila, and some of our packages had to be loaded on B747-400F. All these factors posed a bit of a challenge but thanks to the efficiency of our team, we bypassed all these hurdles. We separated the shipments into two parts and moved them from Shenzhen and Xiamen and the delivery was completed right on time.”

Congratulations to Domax Logistics for flawlessly moving this complex cargo!

Conqueror member in Budapest and Koper goes on a joy ride!

Hunicorn International Forwarding Co. Ltd has hauled a number of roller coasters from Hungary all the way to China

Hunicorn International Forwarding Co. Ltd, Conqueror member in Budapest, Hungary, and Koper, Slovenia, has recently transported an OOG shipment from Hungary to China. The shipment which travelled both by air and ocean route consisted of a few roller coasters which were meant for an amusement park in China.

“It is not every day that we have to ship roller coasters and therefore this has been quite a significant project for us”, says Mr. Ganesh Hariharan, Export and Sales Manager of Hunicorn International.

Mr. Hariharan further added, “Transporting this shipment had been a rather daunting task since the load consisted of eleven 40’ OT containers and we had to make use of special cranes for uploading and downloading the OOG cargo.”

Congratulations to Hunicorn International Forwarding for a job well done!

Conqueror Guangzhou transports an OOG shipment consisting of an acrylic panel for an aquarium

The cargo which was hauled from Nansha port to Jebel Ali port and weighed 30 tons, was required to cross 3 countries before reaching the final destination

Dlink Global Logistics Ltd, Conqueror member in Guangzhou, China, recently handled the movement of an acrylic panel which weighed 30 tonnes and measured 8990 x 6800 x 471 mm. The one-piece cargo was transported with the help of 4 x 40’ flatrack containers. The panel which was meant to be a part of an aquarium at a shopping mall in Muscat was shipped all the way from Guangzhou Port in 3 weeks.

After downloading the cargo at the Jebel Ali Port in UAE, it was moved to the shopping mall in Muscat by a truck. “One of the most challenging parts about this project was that the cargo was delicate by nature and therefore we had to be extremely careful to avert even the slightest damage. We had to get road permission in China, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman, while we also had to obtain special permission from the customs department while entering Nansha port, Guangzhou,” says Zona Yu, Regional Service Director of Dlink Global.

Congratulations to Dlink Global Logistics for a job well done!

Conqueror member in Qingdao, China, ventures into e-commerce logistics

Kwise Logistics Co. Ltd., continues to work hard in cross-border e-commerce services and has distinguished itself by getting the dominant position in the industry

Kwise Logistics (Shandong) Co., Ltd, a company which has been in the market for over a decade and a half has set up as an international e-commerce service center in Qingdao, China. With their new venture, they are helping the Chinese suppliers to reach the global market and assisting the international brands in establishing smooth sales and connections within the Chinese market.

“Over the last twenty years, our experience in the global market, ports and various areas of the logistics sector has known no boundaries. The Qingdao Cross-Border E-Commerce Association has been helping our clients in China and abroad with the ultimate supply chain solutions. Apart from the e-Commerce business, Kwise Logistics Co., Ltd., is also focusing on logistics and forwarding business,” says Richard Ouyang of Kwise Logistics.

Congratulations to Kwise Logistics Co. Ltd for their new venture!

CQR Ulaanbaatar handles the haulage of Mongolia’s first ever large-scale solar power project

Tuushin International Freight Forwarders transports the whole solar modules covering an area of over 290,000 m2

Tuushin International Freight Forwarder, our member in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, is now the logistics service provider of a crucial green energy project in the country. The first ever large-scale solar power plant for Mongolia which covers an area of over 290,000m2 has been constructed in Darkhan City, located approximately 230 km from the country’s capital, Ulaanbaatar.

“Our team is handling the movements of yet another large-scale green energy project of the government. Tuushin International Freight Forwarders has transported whole solar modules by 40’ containers, which then were installed in an extensive space which is equivalent to almost 40 football fields. Our team wants to keep contributing to the promotion of renewable energy in Mongolia,” says Mr Bayarsaikhan Lunden, Director of the Sales Department of Tuushin International Freight Forwarders.

Warm congratulations to CQR Ulaanbaatar for successfully carrying out this important project!

Conqueror Ljubljana, Slovenia, acquires the AEO Certificate

This certificate makes STORI D.O.O. one of the few freight agencies in Slovenia to acquire it on the top level – AEO F

After over six months of hard work, study, dedication, paperwork, and extra working hours from the entire team, STORI D.O.O.- our member in Ljubljana, Slovenia, finally obtained the AEO certificate. What distinguishes them from other AEO certificate holders is the fact that they received the highest level certificate of AEO F (combined AEO C + AEO S) which is sure to secure their position as one of the top freight agencies of Ljubljana.

On this picture you can see one of the co-owners of STORI D.O.O. & STORI.KOM, Mr. Aleš Koncilja, receiving the certificate from Head of the customs office in Ljubljana, Mr. Zlatko Alibegovic.

”Our customs clearance procedures are faster and less controlled for known importers/exporters which allow us to offer faster handling of shipments and goods. This will improve the trust of our clients and open new ways for potential clients in the future,” says Aleš Koncilja, Head of the Ljubljana branch of STORI D.O.O.

Mr. Koncilja further added, ”I would like to thank my entire team as well as my customers whose hard work and unwavering support has allowed us to prove our worth as one of the best forwarding companies of this country.”

Hearty congratulations to STORI D.O.O. for this momentous accomplishment!


Conqueror Esbjerg transports a heavy cargo from Esbjerg, Denmark, to Aarhus, with Panama as the end destination

Jutlandia Terminal A/S was also in charge of lashing and securing the transportation of the cargo

Some weeks back, Jutlandia Terminal A/S, our member in Esbjerg, Denmark, was responsible for the complete process of coordinating the transport, loading, lashing and securing of a heavy cargo. Their logistic department operated for this specific job as a one-point-of-contact, which handled the proper coordination between the various departments. The “one-point-of-contact” service offered by CQR Esbjerg, has allowed them to simplify the process for their customers, who now only have one person to contact regardless of the nature of the services.

“Jutlandia arranged the pick-up of the cargo from their customer’s site in Esbjerg and had it delivered to Jutlandia’s terminal at Europakaj in Esbjerg. Due to the special dimensions of the cargo, it had to be reloaded onto a flat, suitable for transporting this cargo, which did not fit a standard solution,” says Maiken Spangsberg Thygesen, Logistics Coordinator of Jutlandia.

After the loading, Jutlandia’s terminal workers lashed and secured the cargo to the flat and made it ready for sea freight. The cargo was then transported to Aarhus, with Panama as the end destination. Ms. Thygesen further adds, “I would like to thank all my team members for the successful accomplishment of yet another important project.”

Conqueror congratulates Jutlandia Terminal A/S for handling the project successfully!

CQR Riga and Klaipeda successfully delivers 1500 wagons of UZBEK HDPE

The shipments were transported from Nukus region in Uzbekistan via their warehouse in the Port of Riga to several destinations across the EU and beyond 

On 20 October 2018, Rinosta Shipping Agency, our Conqueror member in Klaipeda (Lithuania) and Riga (Latvia), delivered their 1500th wagon of Uzbek HDPE via their warehouse in the port of Riga.

As noted by Alexander Gordeev, the Managing Director of Rinosta: “Through careful process integration and a thought out approach, the project proved to be a tremendous success, bearing in mind the complex nature of such business and the specificity of the HDPE market.”

Usually, goods from Central Asia are delivered by rail to Rinosta’s warehouse in the Port of Riga, from where they are distributed and delivered across the EU and the rest of the world. This time the efficiency and commitment of Rinosta were put to the test with the HDPE Project, but the challenge was accomplished with flying colours.

“As unusual as it might sound, the remote areas of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are very easy to reach from the Baltic region of the EU,” adds Mr. Gordeev.

Congratulations to Rinosta Shipping Agency on the delivery of the 1500th wagon!