Conqueror Valletta works as the logistics service provider for a waste management initiative by the government

The government, through a local company had issued a tender which was awarded to a local waste management operator. CQR Valletta provided logistical and freight solutions.

Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd, Conqueror member in Valletta, Malta, worked on a waste bins project for a Malta government initiative. This year, Malta embarked on a waste management initiative to be in line with EU standards on organic recyclable waste whereby each household was provided with waste bins. Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd was appointed by the local operator awarded the tender for this waste management project. 

Some of the most challenging aspects of this project was loading the containers & trailers respectively from different suppliers for different parts of the bins whilst meeting the organized ship schedules. “We are very proud to be associated with this crucial project which will help our country better manage and recycle organic waste. Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd have completed their task and the majority of bins are already being utilized in households across the Maltese Islands,” says Mr. Dwayne Caruana, the Senior Logistics Manager of Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd. 

Congratulations to Carmelo Caruana and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!

Conqueror Stockholm bags a high velocity project!

Euroglobe Shipping AB moves 234 motorcycles for an auction in Texas, USA

Euroglobe Shipping AB, Conqueror member in Stockholm, Sweden, hauls 234 veteran motorcycles of high value along with some one of a kind MCS from Stockholm, Sweden, to Long Beach, USA. The value of this cargo has been estimated at a whopping € 12.5 million.

For inland haul, they made use of trucks with liftgates and created cribs for loading the containers so as to ensure that the bikes arrive intact at their destination. “We arranged the pickup from a museum and transported them to our facilities where we did the inspection and evaluation of the cargo. Due to narrow streets and the fragile nature of the shipment, we had to make 34 trips, loading 7 motorcycles per turn,” says Marco Sangüesa from the Sales department of Euroglobe. 

Mr. Sangüesa further added, “The bikes were shipped to our warehouse in the port of Stockholm where we loaded them into containers. Packing and loading the motorbikes was a rather demanding and time-consuming task since no bike was like the other. Moreover, the items were extremely valuable and fragile and on top of that, we had to keep the customer’s deadline in account. Thanks to the dedication and team-work of my colleagues, the bikes made it to Long Beach unscratched and right on time!” 

Congratulations to Euroglobe Shipping for perfectly executing this challenging project!

The spring edition of Conqueror’s quarterly newsletters is now published and available for viewing

In this edition of our newsletter, you’ll get to find everything about our last Annual Meeting at Phuket along with many other interesting topics and news from the industry

We are happy to announce that the first edition of this year’s Conqueror’s quarterly newsletter has been published and is now available for viewing on our website. This newsletter brings you all the crowning moments of our 8th Annual Meeting at Phuket along with the photos of the delegates and links to the videos of the highlights of the meeting.

We have also included an article about Smart Containers and the way it is impacting the supply chain industry. Like every other issue, this newsletter is also going to keep you updated with all the achievements of your network partners along with relevant news bits from the sector. We are sure that the photos and news of our conference will motivate you to participate in our upcoming Annual Meeting in 2020, the venue and date of which will soon be revealed!

If you want to feature the news of your company in our next newsletter then don’t forget to write to us about the latest accomplishments of your company. Make sure to check out our newly published newsletter by clicking on the following link:

Happy reading!

Conqueror member in Bangalore and Pune, India, is about to participate in the Antwerp XL Trade Fair

The Antwerp Expo will feature over 100 leading break bulk companies which will take care of the break bulk cargo requirements

Atlas Shipping Services Pvt Ltd, the Conqueror member in Bangalore and Pune, India, is about to take part in the Antwerp XL Trade Fair to be held from 7th -9th May, 2019 at Antwerp, Belgium. As stated by Neeta Shukla, the HR Manager of Atlas Shipping, “We invite you to be our VIP guest at Antwerp XL. This event is putting the logistics of break bulk, RoRo and heavy lift back at the heart of the conversation,”

The VIP guests of Atlas shipping will be getting exclusive access to the VIP lounge for refreshments and snacks, an invitation to the networking events in the evening, free access to the full 2 day programme and a VIP invitation to bring along a colleague. Conqueror members who are willing to attend the event are requested to get in touch with Atlas Shipping Services.

Wishing Atlas Shipping Services all the best for this upcoming event!

Conqueror Cape Town now goes by the name of Afrigo Global Logistics

Afri-Cross Global Logistics, the CQR member in Cape Town, South Africa, has changed their company name to Afrigo Global Logistics as a part of their business restructuring process

This New Year, the Conqueror member in Cape Town, South Africa, has changed their name from Afri-Cross Logistical Solutions to Afrigo Global Logistics. After the restructuring and streamlining of the business of
Afri-Cross Logistical Solutions, it was decided by the owner to merge his two businesses into one entity named Afrigo Global Logistics.

“Our newly restructured and streamlined company now has an international footprint and representation, enabling us to provide a larger service portfolio. We hope that all our fellow members had a great and fruitful time at Phuket and we look forward to nurturing the newly forged relationships with our network partners,” says Karel Jan Nothnagel, the Managing Director of Afrigo Global.

Wishing Afrigo Global Logistics the very best for all their future endeavours!

Conqueror’s 8th Annual Meeting concludes successfully with over 120 attending members

At the meeting CQR members were given a personal demonstration of the FreightViewer- the new Freight Rate Management Software created to provide instant online door to door quotations 24/7

Phuket, 4th April 2019: Conqueror Freight Network, the largest exclusive network in the world, brought together more than 120 attendees representing over 50 countries in Phuket, Thailand, from 2nd to 4th of April.

The Annual Meeting offered plenty of networking opportunities with the scheduled one-to-one meetings of the members together with all the unofficial business discussions held in course of the cocktail party, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks. Some of the crowning moments of the meeting included a Welcome Cocktail reception and a Gala Dinner Party at a beachfront restaurant where the agents got to live it up after a day of face to face meetings.

“The meeting gave our members a chance to meet each other, promote their business and discuss matters face to face which is undoubtedly much more productive and congenial than months of discussions over video calls or emails. It was indeed great to be back at Phuket- the place where we started off our very first Annual Conference back in 2012!” says Antonio Torres, President, and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network.

Additionally, the technological challenges faced by independent forwarders and the issues related to the logistics industry were addressed in the course of the two and a half days of the meeting. Conqueror’s team has taken this opportunity to show the new improvements they have made in the software they are working on: Freight Viewer – which will allow agents to receive and send quotations 24/7.

As stated by one of the attending members, “It is very satisfying to see that Conqueror Freight Network’s team is investing in a future for us, the freight forwarders, with innovative tools such as FreightViewer. All our work processes are being more and more digitalized and we can’t be left behind,”

Just 4 days to go for Conqueror’s 8th Annual Meeting at Phuket, Thailand!

Freight forwarders from all around the globe are getting ready to fly to Phuket for attending CQR’s 8th Annual Meeting at the Le Meridien Beach Resort

The much-awaited Conqueror’s 8th Annual Meeting is all set to commence on the 2nd of April 2019 at the Le Meridien Beach Resort in the beautiful beach town of Phuket, Thailand. The Annual Meeting which is going to be held from the 2nd -4th of April will allow the participants to get up close with their existing and potential partners and discuss face to face about the prospects of collaboration in the coming months.  

We will kick start the meeting with a Welcome Cocktail Reception which will allow the delegates to warm up with their fellow members before commencing the serious business talks on the following day. The participants have already scheduled their one-to-one meetings with their network partners which are going to form the core networking activity of this event.

“Just like last year, we are expecting a fabulous turnout at our Annual Meeting at Phuket which will bring Conqueror members from all over the world under one roof. Apart from fostering the spirit of cooperation within our network, the meeting will also allow the delegates to personally interact with their fellow members and secure many new deals and forge lasting partnerships,” says Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network.

Other than that, the delegates will also get to indulge in a bit of leisure during the Gala Dinner Party where all the attendees will be treated to a delectable dinner at the Sala Bua restaurant on Patong Beach.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Conqueror Chicago moves a project cargo of 3 specially equipped trucks containing concrete placement telescoping conveyor systems

The cargo which weighed 35 m-tons per unit was moved from the Midwest, USA, to Punta Quilla, Argentina

International Freight Services Inc., Conqueror member in Chicago, USA, has completed the movement of three specially equipped trucks consisting of concrete placement telescoping conveyor systems. The cargo which was shipped from the Midwest, USA, was driven to Baltimore from where it was shipped to Zarate Port, Argentina. From the port, the shipment was moved by road to Punta Quilla, Argentina.

Each unit of the cargo weighed 35 metric tons and measured over 13 meters in length and 4 meters in height. The road transport in Argentina which covered 2400 Km from the Zarate Port to the final destination in Punta Quilla was the most challenging part of this project. 

“Moving this bulky shipment from Zarate Port to Punta Quilla over a stretch of 2400 Km by road was indeed a demanding job which was accomplished without any incidents. The movement of the cargo was customized according to the requirement of our customer and they are really satisfied with the outcome of the project, thanks to the tailor-made services of IFS,” says Peter Kajornjit, the Vice President of International Freight Services.

Congratulations to IFS for a job well done!

Conqueror Lisbon gets nominated for handling the movement of a production line from Switzerland to Portugal

Incotrans Transitarios LDA has also expanded their team considerably to better cope with the increased volume of projects

Incotrans Transitarios LDA, Conqueror member in Lisbon, Portugal, was nominated to handle the transportation of a production line from Switzerland to Portugal. This project which had been a two-month operation was handled by their project cargo department.

“Our team placed the SOC containers to be loaded by our customer at the point of origin and then we took care of all the operations in Portugal, such as customs clearance and the placement of the containers in the final destination. For the remaining equipments, we placed a dedicated truck, moving a total of 58 ton,” says Mr. Bruno Fonseca, the CEO of Incotrans Transitarios.

Last month they also expanded their team in order to handle their continuous sea shipments to the Portuguese islands of Madeira and Azores. “The recent addition in our workforce has also allowed us to expand our air department with one more element to respond to the increasing demand,” Mr. Fonseca has further added.

Hearty congratulations to Incotrans for their expansion and for the successful termination of a significant project!

CQR Hangzhou successfully hauls 9 complex project shipments from China to Manila against all odds

They had to send the shipment in 2 batches due to its enormous size and the very strict security inspection at Shanghai Airport 

Domax Logistics, Conqueror member in Hangzhou, China, has recently hauled 9 complex project shipments from China to Manila, Philippines. The 9 shipments consisted of 42 pieces of which 34 were oversized and therefore involved complexities related to loading and x-ray. “This shipment was not easy to handle since it coincided with the time of CIIE (China International Import Expo) and the airport security inspection at Shanghai airport was very strict,” says Sue Xu of the Domax team.

Ms. Xu further added, “There were very few freighter routes from China to Manila, and some of our packages had to be loaded on B747-400F. All these factors posed a bit of a challenge but thanks to the efficiency of our team, we bypassed all these hurdles. We separated the shipments into two parts and moved them from Shenzhen and Xiamen and the delivery was completed right on time.”

Congratulations to Domax Logistics for flawlessly moving this complex cargo!