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Freight forwarding logistic courses

Conqueror opens its online academy enabling members to enrol different logistics courses in order to deepen their knowledge and learn new trends in the industry. Our tailor-made courses will help you and your employees to learn new skills, add value to your company, and take the next step towards your professional goals. The courses cover a wide range of topics starting from management and risk-mitigation in freight forwarding to special courses on perishables, pharmaceuticals, obtaining compliance and a masterclass in SOC containers.

Top Logistic Courses
Conqueror Freight Network's Logistics Courses EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS

Freight forwarding logistic courses


Looking to have a team of professionals adept at freight forwarding?

  • Do you want to upgrade your skills for better industry performance?
  • Would you like to support a new employee with professional training?
  • Would you like to expand your knowledge of the global shipping industry?

We got you covered!

As a member of Conqueror, you can already join our online logistics courses, which will allow you and your employees to effectively cope with the increasing competition in the logistics sector.

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Logistics Courses

Top logistics courses, top skills

Top logistics courses

Taking Conqueror's online courses will help you take the next big step toward your professional logistics career goals. Our courses will help you enhance three important aspects of your organization- finance, sales, and customer service. Most importantly, these courses will improve the efficiency and expertise of your company. Gain knowledge and new skills to meet organisational objectives and create long term value, making easier for you to overcome difficulties.

Become a truly professional logistics service provider. Our top logistics courses will help you get a clear understanding of the complexities of logistical operations, improve your problem-solving skills, and get a competitive edge.

Online and for all profiles


Our freight forwarding courses can be taken by both freight forwarders and logistics professionals as well as by new employees who want to learn the basics of the industry. Completing Conqueror's logistics courses will enable you and your workers to lead your teams ensuring that all operations are conducted successfully.

Enrolling in our top logistics courses will allow you to upgrade your knowhow of the sector and provide smart and customized client servicing.

Our convenient virtual classrooms do not come with a fixed schedule. You will be able to complete them at your preferred pace without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Freight forwarding certification


Students who successfully pass the course exam will obtain a certification after completing the course. These certifications will help you with career advancements and will allow you to raise your company profile.

Conqueror partners with two globally recognized academic entities for offering comprehensive logistics certification courses. Our partnership with CIFFA (Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association) and Container xChange allows us to offer two online courses and a Masterclass.

Logistics courses: Enhance skills and Knowhow

Enhance skills and Knowhow

Increase your team's industry knowledge to confidently find solutions for your clients. A skilled and informed workforce will boost your productivity that in turn will have a positive impact on your company's bottom line.

Logistics courses: Increase the avenues for growth

Increase the avenues for growth

Training your employees is essential for the growth and all-around development of your organization. Keep up with the changes in the industry, and expand your team's skills and knowledgebase, which in turn will guarantee success with new projects.

Gain competitive advantage

Conqueror's freight forwarding online certification courses will help you effectively compete by adapting to the technological changes, staying updated with the latest innovations, and maintaining relevance in the constantly evolving supply chain.

Logistics courses: Gain competitive advantage

Save money and time

Online employee training programmes are mostly expensive and entail travelling. Conqueror’s virtual learning academy will allow you to take the top logistics courses right from your home/office, at a very cost-effective price.

Logistics courses: Save money and time
Logistics courses: Enhance efficiency and output

Enhance efficiency and output

Taking Conqueror's freight forwarding online courses will boost the productivity, professionalism, and competency of your employees. This will promote employee engagement and have a positive impact on the growth and success of your company.

Logistics courses: Enhance efficiency and output

Prepare your team for greater duties

Our advanced training programmes will upskill your newly recruited employees enabling them to take up new roles, leading positions, more responsibilities and effectively function in their new positions.

Improve your workforce's performance

Enrolling in Conqueror's freight forwarding courses will show your team that your company is investing time, money, and effort in training. This will project a better image, increase job satisfaction, and help you with employee retention.

Logistics courses: Improve the performance

Strengthen the IT skills of your team

Conqueror’s online academy can be extremely beneficial for learning and adopting new technologies, and processes. Our online freight forwarding courses will enhance your employees' IT skills and digital performance.

Logistics courses: IT skills
Logistics courses: Better organizational framework

Create a better organizational framework

Prioritize employee training and set a benchmark to attract top-level talent. It will also encourage your workforce to abide by quality standards and motivates them to be resilient and creative.

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Conqueror Freight Network's Logistics Courses   EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS

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