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Conqueror's Annual Meetings see the coming together of a well-established network of agents who understand that mutual cooperation is the key to success. The delegates are always the most important element of Conqueror meetings and we want you to leave feeling this was the best investment of time and money you could have made.

Conqueror’s 10th Annual Meeting

21st-23rd April 2024 - Bali

Our time together in Bali was marked by three days of enriching discussions and nurturing of solidarity among the network partners. The one-to-one meetings offered invaluable platforms for showcasing businesses, strengthening existing partnerships, and forging new connections.
To mark the 10th Anniversary of our in-person meetings, we hosted an Awards Ceremony where we honoured our longstanding members who have been with us since we started our journey and have immensely contributed toward the growth and expansion of the network.

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Previous meetings

Conqueror Freight Network's 9th Annual Meeting - 6th, 7th, 8th February 2023 - Doha

Conqueror Freight Network’s 9th Annual Meeting took place from 6th to 8th February at The Intercontinental, Doha. Members from more than 50 countries travelled all the way to Doha to foster stronger bonds within the Conqueror team which is the foundation of our success. The three days we spent together in Doha were productive and memorable. The conference turned out to be a grand success. Have a look at the postconference brochure and video!

Post-conference Brochure
Annual Meeting Video

2012 to 2021 meetings

We have come up with the following aims for our Annual Meeting's delegates

Face to Face

Meet current and potential partners from other parts of the world


Promote your business and develope reciprocal business relationships


Recognize of the quality of the other Conqueror members


Better comprehension of the inner workings of the network and its benefits

All the members in one place at one time

Top logistics courses

During the annual meeting every CQR member comes together in one place at one time, thus saving substantial absences from the office as well as considerable travel expenses.

Instead of travelling to country after country and city after city to meet the same amount of people and exchange the same amount of business, you travel to just one.

Forge lasting relationships

Logistics courses for all profiles

Conqueror's annual meeting is the time when you can promote your business on an international platform, do deals and as one of our 2012 delegates put it, 'forge lasting relationships'.

Our annual meetings are, without doubt, the biggest benefit you can take advantage of as a Conqueror member, which is why it is of the upmost importance that all members attend.

Countless opportunities


You will have two days of one-to-one meetings, which you will be able to book yourself via the one-to-one online scheduler. As well as the more formal settings, there will be many opportunities in more relaxed surroundings to have conversations with other members.

Whether it's having a cocktail, enjoying lunch or drinking a coffee between meetings, there will be countless opportunities to build relationships and do business!

Join us. Together, we can conquer the world!

Expand your businesses, reduce costs and risks, and compete on more equal terms against the largest international companies

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