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FreightViewer offers a digital infrastructure allowing the establishment of an automated data transfer of carrier rates and tariffs. Not only enhances the accuracy of the quotation but also significantly reduces its processing time, from a number of days to less than a minute.

Digitized Backoffice

FreightViewer enables you to digitalize the whole process of your business. All data needed for developing a shipment will be stored in the software helping you to come up with accurate door-to-door quotes and provide immediate service to your customers, generating documents ready to be sent immediately.

Personalized Quotations

Each customer is classified in different Client categories. These client categorieshave mark-ups (profit margin) which you establish at your convenience, meaning you are able to personalize quotes for each customer.

Connected Systems

FreightViewer is available for all the members of the network at no additional cost, allowing them to communicate and cooperate on shipments through a unique platform. All changes occurred within quotes will be saved in a quote history on both sides as well as on the customers' web page.

Direct access to Shipco LCL rates

FreightViewer provides you direct access to LCL Shipco rates and schedules for import and export shipments. The combination of the data provided by Shipco Consolidator with all the functionalities integrated in FreightViewer, enhances the potential of the software, obtaining a complete personalized quotation in just a few seconds.

Flexible System

FreightViewer allows to complete or amend quotation when ever needed in a very easy and quick way. Every time a quotation is amended, it is possible to send quote through email or PDF document.

Customers follow up

FreightViewer provides you with a link corresponding to each quotation. Once sent to your customer through email you will be able to check if the client has viewed the link, if so, you can phone customer to start follow up of this quotation.

As a member and user of FreightViewer, developing our digital software within Conqueror Freight Network is crucial to become global. We offer an amazing global coverage where the members cooperate with the other members of the network.

A well-grounded digital strategy

The technological impact on the logistics sector in the last few years has been considerable, most of the top players in this industry are already enhancing their services by implementing a well-grounded digital strategy.

A global chain of networks

Logistics sector has a special characteristic, it works as a chain, connecting several parties from all over the world, therefore implementing a digital strategy in an isolated way, becomes an issue.

FreightViewer has been created to focus on Conqueror members, this means, our digitization process will grow through an enormous connected chain.

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