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To apply for membership in Conqueror, you don't have to be the biggest independent freight forwarder in your city, but you must be one of the best.

  • Can you answer "yes" to all these questions?

  • Are you experts in your local market?
  • Is your firm well-managed and solvent, with a substantial business volume, good credit, and a good reputation with carriers and other agents?
  • Do you actively seek new business?
  • Are you willing to try the CONQUEROR Formula and follow our rules?

Membership requirements


  • Detailed information about your company and its business
  • Compliance with specified financial ratios
  • Formal agreement to follow our Rules and Procedures and to cooperate with other members

Territories and Fees


Please check Territories and Fees to learn whether your territory is available. If it is, please don't delay in completing the Membership Application

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