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The value of disciplined cooperation

Along with high admission standards for members, exclusive territories, and a global brand, what makes the Conqueror Freight Network (CQR) different is what we call "disciplined cooperation". All our members agree to follow our rules, and to report any violations by other members. Members who break the rules will be expelled and replaced by the next best-qualified applicant on our waiting list for each territory.

The Conqueror Rules in brief

True partnerships

  • Work with other Conqueror members on a steadily increasing proportion of your shipments
  • Respond quickly to sales leads and requests from other members
  • Charge competitive rates
Partnerships as  members of Conqueror Freight Network

Taking care of business

  • Work to high professional standards
  • Post your current standard local charges for other members only (password-protected)
  • Pay invoices from other members on time
Freight Business with Conqueror Network

A network, a community

  • Display the Conqueror logo on all your company communications
  • Attend our Annual Meeting
  • Learn all the rules in detail and follow them
Conqueror Network and community

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