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Questions and answers on Conqueror Freight Network

These FAQs provide a better understanding of Conqueror Freight Network. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Conqueror Freight Network is not a freight forwarder. It is a dynamic framework in which carefully-selected freight forwarders in each major city cooperate reciprocally and securely to expand their businesses, reduce costs and risks, and compete on more equal terms against the largest international companies.

What criteria must my company meet in order to qualify to be a Conqueror member?
To become a Conqueror member you do not have to be the largest forwarder in your city. However, your company must be: well-managed, financially solvent, with a significant business volume, have a good credit history and a well-established reputation (must have been in operation for at least 2 years).

What does the application process involve?
The application process is in two stages.
Stage 1: You need to complete the Membership Application form and send it to us. It will take 2-3 days maximum to evaluate and then you will be told whether or not you have met our criteria and made it to the second stage.
Stage 2: Your details will be sent to DUN & BRADSTREET who will audit your company, at Conqueror's expense. If DUN & BRADSTREET approves your application, they will set a reasonable personalised credit limit for your business. We will then send you a letter of acceptance, a copy of the contract and your membership fee invoice.

What is DUN & BRADSTREET and what do they check?
DUN & BRADSTREET is an external Auditor which thoroughly examines the financial background of each applicant using information from their customer database and information already on public record. They ensure that those granted membership pose no financial risk to members. In addition they provide a reasonable personalised credit limit for each member. More information about the role of DUN & BRADSTREET can be seen here.

What financial information does Conqueror ask to see?
Members of Conqueror must meet minimum standards in liquidity and gearing ratios. See Rule 4.1.2. To enable us to study the company in depth, we require the balance sheets* for the last 2 complete financial years.
* Balance sheets are only used to verify the financial stability of a company and are never disclosed to a third party.

How does Conqueror monitor the financial health of its members?
The external Auditor DUN & BRADSTREET alerts us to any major change in the circumstances of members and they conduct a new financial study of each member every year.

How much does it cost to become a Conqueror member?
All membership fees can be seen here. Tariffs differ according to the size of the market, the population, business volume and other factors in that territory.

Can I apply for membership in more than one territory?
Yes you can. Members with branch offices in other locations within a single country may apply to operate as Conqueror members as long as these territories are vacant, paying only 50% of the posted membership fee for each additional branch.

Why are Conqueror's fees higher than other networks?
To put it simply; the price reflects the service Conqueror offers its members.

  • Conqueror accepts only one agent per city, i.e. this agent is the only one responsible for the traffic from/to that territory. Unlike the majority of other networks, the territory will not be sold several times.
  • Conqueror has a rigorous selection process which screens all applicants. This is different to other networks which work on a pay-per-admission basis. For every 1 member accepted in Conqueror, 9 are rejected.
  • Conqueror pays for each member's financial analysis by an external auditor, DUN & BRADSTREET. Conqueror is the only network in the world which uses the services of an external auditor. Providing an environment in which risk is minimised, whilst the potential for business maximised is no easy matter, but it is extremely important in order for members to be successful individually and as a group.

Is it possible to receive a discount on the membership fee?
Yes, Conqueror has a referral programme. For every recommended agent who becomes a member, the referring agent earns a 25% discount* on their annual membership fee.
* Up to a maximum of 4 discounts can be earned annually.

When does my membership start and end?
Your membership will start on the date you receive your intranet login details. It is also the day when we will announce your membership to all members. Your membership will cease 1 year from that date.

What details should I provide for my member profile?
Conqueror has by far the most detailed profiles in the industry which means that members are extremely well-informed about each other. For your member profile you will be asked to provide:

  • Company contact information
  • Company logo
  • At least 3 personal contacts
  • At least 2 photos (staff and offices)
  • Description of services
  • Territories where you handle shipments
  • Local charges
  • Bank information
  • Office Hours
  • Names of certificates
  • Company literature (brochure, powerpoint presentation, leaflet etc)

How is Conqueror different to other networks?
The network accepts only one agent per territory, i.e. this agent is solely responsible for the traffic from/to that territory. The majority of other networks allow an unlimited number of members per territory.

  • Conqueror operates an extremely rigorous selection process. Many other networks do not specify what criteria applicants must meet to be admitted to their networks. Conqueror's criteria, however, are clearly specified.
  • Conqueror pays for each member's financial analysis by the external auditor DUN & BRADSTREET. Conqueror is the only network in the world which uses the services of an external auditor.
  • Conqueror carries out a annually cooperation survey. Those who are found to be just taking and not offering shipments within the network are expelled and immediately replaced by an agent on our waiting list.
  • Conqueror's Agent Finder Tool ensures that members operate within clearly defined areas with no overlapping and no competition. Simply enter the origin/destination of you shipment and the tool will automatically provide you with the details of the closest agent.
  • Our highly professional team are on hand to assist members in the best way possible both quickly and efficiently, whatever the issue.
You can find out more about the Conqueror benefits here.

Does Conqueror offer exclusivity per country or per city?
Because markets are different, we offer exclusivity per city. For example, the Chinese market is amongst the biggest in the world which is why the network needs several agents there. However, the Hungarian market is smaller, so Conqueror only requires one agent as one will be able to handle all business within the network from/to this country. Additionally, by granting exclusivity per city and not per country, more business is introduced to the network and exchanged between members.

Who are your members?
Company policy prohibits the disclosure of members' details to non-members. However, you are welcome to have a look at the Testimonials page and get in touch with any of those members to hear feedback on their membership.

What happens if Conqueror has no member in a particular country or city?
Conqueror will provide contacts in countries where there are not yet members.* We encourage members who find a trustworthy agent to refer them to Head Office, as it may earn a substantial discount on the membership fee under the Referral Program. *Conqueror accepts no liability for any financial loss or other losses that may occur as the result of working with non-Conqueror members.

What is the average amount of traffic from/to my territory?
Conqueror does not have the up-to-date statistical data specifying the number of shipments per city/country.

Do territorial conflicts ever occur within the network?
The network was created in such a way as to avoid instances of territorial conflicts between members, given that only one freight forwarder is selected per city. The network's areas are carefully delimited using our Agent Finder Tool. This tool automatically provides each member with their own area thus preventing overlapping.

Will I receive shipments from other Conqueror members?
Yes, if you provide a good service at a competitive rate, as the sole agent in your territory you are in a very strong position to receive inward free-hands, routings, sales leads, quotations, etc. from many other Conqueror members and this will translate into a significant increase in your business volume.

When I give business to another member, will I receive the same amount from that member in return?
Not necessarily from that particular member, but in overall terms, your cooperation will be amply rewarded by the business you receive from your fellow members.

Can Conqueror guarantee that I will receive enough business to justify the membership fee?
No network, including Conqueror, can guarantee its members business because every market is different. Conqueror provides you with the portfolio of reliable partners as well as the secure environment and regulation framework you need for your business. The rest depends on the pro-activity and service of each member as well as the price offered. Members are committed to offering a substantial amount of shipments within the network. This is checked annually with our cooperation survey. Should a member be seen to be taking and never offering business, they will be expelled from the network and immediately replaced by an agent on our waiting list.

Will I have to stop working with my old agents?
No. We understand how difficult it is to find good agents and we would not want to jeopardize your existing relationships. This is why members are not required to use the network for 100% of their shipments. In addition, members are urged to recommend their favourite agents as candidates for membership in Conqueror through the Referral Program. If they are accepted, the referring agent will receive a 25% discount on their annual membership fee and they can continue to work with them through the network.

What is the PPP and how does it work?
It is an optional service offered for additional payment security. If a member chooses not to join the PPP and they have an unpaid invoice, they are expected to absorb the costs themselves. If, however, the member has joined the PPP, funds will be released to chase the debt on any bad payments.

Conqueror's first line of defence is its rigorous selection process and the auditing by DUN & BRADSTREET. Therefore, only those agents who have proven productivity and solvency are admitted as members. The PPP is an additional guarantee for those members who want to stay 100% safe. For more information, visit our PPP section.

Will you refund my PPP contributions if I leave?
Members who resign from the network will be refunded their total contributions to the PPP fund, less their pro rata share of money disbursed to meet claims, and 20% which will be retained to cover expenses anticipated to arise in respect of future claims, such as legal or debt collection costs. See Rule 6 A.2.

How and why does Conqueror verify that members are cooperating with each other?
Conqueror members understand that cooperation, which means both giving and receiving, is an obligation. At the end of every year, Conqueror asks members to carry out a short 5-10 minute survey where they record their sent and received shipments. This information helps us discover any fishermen that may be working within the network.

What happens to members who fail to offer shipments within the network?
If, from analyzing the annually cooperation surveys, a member is seen to be receiving shipments but never offering, they will be warned and asked to change their working practices. Should their failure to cooperate continue, they will be expelled and immediately replaced by an agent on our waiting list.

What happens if I am not compatible with a Conqueror member in a particular territory?
If the reason is some deficiency in the services provided, you should report it to Conqueror Head Office and it will be investigated and the appropriate measures taken. Otherwise, you may use another Conqueror member in the same country, or find an agent from your own database.

What kind of behavior leads to expulsion from the network?

  • Engaging in dubious business practices, rendering poor service, or neglecting responsibilities to other members.
  • Failure to cooperate with or request cooperation from other members.
  • Recurrent late payments of invoices issued by other members.
  • Failure to pay invoices issued by other members.
  • Failure to attend two consecutive annual conventions.
  • Failure to actively contribute to sales promotion.
  • Bad faith in a dispute with another member.
  • Recurrent violations of any other rules.
  • The expelled member is immediately replaced by a competitor in the same territory.

What are Conqueror's standard payment terms?
30 days is the standard payment period between members, excluding VAT and taxes that will be paid immediately without credit terms. The payment guidelines are set out in Rule 9.

Who is responsible for paying the bank fees?
As a rule of thumb, the party that issues the invoice should receive the net amount of the invoice and therefore the party that orders the bank transfer should cover the necessary expenses in order to make the payment of the invoice (such as bank charges, exchange rates or other fees). As such the party receiving the payment will receive the FULL amount with no deductions for fees etc. When making the payment, there will be 3 options for who pays the fees; "Our, Share, Beneficiary," and the party making the payment needs to tick "Our" to ensure they themselves make the payment.

What currency should I pay in?
Payments between members will be made in the currency requested in the invoice. Members may use other currencies only when they have agreed to do so in advance.

What happens when a member is late in paying an invoice to another member?
Since busy agents should not have to spend their valuable time collecting debts, the Conqueror policy is one of zero-tolerance for late payments. The unpaid agent should contact Conqueror Head Office immediately and the wrong-doer will be contacted and given 5 days to make the payment. See Rule 9.8.

If I consign a shipment to another Conqueror member, how can I be sure that it will be handled properly, and that I will not be asked to pay excessive charges?
The destination charges to be applied by each member are published on the Conqueror intranet and always reflect current market conditions and prices. Conqueror members understand that it is in their own interests to treat customers well, as they may get return business from them in the future. In the case of any unprofessional behavior by other members, our members agree to report such incidences to Conqueror Head Office.

Do I have to attend the Conqueror Annual Meeting?
We require one senior member of staff from each company to attend the annual meeting. Any company which fails to send any representation to 2 consecutive annual meetings will be expelled from the network.

Why should I attend the Conqueror Annual Meeting? Developing a strong worldwide network of agents can, if not carefully thought out, require vast expenditure, both in time and money, travelling the world to meet and consolidate relationships with your partners. The solution is one annual meeting where every Conqueror member comes together in one place at one time, thus saving substantial absences from the office as well as considerable travel expenses.

Conqueror's annual meetings are, without doubt, the biggest benefit you can take advantage of as a Conqueror member, which is why it is of the upmost importance that all members attend. It is the time when you can promote your business on an international platform, do deals and build lasting relationships.

What happens at a Conqueror Annual Meeting? The annual meeting is 2 and ½ days long. We start with a cocktail party on the first evening and then what follows are two days of one-to-one meetings which you will be able to pre-book yourself via our online one-to-one meeting scheduler. We also take a tour of the local area and have a gala dinner where you will be able to continue your networking. To find out more about our Conqueror Annual Meetings, check out the Annual Meeting section.

Do I have to use the Conqueror logo?
Members must display the Conqueror logo alongside their own company logo in communications with customers, suppliers and the public in general, for example on email auto-signatures and websites both to indicate their membership of the network and to promote the brand. See Rule 12.

Where can I find instructions on how to use the Conqueror logo?
All you need can be found in the Identity Manual which can be downloaded from the intranet page. Just login to the Member’s Area as normal and in the top right-hand corner you will see a green arrow with “Download” next to it. Click this, and you will be taken to the download area. The first thing you should see is a banner with “Conqueror Identity Manual” written on it, click this and your download will start immediately. The manual contains all the information you need regarding the logo.


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