CQR Vishakhapatnam- -project cargo experts

CQR Visakhapatnam, FOCUS TRANS TECH SHIPPING PVT LTD, is an expert in the handling of project cargo shipments

Here is a little montage of the team’s most recent shipments!

The delivery of a number of naval boats Ex Colombo to Vizag; these boats were discharged directly into the sea from vessel and then empty flat rake containers will discharge normally.

2 x 40’FB – Over Length 105 CMS each side over width 45 CMS each side and over height 35 CMS.

A shipment of 7 x 40’OT + 5 x 40’FR (OH, OW) + 2X40’FB (OH, OW , OL) from Laem Chabang to Vizag, the 2 x 40’FB containers were discharged in Break Bulk operations.

CQR Visakhapatnam was founded with the intention of providing tangible benefits for customers in the area of logistics through a professional approach and maintaining high quality standards, offering competitive prices and on-time delivery through an ethical business approach. This approach has enabled FOCUS TRANS TECH SHIPPING PVT LTD to become one of the leading freight forwarders in Visakhapatnam, India.

We invite any agent with shipments in Visakhapatnam to get in touch with the team.