Conqueror Vancouver spruces up its website

Their new website comes with a user-friendly interface and several useful features that will enhance the online experience of their clients and partners

PCB Freight Management, Conqueror member in Vancouver, Canada, revamps their website making it more customer-oriented and user-friendly. Their new website comes with a live chat function that allows their clients and partners to get started with an instant conversation. It also includes a shipment tracking feature that allows their clients to check the status of their cargo just by typing in the shipment tracking number.

As stated by Alexandra Haukaas, the Operations Manager of PCB Freight Management, “With more than 67 years’ experience in international trade, we are on a mission to help make freight forwarding and customs clearance easier for our clients and partners. We have spent countless hours redesigning the user’s online experience with us and are excited to announce the launch of the new site. The introduction of a live chat and redesigned shipment tracking feature are definitely going to boost the browsing experience of our audience.”

From commercial goods to time-sensitive and oversized machinery, to perishable freight, they offer a broad range of logistics solutions for both domestic and international shipments on air, ocean, or ground freight. “Our partnership with the best international and regional carriers allows us to provide our clients/partners with the most flexible shipping options to all locations around the world,” adds Ms. Haukaas.

Congratulations to PCB Freight Management and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!

Conqueror members band together for the air shipment of an Environtainer RKN t2

The shipment which was moved from Amsterdam to Shanghai contained chemicals under temperature control conditions

GDF Netherlands BV, Conqueror member in Amsterdam, Netherlands, joined forces with C-Log Worldwide, Conqueror member in Rotterdam, Netherlands, to move an Environtainer RKN t2 from Amsterdam to Shanghai, China. The Environtainer which contained chemicals weighed 550 kg and had dimensions of 120 x 100 x 120 cms.

logistics companies

As stated by Inver Gase, the Managing Director of GDF Netherlands,“The Airline did a fine job and the container reached Shanghai Pudong Airport within just 24 hours. The most difficult part of this project was getting the drum security screened for which we were required to run an x-ray layer by layer.”

The pallet was loaded into the Environtainer which was moved in a temperature-controlled bunker compartment with dry-ice. “In order to ensure the safe delivery of the goods that require a very specific temperature control, you need to count with reliable partners. That is why, we are glad to have collaborated with C-Log Worldwide, since by working together, we arranged this shipment seamlessly”.

Members can check out this small video GDF Group’s team has put together to get an idea about the nature of this project.

Congratulations to both members for pulling off this collaboration project successfully!


Conqueror Jeddah creates a new client-focussed website

They have also boosted their social media presence by creating new handles on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Global Union Alliance Company, Conqueror member in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has come up with a new customer-centric website for their company. Other than all the usual features, their user-friendly website also comes with a shipment tracking feature that allows their clients to get an idea about the exact location of their consignment at any given time.

user friendly website
shipment tracking feature

They are also in the way of getting a strong social media presence by creating their company profiles on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. As said by Mr Hareb Shaikh, the Commercial Manager of Global Union, “Our newly created website is an upgrade over our previous one as it comes with loads of useful features such as shipment tracking and tools centre that will enhance our customer experience in several ways. We are presently in the process of creating an app for our clients.”

Congratulations to Global Union Alliance Company and all the best for their future projects!

Global Fairways LLC changes into Emons Air & Sea, LLC

Following the merger that came into effect three years ago, the name of their company has been officially changed to Emons Air & Sea, LLC

Global Fairways LLC, Conqueror member in Detroit, USA, changes their name to Emons Air & Sea LLC following the acquisition that took place in 2018. They have also changed their email address and website name although their previous email ids and web domain will continue to work for some time.

In the words of Lori Fleissner, the President of Emons Air and Sea LLC, “While this past year has been a challenge for the entire world, we are looking forward to a better and brighter 2021. Being a member of Emons Air & Sea for the last two years has proven to be a positive change with more opportunities, new offerings, and continued excellent service.”

air and sea freight services
air and sea freight

Emons has acquired around forty-five employees who will help in the better organization of their air/ocean freight shipments and local trucking. Emons Air & Sea in Detroit works closely with the German parent company Emons Air & Sea GmbH, Conqueror member in Munich and Stuttgart. The two companies together provide well-coordinated services across the time zones. “This takeover will allow us to better serve our customers who will continue to benefit from the international structure of the company, competent pricing, and our value-added services,” adds Ms. Fleissner.

Congratulations to Emons Air and Sea LLC and wishing them the best for their upcoming projects!

Conqueror Alexandria sends out a multimodal shipment requiring Relative Humidity units during the grapes season in Egypt

With their newly opened air freight department, the Falcon team has already successfully worked on several significant projects

Falcon Freight Group, Conqueror member in Alexandria, Egypt, has recently handled a multimodal shipment containing IMO chemical materials from Egypt to Nairobi, which required units to control both the humidity and the temperature during the whole delivery. They counted on the cooperation of Sevenstars, Conqueror member at Mombasa, Kenya, for the last-mile delivery of this shipment. Falcon Freight was in charge of various aspects of the shipment including trucking, clearance, packing, and lashing.

multimodal shipment
multimodal shipment

In the last few months, they handled two OOG shipments consisting of pipes and tanks. The tank was moved from Rotterdam to Egypt while the pipes were shipped from Egypt to France. They also handled the movement of a multimodal shipment of an equipment from France to Egypt via Italy. Apart from this Conqueror Alexandria shipped a special equipment from Rotterdam to Egypt and handled the door to door transfer of flexi tanks that were staffed and cleared at the Egyptian dry ports.

To quote Ms. Noha Gharib, the Business Development Manager of Falcon Freight Group, “Even in the middle of the pandemic the performance of our team was unparalleled and this year we have successfully accomplished many complex projects. Additionally, in 2020 – as in every year – we welcomed and trained two new employees to be part of the Falcon Freight Group.”

Congratulations to Falcon Freight Group and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

CQR Durban/Johannesburg ranks as one of the top shipping agents in South Africa

They have been offering a full range of logistical services for more than 15 years

Alpha Shipping Agency, Conqueror member in Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa, has been ranked as one of the top freight forwarders of South Africa according to the news portal, Africa Logistics. This achievement surely demonstrates their track record and their commitment to delivering high-quality logistical services in their territories.

They have been providing integrated logistical services including breakbulk cargoes, IMO Class 1 cargoes, intermodal transport, air freight, customs clearance, and cargo insurance, for more than 15 years.

independent freight agent
independent freight agent

As stated by Byron Vather, the Sales Director of Alpha Shipping, “This achievement shows that our team’s hard work and dedication during these uncertain times has had its reward. Bearing in mind the high competition and the difficult situation we are going through, we are proud of how far our company has come and we will always do our best to offer our clients and partners with world-class services.”

“We are thankful to our clients, who are the key to our success, and for belonging to a professional network like Conqueror, where only the best agents are accepted.”

Congratulations to Alpha Shipping Services and wishing them all the best for their future endeavours!


Interview with Conqueror Colombo

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

Manik Pereira: “We are one of the top 10 freight and logistics companies in Sri Lanka. Additionally, we are first in investing in the latest technologies and ventures -we have a progressive outlook and are always willing to explore new opportunities and embrace change.”

Today we are publishing an interview with Manik Pereira, Chairman of Pership Synergy Pvt Ltd, CQR member in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In this interview Mr. Pereira talks about his company history, their area of operation, their strong points and the problems facing this industry.

Q. Please tell us a few words about the origins of Pership.

A. Pership was established in 1889 and Pership Group is a fourth generation business engaged in logistics and domestics services. We started as an import business in the 19th century catering to the British aristocratic society such as Governor Sir West, Lady Ridgeway in Ceylon. From 1905 we started expanding our operations with the introduction of the departmental store concept in Sri Lanka. To date, the Pereiras foster the same spirit of innovation and noble characteristics that is truly humbling.

Q. Which services do you offer?

A. We offer a wide range of services, from air transportation passenger services to cargo, ship, and freight services. We also manage exhibition logistics, relocation services, industrial household relocations, LPG discharging and oil bunkering, customs compliance, haulage solutions, fleet management, etc.

Q. What are the main challenges facing freight forwarders regarding the pandemic at the moment?

A. At the moment the only challenge I can think of is the Coronavirus. However, even during the pandemic, we worked around 24 hrs from home on a roster basis and handled a considerable volume of shipments with the spirit of teamwork.

Q. Which sectors in the freight forwarding industry are growing, and which are not? What is the outlook of Pership?

A. In Sri Lanka, currently, the sea volume is increasing instead of air. Regarding the outlook of Pership, with 130 years of partnerships and relationships, we have gained the trust and admiration of all our partners as an ethical and robust ally in the South Asian region. So all we ask for is to hold our position as one of the top 10 freight forwarders in the country.

Q. From your own experience, which are the keys to success in the freight forwarding industry?

A.Teamwork, good communication skill, seeking new business opportunities, and a strong bond with customers are some of the main areas which freight forwarders should focus on.

These are precisely the main skills that makes Pership stand out in the market. We are a highly respected Sri Lankan group of companies, with a strong reputation for the highest level of integrity adhering to fair trading policies, that is to say, that we are one of the top 10 freight and logistics companies in Sri Lanka. Additionally, we are first in investing in the latest technologies and ventures -we have a progressive outlook and are always willing to explore new opportunities and embrace change. We also count on a highly competent and empowered workforce across all disciplines in the maritime and logistics industries, and have immense goodwill and excellent rapport with all stakeholders & suppliers.

Q. In your opinion, what does the freight forwarders industry lack? How would you think it should improve?

A. Governmental aid to boost the transportation industry is absolutely imperative for the success of the freight forwarders. The government should invite / support / give them the maximum benefits, encourage the investors to visit and invest in the power, shipping and airline industries.

Q. What are the main technological challenges facing freight forwarders at the moment? How important is FreightViewer for the industry?

A. Technology is of vital importance to any industry in the present times and freight forwarding is no exception. However, it has to be remembered that not all stakeholders are tech savvy. Clients are keen on knowing the location of their shipments at any given time which is why live navigation and sophisticated tracking systems of multimodal shipments are now a standard requirement and not a luxury. Freight forwarders need to implement the various technological innovations such as FreightViewer – to make their services more attractive for the customers.

Q. From your experience, what are the keys to success in the freight forwarding industry?

A. In Asia, people still expect a personal touch from the service providers. I have to admit that freight forwarders bridge the gap between carriers and customers world over who come from different cultures and operate at different times. We need to create the right balance between olden day practices and futuristic processes.

Conqueror Beijing becomes a top player in the China-Europe rail freight services

Throughout 2020 they have moved a considerable volume of rail freight from China to several countries in the EU

JCT (China) Co. Ltd, Conqueror member in Beijing, China, is taking the lead in the China Europe rail freight service. All through the year, they have transported several shipments including PPE cargo from China to many European countries. Until now they have moved almost 100×40’ for EB service from Europe to China, and 120×40’ for WB from China to Europe.

logistics business partner
logistics business partner

They have shipped around 21x 40 containers for two lots of masks and protective gowns from China to Moscow, Russia. “The China-Europe rail service has allowed us to offer speedy and cost effective transportation solutions and in last year, our team has become veritable experts in railway transport services. The rail freight between China and Europe is quickly increasing and we still have lots of containers and waiting for space in the trains,”says Mr. Jeff Zhang, the Managing Director of JCT.

Congratulations to JCT for their new office and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

Conqueror Alexandria has been acknowledged as one of the leading Freight Forwarder specialized in Relative Humidity volumes

They have been declared as the number 1 freight forwarder in RH volume by Sealand, the number 2 forwarder by Safmarine and among the top 3 by CMA, MSC and Hapag-Lloyd

Falcon Freight Group, Conqueror member in Alexandria, Egypt, has been ranked by the top global shipping lines for being one of the leading Freight Forwarder in the Reefer sector. They have been announced as the #1 forwarder in RH volume by the prestigious Shipping Company and the well-known Maersk division Sealand, and have been listed among the top 3 by Safmarine, MSC, CMA, and Hapag Lloyd.

Logistics Industry
Logistics Industry

In the words of Sherine el Hakim, Founder and Managing Director of Falcon Freight Group: “We are grateful to have been recognized with these accolades. They will surely improve the trust of our potential and our top RH customers.”

With over 22 years of market experience, Falcon Freight Group is known for being a pioneer freight forwarder specialized in fresh cargo logistics by providing Reefer Services and Multimodal transportation.“We have always ranked high in the Relative Humidity business in Egypt and eager to maintain our optimal status quo. The key to our success is that we ensure that the risk is minimized while delivering perishables to overseas customers, guaranteeing optimum condition in a cost-effective way.” says Sherine el Hakim.

Additionally, this has much merit since 2020 has been a very difficult year: “Thanks to the competency of our entire workforce, we have always maintained our position in the market despite the massive competition. Even in a year like 2020, we must say that we are happy that we have survived successfully and were able to achieve an increase in volume despite the market challenges along with the COVID 19 impact on the international trades,” states Sherine El Hakim.

Congratulations to Falcon Freight Group and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

Conqueror Sana’a moves a shipment of medical equipments via dry containers

The 6 crates of medical accessories with a net weight of 2,887 kg were moved from USA all the way to the Republic of Yemen

Griffin Logistics, Conqueror member at Sana’a, Yemen, has recently handled the movement of a cargo consisting of medical equipment from USA to Yemen. To this end, they partnered with American Lamprecht Transport, Conqueror member in Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, San Francisco and Greenville-Spartanburg. The biggest challenge of this shipment was that the cargo was stopped for three months at the port and this was a source of significant concern for the Griffin Logistics team.

international sea cargo services
international sea cargo services

In the words of Mr. Yasser M. Alwan, the General Manager of Griffin Logistics, “This had been a very significant shipment for us as it allowed us to serve the healthcare needs of a war-torn nation. Our team is working hard and yielding productive results despite the difficult conditions due to the pandemic and the war in Yemen. I would like to say a big thanks to my teammates and my partners for their excellent job with regards to this project!”

Congratulations to Griffin Logistics for the successful accomplishment of this project and all the best for their future endeavours!