Conqueror Ashdod handles the movement of 20 ISO tanks

They were in charge of every aspect of this shipment including handling, operations, and customs clearance

Caspi Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearing Agents Ltd, Conqueror member in Ashdod, Israel, has recently carried out the movement of 10 x ISO tanks containing unique material. The cargo was moved to Haifa and Ashdod, Israel. “Our team impeccably handled, cleared and operated this shipment. Moreover, we also took charge of cleaning the tanks and storage for usage,” says Mr. Oren Cohen, the Business Development Manager of Caspi Freight Forwarding.

Conqueror Ashdod-independent freight forwarder
Conqueror Ashdod moves a chemical shipment

The shipment consisted of chemicals, ORGAL P 6820, and vinyl-acrylic copolymer emulsion in water. Additionally, to move this shipment they made use of a trailer with crane. “Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this project was to clear and deliver it on time due to the urgency of the cargo for the global industry. We look forward to successfully execute many such complex shipments to provide the most seamless service experience for our customers and partners,” adds Mr. Cohen.

Congratulations to Caspi Freight Forwarding for the perfect handling of this complex project!


Conqueror’s June Newsletter has been published and is now available for viewing

Conqueror’s June newsletter will update the readers with all the recent news from our agents, from the network, and from the industry

The June edition of Conqueror Freight Network’s 2021 newsletters has been published. As you all know, we have fixed the dates and agenda of Conqueror’s 2nd Virtual Meeting. Inside the newsletter, you will find several relevant details about our upcoming Virtual Meeting in November. Additionally, you will find all the latest news from your network partners from around the world.

Conqueror's June Newsletter 2021
Conqueror’s June Newsletter 2021

We have added many new features to Conqueror’s website. Inside, you will find the details of Conqueror’s news website features and intranet. Our main sector news focuses on Nigeria’s anti-piracy measures and its effects on the ocean freight industry. Moreover, you will also get to read many interesting news bits from the logistics industry. Make sure to check out our post with tips for a better relationship with your logistics partners. Furthermore, there is also a news about Container Xchange’s special discount on subscription for Conqueror members.

Lastly, do not forget to check out our section about Refer and Earn. Make sure to refer your peers in these cities about our network and stand a chance to win a 25% discount on your upcoming membership fee! To feature your company’s accomplishments in our upcoming newsletter, do not forget to send us a few lines about the latest projects undertaken by your company.

Hope you enjoy reading!

Conqueror partners with Cargo Talk, a popular logistics magazine in India

Cargo Talk which has a readership of 400,000 is an ideal avenue for freight forwarders to showcase their services to the international supply chain industry

Conqueror Freight Network, the largest exclusive network in the world with a coverage in more than 250 cities and 140 countries, has established a media partnership with Indian logistics and supply chain magazine Cargo Talk. Cargo Talk is a popular Indian platform for professionals in freight forwarding, multimodal logistics, warehousing, and the supply chain industry. It allows freight forwarders to showcase their services to the international freight forwarding industry. This magazine which was first published 20 years back presently has a circulation of 20,000 printed copies. The online version of this magazine has a readership of 400,000.

CQR Media Partner-Cargotalk
Cargotalk- magazine for the logistics industry


Cargo Talk also reaches the industry through email campaigns and social media channels. Its main subscribers are importers/exporters, corporate shippers, shipping lines, cargo agents, airlines, airport and seaport authorities, international and Indian chamber of commerce and government bodies.

This logistics magazine includes several sections like news, opinions and interviews, and reports that allow the freight forwarders and other supply chain industry professionals to stay tuned with the most pertinent news in the sector. Moreover, the magazine also has a special Award Talk section plus a dedicated Guest Column where pieces written by industry experts are published.

Conqueror encourages all members to take a look at their website and download the Cargotalk app from Play Store and App Store.

Conqueror Qingdao moves a sea freight shipment of a propeller with a weight of over 58 Mt

They moved the massive breakbulk cargo via a Cosco Shipping vessel from Hamburg, Germany, to Qingdao, China

Kwise Logistics Co Ltd, Conqueror member in Qingdao, China, has successfully moved a breakbulk cargo from Hamburg to Qingdao. The shipment consisted of a 58 Mt propeller which had a dimension of 880 x 860 x 200 cm. As a veteran ocean freight service provider, they arranged for port to door movement of this shipment thereby providing end-to-end logistics solution.

They were responsible for several aspects of the project. This included vessel booking, and coordinating with the port authority to discharge the propeller. Additionally, they were also in charge of lashing/securing the cargo on the truck and delivering it to the consignee’s premises. The odd size of the cargo posed significant hurdles which were overcome successfully.

Conqueror Qingdao-independent freight forwarder
Conqueror Qingdao moves a 58 Mt propeller

As stated by Richard OIuyang, the General Manager of Kwise Logistics, “Due to the massive size of the propeller, our team had to dismantle and raise the wires at the gate of Qingdao port. We immediately restored the dismantled gate and wires after the propeller passed by. Moreover, we also had to dismantle the telephone poles and raise the wires while delivering the shipment at the consignee’s premises. Our experienced team managed to pull off the job perfectly and send the shipment right on time.”

Congratulations to Conqueror Qingdao and all the best for their future projects!



Conqueror member in Odessa delivers the construction materials for repairing the Ukrainian Station located in the Antarctica

The Akademik Vernadsky station is located in the Antarctica and is used for geological and oceanographic studies

Mitridat Odessa, a Conqueror member in Odessa, Ukraine, has been chosen to participate in the delivery of the construction materials needed for repairing the buildings of the Ukrainian Antarctic Station. The station called Akademik Vernadsky is located at Marina point on Galindez Island, in the Antarctic. For the 26th year in a row, the National Ukrainian Antarctic Center has sent a team of specialists who stay at the station throughout the year. Their task is to conduct planned geological and geophysical, oceanographic and hydrometeorological studies. Additionally, they are also responsible for measuring biological, geo-spatial and other indicators, and ensuring the work of the station itself.

Conqueror Odessa- independent freight agent
Conqueror Odessa’s shipment to Antarctica

In the process of transportation, Conqueror member in Odessa has had to face some difficulties caused by coronavirus restrictions at transshipment ports. Nevertheless, despite all the obstacles, they established relations with the largest sea container lines. CQR Odessa dispatched the cargo from the port of Odessa on time. The shipment arrived at the southernmost port of Chile, Punta Arenas. From there, after reloading, it went straight to the research station.

Currently, the Akademik Vernadsky station is actively working on repair and modernization. The modernization was planned last year, but postponed due to COVID-19. In March 2021, during the rotation of polar explorers, the National Ukrainian Antarctic Center was finally able to send the necessary construction materials to the station. As the company states, “We are proud to have successfully delivered the 20-foot container shipment needed to modernize the station. Thanks to the well-coordinated actions of our team we delivered the cargo undamaged.  Moreover, it reached just in time, before the onset of the polar winter.”

Congratulations to Mitridat Odessa for taking part in this extraordinary project!

Conqueror Mombasa successfully handles an OOG shipment of 4 engines

The cargo which had a total weight of 480 Tonnes was moved from Mombasa to a power station in Juba

Seven Stars Limited, Conqueror member in Mombasa, Kenya, has successfully executed the movement of several project cargo shipments. Their last OOG project consisted of the movement of 4 engines weighing 120 tonnes each. They transported the engines from Mombasa, Kenya, to a power station in Juba, South Sudan. CQR Mombasa, used specialized modular trailers for this shipment. Moreover, they also used multi axle trailers with drop, extendable decks & modular trailer units for the seamless transit of this shipment. They were also in charge of route planning due to the lack of infrastructure in the region.

Conqueror Mombasa-independent freight forwarder
Seven Stars moves a project cargo of 480 tonnes


Seven Stars Limited ventured into the OOG sector in July 2017 after purchasing equipment from another OOG transporter who closed their business down. Since then they have handled numerous OOG projects to become a veritable expert in this sector. “Our past experience, skilled team & correct equipment are some of the factors responsible for our success. Additionally, we are one of the few companies   to   operate  state  of  the  art  hydraulic  jacking  systems  for  heavy  lift  cargoes,”  says Ian Marshal, the General Manager, Technical for Seven Stars Limited.

Their recent OOG projects include the movement of engines, generators, vessel units, brewery tanks, factory equipment, transformer, crane beam and concrete beam. Mr. Marshal further adds, “Our equipment ranges from the region’s largest fleet of Cometto Hydraulic trailers to specialized heavy haul tractor units. The OOG sector is extremely important for future development in this region. This is why, Seven Stars Limited is putting considerable efforts towards the smooth movement of project cargo shipments.”

Congratulations to Seven Stars Limited and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!

Conqueror UlaanBaatar successfully organizes the delivery of two units of EC-145 helicopters

The EC-145 helicopters were supplied for the project “Air Rescue Units and Supply of Helicopters to the Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency – NEMA”

Tuushin LLC, Conqueror member in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, delivered two EC-145 helicopters under special pandemic circumstances. They  handed over the shipment to the Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency. “This has been a very honourable project for our team and we are happy to have executed it successfully. NEMA will reestablish the air rescue units within the project framework as mentioned above. Moreover, we believe that the EC-145 helicopters will make significant progress in search and rescue operations,” says Bayarsaikhan Lunden, the Head of Sales Department of Tuushin.

Conqueror Ulaan Baatar-freight forwarding company
Tuushin LLC delivers helicopters for Mongolian National Emergency Management


They moved this sea freight shipment from Antwerp, Belgium, to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, via Xingang, China. In addition, the Tuushin team used 40’FR container for ocean and air suspension trailer throughout the trucking process. Additionally, they were responsible for several aspects of this project including customs clearance, trans-loading, unloading on ground.

Mr. Lunden further adds, “We had to execute the entire process before the Chinese May Day holidays. This is why we had to complete the China border procedures such as transit customs clearance within one hour before border closure due to the long holiday break. This shipment was indeed a complex one but the experience and expertise of our team enabled us to execute the project without any problem!”

Congratulations to Tuushin LLC and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!



Airsea International is offering Fiscal Representation solutions for their clients

They are providing a full service from the arrival of the goods, the VAT recovery and pick & pack services with well known retail companies in France and Europe

Airsea International, Conqueror member in Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon and Havre, France, has been providing Fiscal Representation solutions for their clients in France and several European countries. “We started this service 35 years ago as the fiscal representative for Geoffrey Been perfume and cosmetics. Presently, our Fiscal Representation solutions are helping several companies in France with transactions and import/export of goods in Europe,” says Max Hatchwell the Managing Director of Airsea.

Airsea International-independent freight forwarder
Fiscal representation solutions of Airsea International


Their innovative Fiscal Representation solutions are allowing their clients to manage their VAT disbursements and enter new markets while complying with the VAT regulations. Additionally, their services enables the companies to monitor and legally coordinate the accounting entries and declarations. Their service area encompasses stock management, order dispatching, and handling specialized items like masks, cosmetics and digital items. Moreover, they are also experts in FBA trading.

“With over 35 years of experience in providing valuable Fiscal Representation solutions for a wide range of companies, we know exactly what it takes to take charge of the import,  recover the VAT and do the necessary with the customs and income tax for our clients. Lastly, I would request my fellow CQR members to check out this short video we have created,” adds Max Hatchwell.

Congratulations to Airsea International and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!



Coqueror members will be awarded with a 5% rebate on subscription fees for their first year on xChange

Container xChange provides a neutral platform for container owners and users to collaborate easily and efficiently

Conqueror Freight Network has upgraded its partnership with xChange to provide the members an exclusive offer in the form of a rebate for the first year subscription.  Moreover, this upgrade will also enable members join different advantages to make the most of xChange services.

The aim of xChange is to provide a neutral platform for container owners and users to collaborate easily and efficiently. Additionally, it connects global container logistics to take the hassle out of owning and transporting container equipment.  As a Conqueror member, you will enjoy an exclusive member benefit receiving a 5% rebate on subscription fees for your first year on xChange. Use the referral code: CONQXC21 at onboarding to qualify.

Click HERE to search for empty containers



Container xChange helps you lease, buy and sell containers in more than 2500 locations worldwide. Currently, 600+ small to mid-size companies as well as large enterprises are using their neutral online platform. They are helping these companies to gain market transparency, avoid demurrage and detention charges, and increase their flexibility. They cover the entire transaction process, from finding new partners to managing payments and even tracking containers.

If you may need any further information about xChange, arrange a demo with their team or directly reach out their contact person Jedida Ravindran

Conqueror London opens a temperature controlled warehouse

This warehouse will primarily be used for live animals shipments and for any other cargo requiring the maintenance of set temperatures

Brooklands International Freight Services Ltd, Conqueror member in London, United Kingdom, has opened up a new temperature-controlled warehouse. Their new warehouse is located at London Heathrow Airport. The air-conditioned warehouse has four separate temperature-controlled internal rooms that are not chilled but 10 degrees up. Besides, each of these rooms have individual settings. Each room can hold 2 PAG sized airline pallets. Additionally, they have handling facilities allowing them to build or break down airline pallets of cargo.

Warehouse - International freight forwarders

The rooms are ideal for live animals or other cargo requiring set temperatures to be maintained. As stated by Dennis O’Driscoll, the Managing Director of CQR London, “We also have a temperature-controlled roller bed truck capable of carrying 2 airline pallets so we can now deliver cargo at required temperature to the airlines nearby. This is in addition to our standard warehouse in Redhill near Gatwick Airport and London area. Our Conqueror partners in need of temperature-controlled shipment in and around London can contact us for first-rate services!”

Congratulations to Brooklands International on their new warehouse and all the best for their future projects!