Conqueror’s March Newsletter is loaded with news, interviews, and insights from the transportation and logistics industry

The first edition of Conqueror’s quarterly newsletters for 2022 can now be viewed and downloaded from the website

Conqueror Freight Network’s March newsletter for 2022 is now published. It is available for viewing and downloading from the Newsletter section of the Conqueror website. The newsletter comes packed with all the latest news, interviews, reports, and articles from the network and the industry.

Conqueror Freight Network- largest logistics network
Conqueror’s March Newsletter


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The newsletter features all the news about the latest achievements of Conqueror members in Penang, Athens/Piraeus, Amsterdam, and Dhaka. Furthermore, there is a very interesting report about the Container Availability Index in ports across the world. In the interview with Anibal Diego, Conqueror’s Membership Development Coordinator, he talks about his experiences at Conqueror, the network’s 10th Anniversary, the benefits of members in terms of sales, and much more.

Moreover, the newsletter also includes a page about the participation of Conqueror in the Logistics Business Show. Additionally, it comes with all the details of Conqueror’s newly launched Online Academy. The post on ‘Debunking the myths of online education’ informs how remote learning can help freight forwarders reach their career goals.

The sector news in focus is on the transformation of India into a logistical powerhouse. Furthermore, there is a list of news headlines from the logistics sector. Last but not the least, this newsletter has an useful article about the handling of abandoned containers.

Send us the news about your latest achievements to feature them in our upcoming newsletter.


Conqueror Barcelona saves a life by moving an urgent shipment of bone marrow

They shipped the bone marrow required for a transplant by air from Spain to Germany

Airtransa SA, Conqueror member in Barcelona, Spain, has recently moved a lifesaving shipment consisting of human bone marrow. They transported the delicate shipment via air freight from Barcelona to Frankfurt, Germany. The sensitive cargo was sent from the United States to Valencia, Spain, for additional treatment. Afterward, it was sent from Valencia to Madrid by an exclusive truck. Finally, from Madrid, Airtransa exported it to Frankfurt via Barcelona by air.

The shipment required a lot of effort on the part of CQR Barcelona who had to coordinate with different parties like the carrier, terminal, airline, etc. Additionally, they had to confirm with the terminal to not x-ray the cargo because of its delicate nature. For this, they had to obtain a letter from the clinic declaring the sensitivity of the cargo before requesting exemption from an x-ray.

As stated by Dimos Economeas, the Business Development Manager of Airtransa, “It was a complicated operation in terms of timing as there were too many things to consider. Nevertheless, we made it happen! We are delighted to have successfully executed a shipment that could potentially save a life.”

Airtransa SA- independent freight forwarder
Bone marrow shipment by Airtransa

Congratulations to Airtransa for successfully moving this lifesaving shipment!


Conqueror offers a new online certificate attesting to the membership of the agents

Conqueror members can download the certificate from the Members Area of the website

Conqueror Freight Network is presently offering an online certificate that corroborates the membership of the network agents. They have made available this online certificate to provide better accessibility to the network’s intranet from where members can obtain the soft copy of this certification. Precisely for this reason, Conqueror’s IT team has put together a new section in their intranet. The online certification also comes with the date when the network accepted the member.

Conqueror's Online Certificate- freight forwarding network
Conqueror’s Online Certificate


In the words of Conqueror President and Founder Antonio Torres, “As the largest exclusive freight network of the world, we only accept the most professional, reliable and financially solvent companies to our network who need to pass a rigorous selection process. With this certificate, our members will be able to confirm their expertise and competence that allowed them to become a part of our network. Furthermore, this official certificate of membership forms a part of our digitization endeavours that facilitate every aspect of our member’s work.

Conqueror members can download and print the soft copy of this document from the Members Area. They just have to access Conqueror’s intranet, and click on the “Certificate” tab and download it from the Dashboard.


Conqueror Hangzhou moves 693 Kg of sliced fruit from China to The Netherlands by airfreight

The cargo consisting of yellow and green lemon and orange slices was moved via Yangtze River Express

Domax Logistics Co Ltd, Conqueror member in Hangzhou, China, moved a delicate perishable shipment. They transported the cargo of slices of oranges and yellow and green lemons from Shanghai to Amsterdam via air freight.

Domax Logistics-independent freight forwarder
Perishable shipment by Domax Logistics


As explained by Mr. Bruce Li, General Manager of Domax Logistics, “Although the concept of transporting perishables seems simple enough, it involves many complications. This is because the slightest loophole in the transportation process could spoil the food products. We believe time is the key factor in these kinds of shipments. For this reason, we made all the preparations round the clock to ensure the delivery professionally and safely. To make sure that the cargo stays fresh and intact, we had to take several things into account like packaging, temperature, humidity, and other factors.”

Additionally, Domax had to provide some specific documentation like Phytosanitary Certificate to the customs authorities. Phytosanitary certificates are issued to indicate that consignments of some regulated articles meet the specified phytosanitary import requirements. It also certifies that the goods conform with the certifying statement of the appropriate model certificate. These include commodities such as plants, bulbs, tubers, or seeds for propagation, fruits and vegetables, cut flowers and branches, grain, and growing medium.

“We are a young enterprise with an experienced team. Most of our staff have more than 10 years experience in the logistics industry. This combined with our precise and exclusive services allows us to efficiently handle delicate and complex shipments like this one,” adds Mr. Li.

Congratulations to Domax Logistics and all the best for their future endeavours!

Conqueror Piraeus/Athens moves an oversized cargo of 35 tons with Mafi equipment

The cargo which had a volume of 150 CBM primarily consisted of tanks and boilers

C.V.Maragos International Forwarding, Conqueror member in Piraeus / Athens, Greece, recently shipped oversize tanks and boilers. They moved this 150 CBM cargo from Athens City Limits to Piraeus Port, with permits of special inland transportation, onward to West Africa via two Mafi equipment.

CV Maragos -independent freight forwarder
Oversized shipment by CV Maragos


This oversized shipment consisted of a system of feed water tank thermal insulation, condensate collection tank, heat recovery boiler, and peripheral spares. Conqueror Athens was responsible for all aspects of this shipment including pickup, crane use, lashing / securing on the platforms, export custom formalities, and their sea transportation, via a RoRo service and several liner containers.

CV Maragos- independent freight forwarder
Latest project by CV Maragos


As stated by Mr. Vlasis Maragos, the General Manager of Conqueror Piraeus/Athens, “Our 40 years of market experience has allowed our company to manage this complicated project with professionalism and excellence. We apply our philosophy of premium quality services and premium customer care to every domestic and international shipment we handle, no matter the kind of cargo.”

CV Maragos- independent freight forwarder
Conqueror Piraeus/Athens oversized shipment


Congratulations to CV Maragos and all the best for their future endeavours!


Conqueror to offer online freight forwarding courses in partnership with CIFFA and Container xChange

Conqueror members can now join freight forwarding courses along with a SOC Container Masterclass

Conqueror has established a partnership with the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association and Container xChange. Due to this agreement, these two internationally recognized associations are now offering members two freight forwarding courses and a SOC Container Masterclass. The objective of this online e-learning platform is to allow agents to upgrade their skills and knowledge base by training their employees. The courses are ideal for both newcomers in the sector and professional forwarders who want to upgrade their know-how and expertise.

freight forwarding courses- Conqueror Freight Network
freight forwarding courses


Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network, is proud to present the courses. According to him, “In an industry that is constantly evolving, independent freight forwarders must permanently renovate their knowledge. Additionally, the emerging demands in logistics require further specialization and value-added services in freight forwarding operations. This is why we have created Conqueror’s online academy to help members up-skill their team right from their home or office.”

The Academic providers

The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association is a certified training provider. They have over 60 years of experience in education. CIFFA education programs are designed by industry experts. Moreover, their courses seek to provide students with the highest level of quality and professional services.

Container xChange is a neutral online platform used by 600+ small to mid-size as well as large companies. Their main aim is to make these companies gain market transparency, avoid detention charges and find trusted partners. They offer a wide range of training material enabling forwarders to better comprehend the topic of the leasing container industry.

The Courses

The CIFFA course on International Transportation and Trade will educate the agents about several aspects of this sector. This includes the fundamentals of international logistics, risk management by selecting the appropriate Incoterm, freight rate, and load shipment calculation. It also covers other vital topics like the types of equipment and paperwork used in the transportation and logistics industry. The registration of this course is already opened. It will start on 1st April and will end on 30th March.

The second course, Essentials of Freight Forwarding, offers lessons on a wide variety of freight topics. Some of the subjects covered are international payment methods, cargo insurance, commercial documents, export packaging, cargo security, alternative transport solutions, etc. Registration for this course will open on 14th June.

The SOC Container Masterclass provided by Container xChange is a comprehensive freight forwarding course about handling Shipper Owned Containers. Agents who register for one of the CIFFA courses will get free access to this Masterclass.

Course participants can complete the course at their desired speed within 3 months. Moreover, the fully interactive courses with video and audio lessons and practical exercises create a productive online learning experience. CIFFA provides students with a downloadable e-textbook, that is fully searchable and has text-to-speech capability. Additionally, they provide online lessons and exercises to complement their learning. Once the training is accomplished, students will receive a certificate.


Conqueror partners with Logistics Business Show, that will take place from 15th to 17th March

Andrea Martin, Conqueror’s FreightViewer Coordinator, will participate in one of the Roundtable Panel Discussions

Conqueror Freight Network has partnered with Logistics Business Show– an international online exhibition and conference for the logistics and materials handling industry. Logistics Business Show will provide an interactive platform for professionals involved in transportation, logistics, warehousing, materials handling, and other supply chain services. The exhibition will allow visitors to source products online, and request quotes. Additionally, the visitors will get to watch the conference and meet the exhibitors on video calls and chats. The second edition of this event will take place in October. Over 5000 industry professionals have confirmed their attendance for the March and October events.

Logistics Business Show
Logistics Business Show – Conqueror Freight Network


The Logistics Business Show will take place from 15th to 17th of March. Andrea Martin, Conqueror’s FreightViewer Coordinator, will speak at the Roundtable titled ‘Road Transport Challenges’. The Panel Discussion will then be broadcasted live at their show on Tuesday 15th March at 10.00 am UK/11.00 am CET.

Other topics for the round table include- Software for Real-Time Visibility, Automation Systems in the Distribution Centre, Robotics Affordability & AI, Delivery WISMO & Inventory Management, Warehouse Worker Health & Safety, Track & Trace: Rugged Mobile, Sustainable Supply Chains, Forklift Innovation & Components.

Registering for the event will allow participants to meet and talk with 5000 international logistics decision-makers. Moreover, they will be able to schedule live video calls and chats with the exhibitors. Event participants will also get to source and purchase products and solutions and ask questions to the panelist speakers. Lastly, it will allow the attendees to enhance their industry networking and listen to the opinions of industry experts.

Conqueror members can register for this event by clicking on this link.

Conqueror Hangzhou boosts the LCL/AIR export within the network

Domax Logistics Co. Ltd. cooperated with several network members to move airfreight shipments to Europe and Africa

Domax Logistics, Conqueror member in Hangzhou was founded on 10th September 2009. Their core business is airfreight and during the last year, they cooperated with many CQR members to move several LCL air projects boosting the business within the network.

Domax Logistics - independent freight forwarder
Collaboration shipment of Domax Logistics


One of the members they have recently cooperated with was C.V.Μ. International, Conqueror member in Athens/Piraeus. They moved an FCL export of a 20/40 container from China to Lagos by sea. Additionally, together with Incotrans, they carried out an export of HM 325 Manual Microtome which contained batteries. This was an air freight shipment that was moved from Shanghai to Lisbon.

“In Domax, we understand that different regional airports have different operational requirements, so we adapt to rapid customs clearance, and arrange the deliveries efficiently. Additionally, we believe that Conqueror has very reliable and professional members and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with many of them and contribute to the increase of the business within the network”.

Congratulations to Domax Logistics and all the best for their future endeavours!

FENEX appoints the Managing Director of GDF Netherlands BV as a board member

The Dutch Freight Forwarders Association enables the members to conduct their business and serve their clients competently, efficiently and under the most favourable circumstances

Inver Gase, the Managing Director of GDF Netherlands B.V, Conqueror member in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has been recently designated as a board member of FENEX. FENEX is the representative body for freight forwarders and logistic services providers in The Netherlands. He was appointed on October 7th, 2021 and since then he has been a part of the board of the organization.

GDF Netherlands B.V- independent freight forwarder
GDF Netherlands B.V- independent freight forwarder


In the words of Mr. Gase, “Being already a board member of Air Cargo Netherlands, I want to contribute to FENEX with my knowledge. My thirty years of experience in the airfreight sector will also help me in this regard. Moreover, I am very happy to have become a part of this respectable organization. I am certain that as a FENEX member we will get a lead in the sector. It will allow us to provide better services to our clients and partners.”

Congratulations to GDF Netherlands and all the best for their upcoming projects!

The Managing Director of Conqueror Dhaka gets elected as the Vice President of BAFFA

Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association was established in 2010 to protect, promote, and safeguard the interests of freight forwarding companies in Bangladesh

Nurul Amin, the Managing Director of Tower Freight Logistics Ltd, Conqueror member in Bangladesh, Dhaka, gets appointed the Vice President of Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association- BAFFA.

Tower Freight-freight forwarder in Bangladesh
Mr. Nurul Amin – The Vice President of BAFFA
BAFFA held the election for the Board of Directors on 30 December. The event took place simultaneously in Dhaka and Chattogram where they elected Mr. Amin, as the Director for the  4th consecutive term.

Tower Freight started its journey in 2000. They established themselves as a leading logistics company providing air/sea freight services. Additionally, they also provide consolidation, customs brokerage, warehousing and inland transportation services.

To quote Mr. Amin, “My election as the Vice President of BAFFA will allow me to once again represent our industry’s interest. I am confident that my 37 years of experience in this sector will allow me to carry out this role to the best of my ability.”

Congratulations to Tower Freight Logistics and all the best for their upcoming projects!