CQR Lagos become TRACE certified

TRACE has successfully completed a TRACE Certification due diligence review of Conqueror’s agent in Lagos, Nigeria

Trace has certified the company’s commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions.

TRACE works with companies to establish effective compliance programs tailored to address the unique circumstances of each company and designed to mitigate specific risks.

It is clear that an effective anti-bribery compliance programme not only provides companies with a defence against liability, but also assures shareholders, partners and clients that the organization operates transparently and ethically.

Members can be more confident than ever with regard to CQR Lagos!

CQR Lagos in double celebration

CQR Lagos, Fortune Global Shipping and Logistics has been voted 10th in “50 Fastest Growing Companies in Nigeria.”

Criteria for selection includes:

  • Annual growth rate
  • Revenue generated
  • Quality of products and services
  • Number of employees.

It should be noted that one key factor in the success of this award was its standard annual growth rate of 617%! Fortune Global Shipping, which was founded in 2006, has gone from strength to strength and this award confirms what we already know, that CQR Lagos is a strong, growing company which provides a high quality service to both its local and international partners and clients.

Now the title of this news says a double celebration; here comes part two.

CQR Lagos has added another string to its bow by being recently Accredited/Licensed by the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority {NNRA} to handle Customs processes and Transport/Haulage of Radioactive Cargoes (DG Class 7). The approval was based on a successful assessment report after a rigorous selection process.

This accreditation puts Fortune into a unique group of organizations, which number only a few, entrusted with the handling of highly specialized/technical cargoes.

We would like to congratulate CQR Lagos on both achievements and invite all members with shipments in Nigeria to get in touch with the team, especially those who deal with radioactive sources in Nigeria.

Eric Opah / CEO