Interview with CQR Geneva

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4 years since opening its doors, our member in Geneva has secured its position not only in the regular freight market but also in the time-sensitive and event shipping markets

Managing Director, Thierry Moreno recently spoke with us about these niche areas and what prompted him to start the company in the beginning.

international logistics
international logistics

Q. Can you tell us how you got into the FF industry and what prompted you to start NV Log? 

A. I began my freight forwarding career in 1989 as a young 18 year old apprentice. Switzerland has a culture of freight forwarding and such a profession is not as rare as elsewhere. I worked for medium and large forwarders in their operations departments, as a sales representative and then Director of the seafreight & crosstrade department at the former leading company DANZAS, acquired by Deutsche Poste / DHL in 1999.

After 10 years with DHL Global Forwarding as a sales representative and Director of seafreight/crosstrade department I decided to start my own business. I was tired of passing the time issuing internal reports and fighting to implement new ideas. I wanted to go back to the heart of logistics and created NV Logistics in 2010.

Q. Can you tell us about the ‘VITAL LOGISTICS’ branch of NV Log? 

A. Vital Logistics is one of our most promising niche markets. In 2011, I recognized the biotechnology and medical industry as a way to develop my business. For any freight forwarder wanting to start in this area, I would warn them that they should not underestimate how costly in both time and money it is.

After developing and implementing our own quality system to comply with the European GDP’s, in late 2012 we obtained the Swissmedic (Swiss FDA) authorization to store therapeutic goods in early 2013.

Since spring 2014, we have started gaining new clients from this very demanding industry. It took almost 3 years to achieve this and the only way to recoup the large investment (cold room, freezers, temperature controlled vehicles, thermo loggers, passive packaging etc.) is to have regular existing business. Our ultimate aim is to compete and if possible surpass the high quality standards of the two actual leaders in this niche market, Worldcourier and Marken.

Q. With terrorism in the forefront of every government’s minds, how does NV Log ensure complete security when shipping hazardous and biopharmaceutical materials?

A. Failure is not an option! When a patients’ life is in your hands for example, we must ensure the highest quality which means anticipating more than just reacting to issues. We monitor not only the position of every single vehicle from our fleet with GPS systems but also inside temperature, humidity and conditions. For the most critical transport of category A virus or bacteria, we also monitor the exact routing of the vehicle and any deviations are immediately identified in real time 24/24 and 7/7. Also staff selection and training is a huge key to success!

Q. Another niche area which NV Log operates in is Events Logistics, when did this begin? 

A. Events Logistics is our baby. It began life as one of our other niche areas at the request of one of our clients, the Geneva Opera. We organized their Mexican tour in 2013 with 2 x 40′ for their Monterrey and Mexico shows. Thanks to the success of this project, we decided to promote this service to other clients in this industry as well.

Q. What is the key to success in Events Logistics? 

A. With each project, we gain valuable experience and experience is the key. This is experience which allows us to anticipate issues. Despite all the preparation and forethought, issues still pop up and this is again our experience that will permit us to properly manage them. Here again, failure is not an option!

Although only 4 years old, NV Log has certainly had a meteoric rise and we can’t wait to see where they will be in another 4.