CQR Tel Aviv ships USD 175,000,000 of aircraft engines

CQR Tel Aviv,  is proud to announce that it has successfully carried out the shipping of 35 X P&W Aircraft Engines from Israel to Kansas City, Missouri on behalf of Pratt and Whitney in the USA

Each engine was valued at USD 5,000,000 giving the total shipment value of USD175, 000,000.

international logistics
international logistics

The Jacky Line team was hired to collect the engines from the shipper, load by crane and stuff them onto 5×20’ Flat Racks and 15×40’ Flat Racks. They were also responsible for the lashing material, lashing and security, covering the cargo with tarpaulin covers as well as getting the shipment ready for the surveyor check and approval. And of course, let’s not forget the booking with the shipping line and securing large quantities of flats from Israel to the USA.

The successful shipping of project cargo like this proves that an independent freight forwarder can provide as good a service if not better than that of a multinational. Jacky Line certainly lives up to its reputation as an ‘independent force in shipping.’