Interview with CQR Venice

Stante, which operates as CQR Venice, is one of the ‘big’ players in the international forwarding and logistics market and since its inception it has continually grown year on year; now employing in excess of 150 people.logistics companies Recently we sat down with Managing Director Riccardo Stocco to find out more about the company and the secret to its longevity.

Q. Could you tell us a little about Stante’s history and when you joined the company?

A. The business was founded almost 40 years ago by Robert Stante and it has stayed in the family with the next generation following in his footsteps. The Venice office opened a decade ago and I became involved 5 years later.

Q. What sets Stante apart from other Freight Forwarders?

A. Great customer service! At Stante we believe in being clear about exactly what that entails, so we came up with a 3 pronged customer service ‘value system’.

1. Constant improvements and innovation in the services we offer.

2.Constant quality control monitoring of internal and external systems.

3. Listening to the needs of our customers in order to build lasting relationships with them.

Q. How are these values translated into every day operations at the company?

A. I could give many examples so let me explain one which is more recent. It is the opening of a new ID office where we will implement new software and technology that will then be offered to our customers.

Q. As well as offering your clients ‘every-day’ forwarding services, does Stante specialise in handling certain shipments and what would be your most memorable?

A. We offer 360 degree services and solutions along with legal assistance and customs services in import and export. We readily handle shipments which require special equipment to load them and those which are oversize. Probably the most memorable was a break bulk shipment of 3500 ton, 4500 m3 from the North of Italy to Azerbaijan (via Mersin Port – Turkey). Although the actual goods didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor, the size certainly did!

Q. Stante has been a member of Conqueror since 2011 and has just renewed its membership for the coming year. Why did you choose to join Conqueror as opposed to other networks and what benefits does being part of this global network bring to your company?

A. The exclusivity was definitely an attraction as it has given us the opportunity to be on a level playing field with our competitors. Furthermore with a limited number of agents, we can strike the right balance between competition and opportunity, and the development of lasting relationships.

It is clear that with such a well-established position in the industry and customers at the core of all operations, Stante can only go from strength to strength.


Interview with CQR Lima

International Freight Shipping S.A.C. is a comprehensive logistics solution provider based out of Peru. With its high-quality consultancy, project cargo, integrated logistics and NVOCC cargo consolidation services, IFS International has established a name for itself in both the domestic and international freight market.

In an interview, Yovanna Llerena, Managing Director at IFS International, reveals to us their private mantra and the secret to their success.

Q: What motivated you to enter the freight forwarding industry? How long have you been associated with IFS International?

A: The freight industry always appeared to be an area of immense potential to me. Right after finishing college, I became sure this was where I had to find my career path!

I established IFS 12 years ago and I have never looked back!

Q: How do you think IFS International is different from other freight companies in Peru?

A: I think what distinguishes us from other freight companies in Peru, is the fact that we offer high-quality consultancy, paired with excellent logistics services. We also exploit technology to the utmost and are always on the lookout for novel innovations.

Q: What kind of shipment does your company mostly handle?

A: While we handle all kinds of shipments, IFS has carved a niche for itself in dealing with LCL and Project cargo.

Q: How important do you think the value of “trust” is for your organization? How do you ensure IFS lives up to the trust your clients place in you?

A: At IFS, we put a lot of emphasis on the “human” factor, which means we don’t see our clients as customers with needs to be met but as people who place their “trust” in us. It then becomes imperative for us to live up to that trust.

All the staff at IFS work with immense “co-operation” to keep this trust intact and that is why we have a 24/7 working environment, where a client can get in touch with our staff at any time

Q: How do you ensure that quality is maintained in all services provided by IFS International?

A: To ensure maximum quality control, we keep our infrastructure equipped with the most up-to-date communication system. This aids us in exercising maximum control over all procedures, while also helping us to provide excellent customer service.

Q: Your website claims that IFS employs stringent security policies. Can you elaborate more on this and also explain why this is so important?

A: The Latin American freight market has a complex structure and plenty of room for loopholes in security.

We need efficient security policies to be able to provide high-quality yet extremely secure services. For this reason, we keep our security policies up-to-date at all times, while also performing regular internal audits. Our BASC certification also assists a lot in this regard.

With such fool-proof security and quality control policies, IFS International is guaranteed to climb higher up the ladder of success. But what is sure to keep them gaining maximum mileage in the race for better business, is their devotion to their customers who, for them, aren’t just people but, as Yovanna Llerena puts it, people who place their “trust” in IFS International!

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