Doosan Heavy Industry chooses CQR Ho Chi Minh

For the final quarter of 2013, CQR Ho Chi Minh transported Doosan’s oversized shipments from Haiphong to Busan

Using 40′ flat rack containers, the team successfully arranged the shipping of structural steel (Dim: 11.7m x 4.00m x 1.90m / GW: 26-33MT. per container) with the shipping lines HANJIN and CK Line.

“On first glance, this shipment seemed quite straightforward, however, the cargo was 4m over-width and we were requested to place it under below deck and not stacked with other cargo to avoid damage. But our team is experienced enough to meet any requests and overcome any issues,” explained Vice CEO, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dung.

Handle with care

During late 2013, CQR Penang, shipped tanks, clarifier, bio filtration systems and accessories and parts on HUB Line on behalf of Earth Care Environmental Technology to Bali via Surabaya for reworking.

Manager, Chandran Kanan, explained the specific challenges to this shipment. “Firstly, the stuffing into the high cube had to be done with care and patience as there was only a 60mm width and length clearance for the tank and they were made of fibre-glass which is prone to cracking if handled wrongly or knocked.”

This attention to detail when stuffing is crucial as the team aims to make the ‘unstuffing’ as easy as possible for customers.