CQR Newcastle handles Antonov 124 and its 68 ton cargo

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When one of the leading world renowned project forwarders needed a UK partner to handle an incoming Antonov 124-100 charter flight carrying a 68-ton rotor from the USA to East Midlands Airport in the UK, they turned to CQR Newcastle, Union Transport Ltd.

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The cargo was due to arrive at 5am one Saturday morning and had to be delivered to a power station in South Wales 12 hours later. Time was of the essence; especially as a considerable 6 figure sum in Customs Duty and VAT had to be paid to UK Customs before clearance, so the team planned the discharge well in advance. In addition, CQR Newcastle pre-arranged security passes, 2 x 120 ton mobile cranes, handling, a heavy haulage low loader and escort vehicles.

The cargo was unloaded from the Antonov, reloaded onto the heavy haulage trailer and on its way by 12 noon with 5 hours to get to its destination, 150 miles away in South Wales. Now, we can all do the basic maths that at 60 MPH, it should only take 2 hours 30 minutes, but the low loader at this weight had a top speed of 40 MPH, taking the expected journey time up to just under 4 hours, not leaving a lot of room for hold-ups or detours.

To the relief of CQR Newcastle, the delivery went without a hitch and the rotor and its new owner were united right on-time. While the Union team were occupied ensuring a trouble free delivery, the clients were fully confident that their goods were in the best hands. They knew they were getting a team with 25 years in the business, leaving no doubt as to the success of this delivery.