UK Haulier is talking about Conqueror

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Conqueror, the world’s first virtual multinational, is now an official partner to industry exhibitions worldwide

freight forwarder
freight forwarder

Designed to bring small and medium sized independent forwarders together to compete with the big multinationals, Conqueror understands the need to spread the name of their global brand to their members potential clients and partners.

“Conqueror is an attractive option for shippers who seek the service quality that only independent local agents provide, combined with the global scope, dimensions, and competitiveness of a large multinational group. Our international campaign publicizing the brand stresses the quality of our membership and the discipline of our organization,” explained Antonio Torres, Managing Director.

Currently the network has coverage in 193 cities in 97 countries and employs more than 15,000 people. Conqueror is a member of ELITE, the industry’s only recognized grouping of quality independent freight forwarder networks, representing over 3,550 companies with annual revenues in excess of US$60 billion.