CQR Tel Aviv transports ammunition for Dutch defense ministry

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The Jacky Line Project Department’s special team has successfully completed the transportation of five trailers full load of ammunition from a remote location in Israel up to Ben-Gurion (TLV) International airport for the Dutch Defense

The handling of the trailers necessitated special road movement licenses with round the clock coordination with all local official authorities, such as police and army escort under the full supervision of local customs and airport authorities .The period this took place was on the eve of a local holiday in September when all of Israel shuts down.

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

“We were up against an inflexible timeframe to load the sensitive cargo on the special full charter cargo aircraft to fly from TLV airport. The holiday would be beginning in just a few hours when the local airport authorities would impose flight restrictions,” said Albert Benezra, Air Freight Development Manager.

“This was definitely one of the team’s most challenging and stressful projects handled in recent years especially as the notice given was extremely short to say the least, but as always they stepped up and completed it in time,” said Albert.