Conqueror member in Budapest and Koper goes on a joy ride!

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Hunicorn International Forwarding Co. Ltd has hauled a number of roller coasters from Hungary all the way to China

Hunicorn International Forwarding Co. Ltd, Conqueror member in Budapest, Hungary, and Koper, Slovenia, has recently transported an OOG shipment from Hungary to China. The shipment which travelled both by air and ocean route consisted of a few roller coasters which were meant for an amusement park in China.

partner with logistics company
partner with logistics company

β€œIt is not every day that we have to ship roller coasters and therefore this has been quite a significant project for us”, says Mr. Ganesh Hariharan, Export and Sales Manager of Hunicorn International.

Mr. Hariharan further added, “Transporting this shipment had been a rather daunting task since the load consisted of eleven 40’ OT containers and we had to make use of special cranes for uploading and downloading the OOG cargo.”

Congratulations to Hunicorn International Forwarding for a job well done!