Blink Logistics has been chosen for the distribution of solar panels and vaccine refrigerators all over Uganda

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This project is funded and undertaken by UNICEF and the Ministry of Health in Uganda

Blink Logistics Limited, Conqueror Juba (South Sudan) and Kampala (Uganda), is handling a very significant project for the Ministry of Health in Uganda. They will be moving solar panels and vaccine refrigerators and delivering them at various health centre sites all over the country. The remote location of the health centres has made this project quite a challenging one.

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

“Regardless of the poor road networks and poor weather conditions, our team is doing their job successfully. The health care centres are located in remote areas which are yet another challenge for us. I am proud of my teammates who are putting forth their best efforts to conclude the project without a hitch,” says Barbara Nakandi Ampereza, Principal Commercial Executive of Blink Logistics.

Congratulations to Blink Logistics!