Conqueror Los Angeles coordinated the discharging of a yacht directly into the water

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UCM’s staff worked diligently to ensure that all documentation and customs processes were in order before the vessel’s arrival

United Cargo Management, Conqueror member in Los Angeles, USA, has carried out a project involving the movement of a yacht and discharging it directly into the water. The whole process took about an hour and a half. “During the COVID-19 many people used the opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. We assisted one of our more fortunate customers who procured a yacht to enjoy nature while maintaining social distancing!” says Mr. Leo Hu, the General Sales Manager of United Cargo Management.

sea freight and logistics services
sea freight and logistics services

Equipped with the knowledge and expertise in port operations, the UCM team assisted with all the aspects of preplanning and terminal coordination with the port captain on all necessary documents and schedules. They also arranged for discharging crew to have access to the terminal for boarding the vessel and prepare for its direct discharge. Mr. Hu further stated, “Accompanied by UCM staff, the discharge crew successfully unloaded the yacht onto water all ready for her maiden voyage”.

Congratulations to UCM for the speedy execution of this project!