Conqueror Muscat & Sohar branches out to the hospitality and tourism industry

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They are presently investing in a 4-star resort in a hill station in Southern India

Vestal Shipping and Logistics LLC, Conqueror member in Muscat and Sohar, Oman, has invested in building a 4-star hotel. This hotel is located in Munnar, Southern India. Munnar is a hill station in Kerala famous for its green rolling hills and tea gardens.  In the words of Raj Nair, the Director of Vestal Shipping, “We inaugurated the property on the 20th August. The opening ceremony which was attended by many of my industry peers went exceedingly well. Additionally, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my partners, associates and clients for their blessing and constant support.””

Freight Forwarders Network - Hotel Spa

Wolkenburg Resort & Spa is a 4-star resort located on a hilltop where the weather is always pleasant. Moreover, the fantastic natural view and the misty mountains make it an ideal spot for a vacation. It comes with 32 rooms with a combination of royal suites, villas, and rooms with views.

Freight Forwarders Network - Hotel Spa

“I have always wanted to do a different business apart from my logistics business which I have been doing successfully for 25 years. However, my flourishing shipping business has allowed me to diversify the business and branch out to the hospitality sector. Lastly, I hope that with the support of our clientele, partners, and well-wishers, we can benefit from our new endeavour and move forward successfully,” adds Mr. Nair.

Congratulations to Vestal Shipping and Logistics on their new business and all the best for their upcoming projects!