Conqueror member in Odessa delivers the construction materials for repairing the Ukrainian Station located in the Antarctica

The Akademik Vernadsky station is located in the Antarctica and is used for geological and oceanographic studies

Mitridat Odessa, a Conqueror member in Odessa, Ukraine, has been chosen to participate in the delivery of the construction materials needed for repairing the buildings of the Ukrainian Antarctic Station. The station called Akademik Vernadsky is located at Marina point on Galindez Island, in the Antarctic. For the 26th year in a row, the National Ukrainian Antarctic Center has sent a team of specialists who stay at the station throughout the year. Their task is to conduct planned geological and geophysical, oceanographic and hydrometeorological studies. Additionally, they are also responsible for measuring biological, geo-spatial and other indicators, and ensuring the work of the station itself.

Conqueror Odessa- independent freight agent
Conqueror Odessa’s shipment to Antarctica

In the process of transportation, Conqueror member in Odessa has had to face some difficulties caused by coronavirus restrictions at transshipment ports. Nevertheless, despite all the obstacles, they established relations with the largest sea container lines. CQR Odessa dispatched the cargo from the port of Odessa on time. The shipment arrived at the southernmost port of Chile, Punta Arenas. From there, after reloading, it went straight to the research station.

Currently, the Akademik Vernadsky station is actively working on repair and modernization. The modernization was planned last year, but postponed due to COVID-19. In March 2021, during the rotation of polar explorers, the National Ukrainian Antarctic Center was finally able to send the necessary construction materials to the station. As the company states, “We are proud to have successfully delivered the 20-foot container shipment needed to modernize the station. Thanks to the well-coordinated actions of our team we delivered the cargo undamaged.  Moreover, it reached just in time, before the onset of the polar winter.”

Congratulations to Mitridat Odessa for taking part in this extraordinary project!