CQR Genoa ships entire luxury resort to Zanzibar

CQR Genoa has had its hands full over the past year with the handling and shipping of an entire Azemar luxury resort to Zanzibar, and the project is still going. At this point I should emphasise that they shipped everything! Tiles, paint, furniture, cutlery, plants, linen, curtains, electrical material, computers, towels, mattresses and even golf buggies. The list is endless.

Due to the variety of goods being shipped, it wasn’t as simple as ‘stick it all in a container and off you go!’ The Euromarine team took into account the nature of each product, resulting in the goods being transported in all manner of ways by sea freight(dry container, flat rack, open top and break bulk) and air freight. In addition to the shipping of these goods they were also chosen to take care of the lashing, loading, insurance, customs…basically a door to door service!
Sales Manager Laura Dallera says, “The handling and shipping of this resort has certainly shown Euromarine’s claim of being ‘a flexible organization which offers customised services tailored to the specific needs of our clients,’ to be absolutely true. Our team rose to the challenge of this mammoth task and have excelled themselves!”