CQR Shanghai opens dangerous cargo warehouse

CQR Shanghai has opened its first warehouse designed specifically to store dangerous cargo (DC)

Logistics Industry
Logistics Industry

Providing logistics solutions for DC is something that Center-Line International Co., Ltd has become proficient at over the past 9 years and the opening of this warehouse is simply the next logical step.

It is considered to be one of the largest DC specialist warehouses in China at 20,000 m2 and is conveniently located in the Pudong district of Shanghai with easy access to the Yangshan harbour, WGQ Airport and Luchao port.

CQR Shanghai’s specialist DC team provides the following services as standard:

1. Stuffing or devanning general cargo and DC cargo for export.

2. Assembling pallets, paste shipping marks, repackaging, photographing, reinforcing, paste labels, etc.

3. Picking up goods, transshipping, release containers, etc.

In addition to these standard services, CQR Shanghai’s DC team are also providing services for customs declaration, inspection declaration, fumigation, insurance, container inspection, commission for chemical identification, IMI identification and commission for dangerous package license. They can also arrange both FCL shipment and LCL shipment of DC with the class number in almost every range.

Paul C.J. Chen, Center-Line’s Overseas Coordinator had this to say, “The opening of this warehouse and the autonomy of our DC team is confirmation for us that we have really consolidated ourselves in this market.”

Conqueror would like to congratulate Center-Line on the opening of this new warehouse and invite all members with shipments in Shanghai to get in touch with the team.