Conqueror members band together for the air shipment of an Environtainer RKN t2

The shipment which was moved from Amsterdam to Shanghai contained chemicals under temperature control conditions

GDF Netherlands BV, Conqueror member in Amsterdam, Netherlands, joined forces with C-Log Worldwide, Conqueror member in Rotterdam, Netherlands, to move an Environtainer RKN t2 from Amsterdam to Shanghai, China. The Environtainer which contained chemicals weighed 550 kg and had dimensions of 120 x 100 x 120 cms.

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As stated by Inver Gase, the Managing Director of GDF Netherlands,“The Airline did a fine job and the container reached Shanghai Pudong Airport within just 24 hours. The most difficult part of this project was getting the drum security screened for which we were required to run an x-ray layer by layer.”

The pallet was loaded into the Environtainer which was moved in a temperature-controlled bunker compartment with dry-ice. “In order to ensure the safe delivery of the goods that require a very specific temperature control, you need to count with reliable partners. That is why, we are glad to have collaborated with C-Log Worldwide, since by working together, we arranged this shipment seamlessly”.

Members can check out this small video GDF Group’s team has put together to get an idea about the nature of this project.

Congratulations to both members for pulling off this collaboration project successfully!


Interview with Fleur Gase, Network Manager of CQR Amsterdam

“As the next generation of air cargo professionals, we are capable of using or inventing new tools to uplift the airfreight industry into an innovative future.”

In a section titled “The Future of Air Cargo” Schiphol Airport has interviewed Fleur Gase, the Network Manager of Reibel Air and Ocean Freight, Conqueror member in Amsterdam, among other young and female air cargo professionals. The new generation believes that collaboration, sustainability, and the use of intelligent technology is the way forward.

logistics business partner
logistics business partner

In this interview, Fleur Gase – who is 31 years old and joined the family freight forwarding business after briefly working in the media industry –gives a fresh perspective on the changes in the airfreight industry, which was traditionally male-dominated. She also emphasizes how digital technology, innovation, and more accessible career paths will make a great impact on the future of the air-cargo industry: “We are capable of using or inventing new tools to uplift the airfreight industry into a new dimension and an innovative future.”

Gase is also passionate about embracing digital technology and predicts that the future of air cargo lies in innovation. “As the next generation of air cargo professionals, we have grown up with constantly advancing technology.”

Additionally, she believes that the air cargo industry can move forward by replacing the “old boys’ network” with more accessible career paths that are open to diversity, and therefore, innovation. “One reason that air cargo does not attract many young professionals is that our industry is not sexy, but if we offer young professionals the skills and opportunities that they need to advance and work towards a bright future, then I believe that we will be able to retain more talent.” she said.

We encourage our members to check out the full interview by clicking on this link.