Conqueror Cape Town now goes by the name of Afrigo Global Logistics

Afri-Cross Global Logistics, the CQR member in Cape Town, South Africa, has changed their company name to Afrigo Global Logistics as a part of their business restructuring process

This New Year, the Conqueror member in Cape Town, South Africa, has changed their name from Afri-Cross Logistical Solutions to Afrigo Global Logistics. After the restructuring and streamlining of the business of
Afri-Cross Logistical Solutions, it was decided by the owner to merge his two businesses into one entity named Afrigo Global Logistics.

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider





“Our newly restructured and streamlined company now has an international footprint and representation, enabling us to provide a larger service portfolio. We hope that all our fellow members had a great and fruitful time at Phuket and we look forward to nurturing the newly forged relationships with our network partners,” says Karel Jan Nothnagel, the Managing Director of Afrigo Global.

Wishing Afrigo Global Logistics the very best for all their future endeavours!