Conqueror Antwerp wins the Forward Gold Label for Sustainability award

Van Moer managed to win this prize by achieving their climate targets and reducing the net carbon emissions of their operations

In a remarkable feat of environmental commitment and dedication to sustainability goals, Van Moer Forwarding BVBA, Conqueror member in Antwerp, Belgium, has been honored with the prestigious Forward Gold Label for Sustainability Award. The accolade was bestowed upon them by the association “Forward Belgium.”

Frank Van Geijt, Unit Manager Forwarding of Van Moer Forwarding, attributes their success to an unwavering commitment to the 5 Ps – People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership. This commitment allowed them to stand out in the competition as a sustainable logistics provider.

Van Moer - independent freight forwarder
Forward Gold Label for Sustainability Award won by Van Moer


Van Moer organizes every year a sport event (Tour de Van Moer) and provides the opportunity to all employees to lease a bike. Also every time an employee comes by bike, they sponsor € 1 to Bike for Life challenge in October. Moreover, Van Moer wants to reduce the CO2 by investing in Dual Fuel trucks where they convert normal trucks into dual fuel vehicles. This means this truck drives on normal fuel and hydrogen. In this way, they are reducing their fuel usage and associated emissions by up to 80%.

“We have also taken several steps to promote equality and diversity in our organization. To make a statement, the pedestrian crossing at our headquarter is a rainbow,” continues Mr. Van Geijt.

To further amplify their sustainability efforts, Van Moer has established the Van Moer Academy, offering employees opportunities for (re)education to ensure they can perform their roles safely. This initiative also facilitates smooth transitions between job functions, ensuring that each employee finds their ideal role within the company.

Congratulations to Conqueror Antwerp for their noteworthy endeavours towards sustainability!