Conqueror members can now access xChange’s container leasing and trading platform right from the Members Area

This update enables more than 260 network members to directly enter the foremost online marketplace dedicated to shipping containers

To boost the container management capabilities of its members, Conqueror Freight Network has integrated Container xChange, an online shipping container marketplace, into its Members Area. Recognized as a leading platform for container logistics, Container xChange serves as a central hub uniting key industry stakeholders to enhance container management processes, streamline booking procedures, and optimize invoicing and payments. Through the recent API implementation, over 260 freight forwarders can now directly verify container availability on this platform from the Conqueror website’s Members’ Area.

Container xChange- container logistics platform
Container xChange on Conqueror’s Intranet


Dr. Johannes Schlingmeier, co-founder and CEO of Container xChange, has emphasized a significant challenge in the container logistics sector—the sluggish adoption of technology hindering real-time analysis of pricing and leasing rates. He underscores the crucial role of harnessing big data to enable more informed decision-making. According to Dr. Schlingmeier, “Container xChange streamlines access to data, allowing industry participants to augment their experience and offline knowledge with the most up-to-date facts when making decisions.”

Container xChange addresses challenges encountered by ocean freight forwarders by optimizing container operations and decision-making through real-time data access and process automation. Furthermore, this platform enables forwarders to efficiently navigate global markets, providing access to a diverse array of over 100,000 offers across 1,500+ locations. This empowers them to secure the most favorable prices and rates. With just a few clicks, sea freight forwarders can seamlessly participate in selling and leasing containers. Additionally, it provides insights into precise container prices, one-way leasing rates, and forecasts extending up to 2 years.

Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network stated, “The recent integration is a key component of Conqueror’s digital strategy, geared towards providing members with cutting-edge technological tools in the logistics market. These capabilities, coupled with FreightViewer – Conqueror’s exclusive online quoting platform for members, will assist them in addressing the evolving demands of the current industry.”

Through the integration of this advanced container logistics platform into Conqueror’s intranet, members can anticipate a more efficient experience in handling and booking shipping containers, along with executing related processes. The inclusion of their API in the Member Area facilitates direct browser access for members to check container availability. Furthermore, in addition to having seamless access to xChange services within the Member Area, Conqueror members will enjoy a 10% discount on subscriptions to the platform.