CQR Felixstone celebrates its 10th anniversary

Ian Connell, the Director of CQR Felixstowe, would like to thank his wife, colleagues, customers and partners for being part of the achievements they have accomplished together

logistics companies
logistics companies

We are pleased to report that the CQR Felixstowe Member, Energy Freight Forwarding LTD, has celebrated their 10th Anniversary this August 2017.

Energy Freight Director Ian Connell stated: “And they said it wouldn’t last… August marks the 10th anniversary of Energy Freight. 10 years ago I sat in a very small office wondering if I’d made the right decision. A decade on, I couldn’t be happier with that decision”.

In addition, he wanted to thank his wife, Sarah-Jane, who “has been a constant with love, support & great advice over all these years”, to Simon who “has been there from the word go on this amazing adventure” and to “every single person that has worked, either past or present – you have ALL played your part and continue to do so”.

The whole team are proud of what they have accomplished over these ten years and are ready to continue to support their customers and partners with their usual top quality services. In order to implement a better communication with them, they have updated their website news section, as well as launched Facebook and Twitter pages.

Congratulations to the whole team!