Conqueror Santiago celebrates their 20th anniversary

They celebrated this occasion by visiting the Port of Valparaiso and touring the Viña del Mar with all their staff

Cronos Logistica, Conqueror member in Santiago, Chile, has completed twenty years in business. To mark this occasion, they did a tour of the Port of Valparaiso with all their team members where they had dinner. They also visited the Viña del Mar- a coastal city known for its beautiful gardens, beaches and skyscrapers.

Cronos Logistica 20th Anniversary
Cronos Logistica 20th Anniversary


Karla Benavente, the Managing Director of Conqueror Santiago says, “We have been solid, the clients that have worked with Cronos Logistica from the beginning continue to choose our services today. We have made steady progress and the key to this is personalized attention to the client and their needs.”

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Cronos Logistica prioritized the adoption of advanced digital solutions to adapt to the evolving landscape. Through technology-driven initiatives, they successfully navigated communication gaps with banks and shipping companies, ensuring uninterrupted service to their valued clients.

Cronos Logistica - independent freight forwarder
Cronos Logistica 20th Anniversary


Over these years, the company has matured significantly, fortifying its procedures and nurturing its workforce. Yet, as a company merely two decades old, they remain as dynamic as ever, determined to continually reinvent themselves and adapt to the changing times.

Congratulations to Cronos Logistica and here’s to another twenty years of success!