Conqueror Bangalore successfully moves a cargo consisting of arms and ammunition in Nepal for a United Nations project

A part of the shipment was transported to Nepal while the rest was delivered to the armed police unit in Shillong, India

Atlas Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd, Conqueror member in Bangalore, India, has recently handled a project for the United Nations successfully. The complex project included the delivery of hazardous cargo consisting of arms and ammunition in the difficult mountainous terrain of Nepal. The other shipment included vehicles, generators, and trailers which totalled 84 units to be delivered to the armed police unit in Shillong, India. In the words of Mr. Sushil Gupta, the Chairman and Managing Director of Atlas Shipping Services, “This has been a very significant project for our company especially considering the fact that this challenging project was entrusted to our team by the United Nations!”

logistics companies
logistics companies

The veterans and experts of CQR Bangalore organized all documents relating to clearance & exemption for a hassle-free delivery. The entire supply chain management was supervised by the professional team of Atlas Shipping including the discharge from vessel, loading on trailer, loading & securing of the cargo and more. “Every step was diligently planned until the delivery of the goods at site. We believe that the success of the project lies in the well-structured planning and road/site survey conducted by our team before the execution of the logistics.” adds Mr. Gupta.

Congratulations to Atlas Shipping and Services for handling this important project successfully!

Conqueror member in Bangalore and Pune, India, is about to participate in the Antwerp XL Trade Fair

The Antwerp Expo will feature over 100 leading break bulk companies which will take care of the break bulk cargo requirements

Atlas Shipping Services Pvt Ltd, the Conqueror member in Bangalore and Pune, India, is about to take part in the Antwerp XL Trade Fair to be held from 7th -9th May, 2019 at Antwerp, Belgium. As stated by Neeta Shukla, the HR Manager of Atlas Shipping, “We invite you to be our VIP guest at Antwerp XL. This event is putting the logistics of break bulk, RoRo and heavy lift back at the heart of the conversation,”

partner with logistics company
partner with logistics company

The VIP guests of Atlas shipping will be getting exclusive access to the VIP lounge for refreshments and snacks, an invitation to the networking events in the evening, free access to the full 2 day programme and a VIP invitation to bring along a colleague. Conqueror members who are willing to attend the event are requested to get in touch with Atlas Shipping Services.

Wishing Atlas Shipping Services all the best for this upcoming event!