Conqueror Casablanca moves an 80 tons dryer from Turkey to Morocco

They moved the ocean freight shipment in a 50 ft MAFI container and transported it on a low bed truck to the final destinationA


Locofreight, Conqueror member in Casablanca, Morocco, has successfully orchestrated the transportation of an 80-ton dryer from Autoport, Turkey, to Casablanca, Morocco. The intricate ocean freight operation involved utilizing a 50 ft MAFI container complemented by a meticulously planned journey on a low bed truck to reach the final destination in the south of Morocco.

Locofreight - Conqueror Casablanca
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The massive cargo, with dimensions of 12.82 x 3.60 x 3.80 meters, presented unique challenges that required careful handling and strategic coordination. Locofreight’s team took charge of the lashing and securing process, prioritizing the safety of the cargo. Additionally, they implemented protective measures such as plastic covering to safeguard the material throughout the journey.

Locofreight project cargo
Project cargo shipment by Locofreight


To quote Mbarek Id Lahcen, the Marketing Manager of Locofreight, “Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this project was to secure an empty MAFI in time and make sure the machine’s arrival at the point of destination meets the customer’s request. This successful operation showcases our capabilities in executing complex logistics maneuvers, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of oversized cargo across international borders.”

Congratulations to Conqueror Casablanca on the successful execution of this complicated shipment!