CQR Rome establishes GEC -Global Express Courier

G.L.T. Group, Conqueror’s representative in Macerata and Rome, Italy has launched a new Global Express Courier company (G.E.C)

With its eye firmly glued to the market trends and the needs of its customers, G.L.T. believes that a boom in the e-commerce market is on the horizon which will increase the demand for express delivery services which must be both reliable and competitive.

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

The opening of this new company, G.E.C., is within G.L.T.’s strategic plan to provide a complete range of services whilst operating as a single point of reference for its customers, guaranteeing remarkable time and money savings and total service quality. “We understand the importance of providing targeted services, which meet customer’s specific requirements. What we are doing is adding the courier services to international transport and shipments, integrated logistics and sundry – all major customer services already provided by the G.L.T. Group,” explained CEO Umberto Rocchi.

G.E.C. Services:

  • Domestic and international express deliveries: Next day, definite day delivery, dedicated services including same day delivery, consolidated shipments.
  • Ancillary Services: Premium contracts, insurance, cash on delivery, storage, POD, online invoicing.
  • E-commerce for leading manufacturers/retailers: Industries include: Electronics, IT, telephony, clothing/footwear, bio-products.

Although G.E.C. is a relatively new company, its staff is not new to this business; its specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience in express deliveries transports and shipments worldwide. “We understand that words are not enough, we know that we must provide the best service which is why we hire the best. Our aim is to provide customers with personalized services at lower costs when compared to competitors, thanks to the integrated organization and strategic agreements of the G.L.T. Group of Companies. Moreover, we would like to stress the importance of the strategic entrepreneurial approach of G.L.T. which aims at expanding the range of its activities and investments in a moment when the industrial market is still suffering a severe global economic crisis.”

Conqueror would like to congratulate G.L.T. on this new venture and invite all members to get in touch with the team.


CQR Rome moves tobacco factory trans continent

In January this year, CQR Rome (G.L.T.) began a 5 month project (estimated to finish May 2013) shipping an entire tobacco processing factory from Battipaglia, Italy to Mombasa, Kenya on behalf of Tobacco & Commodity Traders Int. Ltd. Whilst this may seem like a project which comes along once in a blue moon, for G.L.T. that is not the case; they have many years of experience in shipping entire industrial complexes.

The team put their heads together and came up with an end to end plan for this project which involved using dry, open and flat rack containers to pack the goods and the carrier Messina Line for the shipping.

logistics companies and suppliers

The types of goods they have transported includes tobacco processing equipment (motors, boilers, cylinders and conveyor belts) as well as steep platforms, feeders and electrical panels (3,000 m2 – 1,200 tons – Max.: 85 tons – 3.05 m diameter – 14 m. length). Additional services have been provided by CQR Rome from Ex Works to Free Out in Mombasa including lashing and securing in the various container types.

Head Office recently spoke to G.L.T’s CEO, Umberto Rocchi, to find out how the project was going. “So far so good; everything is on schedule for the project to be completed by the deadline in May. I would like to take some of the credit for this but I have to admit that it is all down to the hard work of our team on the ground that this project is going so well and that we keep receiving other projects like it.”