CQR Bremen moves 5 wind farm flanges from Antwerp to Roermond

Joh. C. Henschen also signed a new control agreement to unload shipments from Cuxhaven port which consists of Eolic parts weighing between 35 and 43 tons each

Joh. C. Henschen, the oldest Freight Forwarder in Germany and Conqueror member in Bremen, shipped five wind farm flanges from Antwerp, Belgium, to the plant in Roermond, Holland. It was a challenging project since the cargo had a diameter of 635 cm with a height of 80 cm.

Additionally, since February, Joh. C. Henschen has obtained a contract to control the unloading of several parts for a wind power generation project from ships at the Cuxhaven Port. All these parts weigh between 35 -43 tons each.

international logistics
international logistics

“Successful handling of this complex shipment has indeed provided the much-needed impetus to our team and we couldn’t have been more excited about the result,” says Thomas P. Henschen, General Manager of Joh. C. Henschen.

In the past months, CQR Bremen was also in charge of shipping a road construction machine with a volume of 649 x 300 x 390 cm from Port of Emden to Veracruz. They also hauled a locomotive for underground mining with a volume of 1051 x 200 x 240 cm and a weight of 54.1 ton from Diepholz, Germany, to Zarate, Argentina. Moreover, they transported a plastic injection molding machine weighing 59.8 tons, from Kottingbrunn, Austria to Dunlap, Tennessee in the US.

Congratulations to Joh. C. Henschen and wishing them the very best for their future projects!

CQR Bremen: 163 years in the industry!

Joh C. Henschen GMBH was founded in 1849 by the Henschen Family and over the past century and half CQR Bremen has firmly established itself as one of Germany’s preferred forwarders for its specialist OOG skills.
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CQR Bremen demonstrated these most recently when it handled the shipping of a Form Press from Bremerhaven in Germany to Batangas in the Philippines. The Form Press was disassembled into 2 big boxes and the smaller parts were loaded into 4 dry containers. The boxes were shipped on mafis by Ro/Ro (K-Line) via Singapore and the containers where shipped with OOCL.

The team arranged the whole process as pre-carriage including the special transport permits (transport over two nights), unloading/reloading in the port of Bremerhaven and inspection during transportation.

Although generations of Henschens have come and gone over the past 163 years, the vast knowledge, skills and expertise they possessed have not; they have been passed down and are ever present in the current generation.