Time is of the essence for CQR Chicago

Although the events of this story are not that recent, it is one story that is well-worth reading. It tells of a shipment which is not only significant in size and weight, but also in the role it played in a country’s urgent struggle for survival.

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Immediately after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011, the country was hit by a further crisis, that of the Fukushima Nuclear Reactors. The cooling systems had been damaged and the temperature of the reactors was rising, taking the country to the brink of nuclear catastrophe.
The government decided that one possible solution lay in giant water pumps, and this is where CQR Chicago and its superior abilities to move OOG worldwide come in. The IFS team were chosen to handle the shipping of 2 of the world’s largest concrete self-propelled pump trucks to the Fukushima reactors.
Dimensions: 216 cbm / 78.52 ton each.
The current world-record for an airlift stands at 187.6 tons. They weren’t far off!

We all understand that time is of the essence in this industry, but in every sense, this shipment really was of the upmost urgency. Rather than allowing this time pressure to faze them, the IFS team rose to the challenge and it is no exaggeration to say that they worked around the clock to ensure a seamless shipping process.They coordinated the use of 2 Antonov AN-124 Cargo planes; 1 pump loaded at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta and the other at Los Angeles International Airport. Both arrived safely in Japan and assisted in preventing further devastation to the country.

The IFS team pride themselves on being able to provide a quality service and superior customer care whilst maintaining a competitive pricing structure. They bring the skills, expertise and knowledge to provide the value added services to meet the challenges of today’s global economy, thus creating new opportunities to provide quality logistics management.