Conqueror revamps its intranet and greets its newest members with a personalized online tour reception

The renovated members area includes a welcome tour for the new members performed by a member from Conqueror team

The modernization of Conqueror’s intranet will help to transform the Members Area into a more useful space for the agents. “In keeping with the digital strategy Conqueror has adopted for the last two years, we have redesigned our format for enhancing traceability and the use of the intranet,” says Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network.


Conqueror_new members area_digitization



The revamped Members Area will allow the members to easily access all the essential tools such as FreightViewer or the Network Directory. Furthermore, they have also made two important additions to the Members Area. Firstly the section for newest Conqueror members which will keep all agents updated with the latest addtions to the Network. Secondly, members will get a direct access to the news section.  Thus they will be able to access interesting information about the sector and interviews with agents.

Additionally, from now on, new members will be welcomed through an online tour reception. This tour will be performed by a member of the team. The online tour will allow the new members to get acquainted with all the features and protocols of Conqueror Network. It will also facilitate the interaction between the agents and CQR Head Office.

The welcome tour is also offered to those agents who have recently joined the Network and those who would like to know more about the features offered inside the members area. don’t hesitate to contact for further details.