Conqueror Milan changes its name to Zust Ambrosetti S.p.A.

Tiesse S.p.A will henceforth be known as “Zust Ambrosetti S.p.A.” with effect from 1st September 2023

Tiesse S.p.A, Conqueror member in Milan, Italy, has changed its company name to Zust Ambrosetti S.p.A. The change in name will be in effect from 1st September 2023. Despite the change in name, the VAT, tax code, registered office, administrative office, SDI code and bank details of the company remain unchanged. This will help to ensure a smooth transition for clients, partners, and stakeholders.
Conqueror Milan
Conqueror member in Milan


The change in name will better reflect their company’s evolving vision, goals, and corporate structure. Danilo Barbieri the CEO of Conqueror Milan states, “This operation is part of the process of developing and strengthening the identity of our group and fully enhances a brand rich in content and history.”

Congratulations to Conqueror Milan and best of luck on their new journey!