Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd uses low-bed vehicles to move break-bulk project cargo

CQR Ahmedabad has used its many years’ experience to handle a Break-bulk project of 60 tons

CQR member in Ahmedabad, SEA FREIGHT SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS PVT LTD, accomplished one more achievement recently, by transporting a break-bulk project of 60 tons from Kandla Port, Gujarat, by using 4 axle low-bed vehicles with a 100 M.T pay load capacity.

Additionally, they used a mobile shore crane with 124 M.T to unload the cargo, which consisted of a ball mill of 60 tons.

“We are happy to be part of the CQR family and to share with all the members our successful Break-bulk project Cargo”, Kiran Kumar Kasa, Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd Director, declared.

Congratulations to all the team!
Members can be more confident in SFSAL than ever, and we invite all members with shipments to Ahmedabad to get in touch with the team.

Kiran Kumar Kasa