CQR Ahmedabad moves a gigantic ball mill from Mundra port

CQR Ahmedabad successfully delivers one more shipment consisting of break-bulk project cargo

Conqueror member in Ahmedabad has once again proved their mettle by successfully handling one more shipment from door to port. The shipment which consisted of a 46.5 MTS ball machine was delivered to the Mundra port by the use of a low bed multi axel vehicle. Then, it was directly loaded on a Maersk Dali Vessel which was planned under the deck on a platform of 02×40 flat rack containers.

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

In the words of Manoj Lakhwani, Sales Executive of Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt. Ltd: “This has been one of our most significant achievements this year and in spite of the enormous proportions of the cargo, our team has managed to handle it. The project cargo consisted of 01×40 flat racks and 01×40 open tops along with break bulk piece of 46.5 MTS. The SFSAL team is thankful to everybody involved in the project and especially to our team members who helped us handle the shipment in the smoothest possible manner.”

Congratulations to Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt. Ltd. for their outstanding feat!

CQR Ahmedabad uses low-bed vehicles to move break-bulk project cargo

CQR Ahmedabad has used its many years’ experience to handle a Break-bulk project of 60 tons

CQR member in Ahmedabad, SEA FREIGHT SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS PVT LTD, accomplished one more achievement recently, by transporting a break-bulk project of 60 tons from Kandla Port, Gujarat, by using 4 axle low-bed vehicles with a 100 M.T pay load capacity.

Additionally, they used a mobile shore crane with 124 M.T to unload the cargo, which consisted of a ball mill of 60 tons.

“We are happy to be part of the CQR family and to share with all the members our successful Break-bulk project Cargo”, Kiran Kumar Kasa, Sea Freight Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd Director, declared.

Congratulations to all the team!

Awards galore for CQR Ahmedabad

CQR Ahmedabad has been riding on a wave of success after being named 2nd ‘Best Consolidator of the Year’ (Export) in Western India by the Container Corporation of India (a government of India enterprise).

Logistics IndustryThe CQR Ahmedabad team were awarded this accolade thanks to their high number of shipments and clients, the significant value added to the business over the previous year and last but not least their professionalism.

But AEROMAR’s success doesn’t stop there! They were also shortlisted for the STAR Award for ‘Best Consolidator of the Year’ and although they were just pipped to the top place, it is still a tremendous achievement for the team. The parameters of the STAR Award differ from other awards as its criteria are based wholly on ‘Excellence,’ and all nominees are nominated because of their continued efforts in excellence and creativity.

These successes are helping AEROMAR to consolidate its position as one of the big players in the logistics industry and long may this success continue!